Q: Are we reincarnated in the sense that Buddhists believe?

A:  In a word—no.

Here is a quote from The Urantia Book. This is taken from the life of Jesus:

There was, throughout all these regions, a lingering belief in reincarnation. The older Jewish teachers, together with Plato, Philo, and many of the Essenes, tolerated the theory that men may reap in one incarnation what they have sown in a previous existence; thus in one life they were believed to be expiating the sins committed in preceding lives. The Master found it difficult to make men believe that their souls had not had previous existences. (164:3.4)

Buddhism and Urantia Book teachings are similar in some ways, but not in regards to reincarnation. The closest The Urantia Book comes to Buddhism in the matters of life and death is the Buddhist teaching of Nirvana—final liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth, and the end of suffering.

The Urantia Book teaches that we will enjoy a true resurrection following our death, never to return to the Earth. In our new life on the Mansion Worlds , there will be no suffering, and we will be faced with the prospect of an “eternal adventure.” True, we do enjoy successive lives—but never will we lose our personalities or our identities—and we always keep our memories. Our successive lives reflect our gradual transformation from a purely mortal being to a bona fide spirit, and our destiny lies in the worlds of Paradise and beyond…

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