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Finding God questions
 What if a person chooses not to believe in God? Does that alone make them a sinner and therefore not be allowed to go on after death?
 How do I truly repent even when I feel lost, I have been saved since I was 12 but I still feel lost, how do I repent, in what way are you suppose to repent as a Christian/Urantian?
 Why is god so lousy?
 I know Jesus sends his holy spirit to guide me with all I do but my question is: how can I make sure that it is the holy spirit's voice I'm listening to and not just my imagination?
 Someone close to me is adamant that there is no God; no heaven; no life after death. All arguments to the contrary are met with disdain and disbelief. In spite of this attitude and rejection of God, will this person go to heaven?
 How do I discover God's purpose for my life?
 What is the role of an adjuster?
 I know that God forgives, but it makes me want to sin, because all I have to do is ask for forgiveness.
 Please explain to me what Faith really is aside from man's or Bible definition. It is used in so many different contexts which are confusing...
 In this world there are so many religions...how do we know which is authentic?
 I want to see Jesus face to face and want to talk to him. Everyday I ask in prayer: What can I do to see Jesus?
 Is the supreme decision, also known as the decision to be Godly, what it seems like? If one has decided to do God's will and be like him, is that the supreme decision which results in a personally assigned seraph?
 if God created us and everything, where did God come from? Please answer me.
 Why was God not with me when I needed Him the most?
 What are the fruits of the spirit? How can we have the fruits in our everyday lives?
 How to find God's voice?
 They say If you make one step towards God, he takes 1000 toward you. I have taken all possible steps towards him but he never makes any step towards me. Why?
 If God is always with us then why are people always making mistakes?
 I have many questions about life, I need his guidance, I don't know what to do...
 Is atheism a conspiracy theory?
 What is a "real" atheist vs a skeptic? Real atheists go not just up against superstition in religion, they go up against God himself - like Richard Dawkins and Nietzsche.
 When does the soul enter the human body?
 There is this deep desire in me to serve God but something always keeps me far away from Him. Please, can you tell what it is because I would so much like to connect to Him and attain Christ consciousness.
 My friend's husband is really, really angry at God for the terminal cancer that his brother-in-law is facing - it seems so unfair to him. Do you have any insight as to how to address this?
 How can I be sure of God's existence and also, as a Urantia Book reader and follower, that I'm not living some kind of fantasy or mistake?
 My wife and I are Jews, and we are raising our children as Jews. According to the Urantia Book, can I continue to worship God as a Jew, with the understandings I have gleaned about God and the universe from the Urantia Book?
 What is the will of God?
 Do you believe that Jesus was the son of God? Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins? If not, then this is not Christianity.
 How can I find God in a world with so many distractions?
 Is there only one true religion?
 Is God always with me?
 Does God really exist?
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