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 Will there ever be a cure for all diseases?
 I'm frightened by the turn toward nativism and near- fascism that's happening in the U.S. and around the world. Why is it happening? What should be my attitude toward this evil?
 In what way is transgender a deterrent to Christianity? What is the motive or purpose of a transgender?
 How can I be born again?
 How did sex become sinful?
 Why is Nibiru (so called Planet X) is in our solar system and what is going to happen when it aligns this year with our planets? And why do we have a second sun?
 What should be our attitude about climate change, and what responsibility do we have for preserving the planet?
 What does Urantia/Jesus say about homosexuality?
 I would like to know what Urantia Book says about praying in tongues?
 Can angels save us from physical harm?
 I want to know how to pray to commune with God and go to a higher frequency level. Teach me a demo prayer.
 Is divorce a sin? I didn't want to get divorced but he forced it on me, due to a 3rd party. What effect will this have on my life ahead and my children's lives? Can I marry again?
 Why is god so lousy?
 Are there lost souls between heaven and earth?
 Why does "God" ordain that our pets cannot join us in the journey to Paradise?
 Why are we on Urantia evolving under such horrible circumstances?
 Before my present life, where was I born? Where did I live?
 I know Jesus sends his holy spirit to guide me with all I do but my question is: how can I make sure that it is the holy spirit's voice I'm listening to and not just my imagination?
 I have been a lesbian for years. Is it a sin when I only want love in this world - not sex? It so happens that my heart chose to love a woman not a man. I believe God is present when there is love.
 How can I control doubt when something I'm expecting seems not to be coming in time? This is shaking my belief.
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