Q: Will we ever make contact with life on other worlds?

A:  As you may be aware, Urantia (Earth) has been under a spiritual quarantine for many, many thousands of years—since the outbreak of Rebellion in the times of the first Planetary Price’s reign. This rebellion was precipitated by the folly of Lucifer, whose prideful theories of “self-determination” and “liberty” are still finding expression in our 21st Century world.

When this tragic event occurred, all interplanetary communication was severed, and Earth was spiritually segregated, along with the other planets whose leaders had joined the rebellion against God. And this is the situation in which we find ourselves yet today. It is not an accident that we have to search so diligently to find God. Even though he is not in hiding, he is not as apparent to our lives as he would be if our planet had not been involved in the Rebellion.

The following quotes will explain some of this further:

This sphere is still under partial spiritual quarantine…When your world is once more restored to the reflective circuits concerned, much of the work of interplanetary and interuniverse communication will be greatly simplified and expedited. (28:7.4)

All secession propaganda had to be carried on by personal effort because the broadcast service and all other avenues of interplanetary communication were suspended by the action of the system circuit supervisors. Upon the actual outbreak of the insurrection the entire system …was isolated in both the constellation and the universe circuits. During this time all incoming and outgoing messages were dispatched by seraphic agents and Solitary Messengers. The circuits to the fallen worlds were also cut off, so that Lucifer could not utilize this avenue for the furtherance of his nefarious scheme. (53:7.3)

But ere long…Urantia and the other isolated spheres will be restored…, and again will such worlds enjoy the privileges of interplanetary communication and intersystem communion. (46:8.3)

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 10:55:33.313
:: Author: Truthbook Staff