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Prayer questions
 I would like to know what Urantia Book says about praying in tongues?
 I want to know how to pray to commune with God and go to a higher frequency level. Teach me a demo prayer.
 I seem to be having lessons come up inside of me in times of contemplation. Does the UB make mention of what this may be? The subject of these lessons is Understanding Myself in Relation to Other People
 My best seems to be nothing. I did everything just to succeed but I still fail! Are prayers really heard?
 I have been trying to pray and I find it very difficult to concentrate. I lost my little brother about a year ago and since then my prayer life has gone to almost zero.
 I am a born again Christian and lately I can't pray. Every time I try to pray there are no words i can say and sometimes I feel so empty inside and I can't even understand what I am saying when I pray. How can I pray to God?
 What is the reason for prayer?
 Why should I worship, pray and meditate?
 Does God hear and answer my prayers?
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