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Are there consequences for past sin?

Q: Are there consequences for past sin, even after accepting sonship with God?

A:  There are always consequences associated with sin, whether one has accepted sonship with God or not. Faith-sons of God are capable of sin, and even faith-sons of God suffer consequences of such sin. Whether the sin was committed before realization of sonship, or after, sin is still sin, and its consequences are inevitable.

If a person has no consciousness of being deliberately sinful, then what may appear to be sinful may not be in reality, but that is not for us to judge...

However, you ask about "past sin," which makes me think you are asking about some kind of "original sin," or inherited sin...

There are no such things as either inherited sin or original sin. The Urantia Book clearly helps us to understand the true nature of sin. Please read HERE , where we learn that sin is deliberate disloyalty to God. We also learn in this passage about God's forgiveness of sin.

Finally, you may get even more understanding of this subject through this passage spoken by Jesus;

Then Jesus made this final statement: "The Father in heaven does not willingly afflict the children of men. Man suffers, first, from the accidents of time and the imperfections of the evil of an immature physical existence. Next, he suffers the inexorable consequences of sin—the transgression of the laws of life and light. And finally, man reaps the harvest of his own iniquitous persistence in rebellion against the righteous rule of heaven on earth. But man's miseries are not a personal visitation of divine judgment. Man can, and will, do much to lessen his temporal sufferings. But once and for all be delivered from the superstition that God afflicts man at the behest of the evil one. Study the Book of Job just to discover how many wrong ideas of God even good men may honestly entertain; and then note how even the painfully afflicted Job found the God of comfort and salvation in spite of such erroneous teachings. At last his faith pierced the clouds of suffering to discern the light of life pouring forth from the Father as healing mercy and everlasting righteousness." (148:6.11)

Thanks for writing to us, and I hope this answer has been of help to you..."

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