Q: Do our souls return to earth for other lifetimes, in different human forms?

A:  From The Urantia Book:

Jesus further explained to his apostles that the spirits of departed human beings do not come back to the world of their origin to communicate with their living fellows. Only after the passing of a dispensational age would it be possible for the advancing spirit of mortal man to return to earth and then only in exceptional cases and as a part of the spiritual administration of the planet. (146:7.2)

A mortal never returns to his native planet during the dispensation of his temporal existence, and if he should return during a subsequent dispensation, he would be escorted by a transport seraphim of the universe headquarters group. (39:4.15)

Although mortals do not return to Earth again, we do enjoy an eternal existence on other worlds, and in a different bodily form. Instead of being re-incarnated as a mortal on Earth, we are resurrected with our personality , memories, and immortal soul intact on the places that the Father has prepared for us—the Mansion Worlds. The Urantia Book teaches that we “sow” a mortal body on Earth, and we then “reap” a new form on the first Mansion World—meaning that in accordance with the life that we lived on the earth, our new form will reflect accurately the state of our immortal soul and personality.

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:: Date published: 2013-05-03 10:14:24.15
:: Author: Truthbook Staff