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Suffering questions
 Why is there so much negativity in my life?
 Will there ever be a cure for all diseases?
 Why do I lose everything which I want in my life? What should I do get my desires fulfilled?
 Could an introvert who suffers from depression possibly be happy in a vibrant, progressive universe full of cooperation and service forever? I just need to rest awhile.
 Questions: Reincarnation and God-Consciousness
 My dear friend is going thru hell watching her husband slowly succumb to ALS. What Urantia Book passages can I share to help ease her dramatic suffering, and deal with the 3 young grandchildren they are raising?
 I've been desperatly begging for Gods help in prayer every day for help with my drug addiction, to no avail. Is my condition a consequence of my past sin?
 What is the Urantia Book's view regarding mental illness; in particular, psychosis?
 Why is my life like this? I'm always sad with my life...I never get the one I love the most. But why?
 I am in love with a lady but she is cheating on me and I think about it too much which is affecting my academic life in school...I mostly try to forget her but it seems impossible and not working so please - what should I do?
 I'm out of work and so worried about my finances. Does the Urantia book have suggestions on how to get through times of great worry?
 The Urantia Book speaks on race inferiority and this bothers me. I have been made to feel inferior most of my life and have olive skin.
 No one likes me. This has been true all my life everywhere I go. What is wrong?
 How can I clear my problems?
 I am devastated when children are abducted and murdered. Please tell me that they are not alone in their last hour.
 Does the ancient belief that the mentally ill are possessed by evil spirits have any credibility?
 At this phase of life I am facing lots of problems. I need someone who can hear me.
 How to cope with big disappointments in life and related pain and sorrow? Is there an experience here on earth that I must absolutely do because I will not be able to do it after my physical death?
 If God is always with us why was I born with one arm?
 What does The Urantia Book say about the practice of euthanasia?
 How can I not be afraid if there is a chance that my soul is in danger of becoming extinct?
 Why do children die? It for the sins of the parents or is their mission on earth completed?
 Why does my 14 year old have to endure such hardship? She has issues with her heart and scoliosis. I wish I could take her pain away and put it on me.
 Please help me out. How can I come to peace with my past? I will be very thankful to you.
 Some people these days are opting for euthanasia and suicide. The terminally ill and people who feel they have lived past their use- by date. How does this action sit with God?
 Why does God allow young people to die?
 Why does God allow us to suffer?
 Does God feel our pain?
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