162:5.1 On the evening of the next to the lastday of the feast, when the scene was brilliantly illuminated by thelights of the candelabras and the torches, Jesus stood up in the midstof the assembled throng and said:

162:5.2 “Iam the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darknessbut shall have the light of life. Presuming to place me on trial andassuming to sit as my judges, you declare that, if I bear witness ofmyself, my witness cannot be true. But never can the creature sit injudgment on the Creator. Even if I do bear witness about myself, mywitness is everlastingly true, for I know whence I came, who I am, andwhither I go. You who would kill the Son of Man know not whence I came,who I am, or whither I go. You judge only by the appearances of theflesh; you do not perceive the realities of the spirit. I judge no man,not even my archenemy. But if I should choose to judge, my judgmentwould be true and righteous, for I would judge not alone but inassociation with my Father who sent me into the world, and who is thesource of all true judgment. You even allow that the witness of tworeliable persons may be accepted—well, then, I bear witnessof these truths; so also does my Father in heaven. And when I told youthis yesterday, in your darkness you asked me, `Where is yourFather?’ Truly, you know neither me nor my Father, for if youhad known me, you would also have known the Father.

162:5.3 “Ihave already told you that I am going away, and that you will seek meand not find me, for where I am going you cannot come. You who wouldreject this light are from beneath; I am from above. You who prefer tosit in darkness are of this world. I am not of this world, and I livein the eternal light of the Father of lights. You all have had abundantopportunity to learn who I am, but you shall have still other evidenceconfirming the identity of the Son of Man. I am the light of life, andevery one who deliberately and with understanding rejects this savinglight shall die in his sins. Much I have to tell you, but you areunable to receive my words. However, he who sent me is true andfaithful; my Father loves even his erring children. And all that myFather has spoken I also proclaim to the world.

162:5.4 “Whenthe Son of Man is lifted up, then shall you all know that I am he, andthat I have done nothing of myself but only as the Father has taughtme. I speak these words to you and to your children. And he who sent meis even now with me; he has not left me alone, for I do always thatwhich is pleasing in his sight.”

162:5.5As Jesus thus taught the pilgrims in the temple courts, many believed.And no man dared to lay hands upon him.

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