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Jesus Heals The Paralytic by Harold Copping
Jesus Heals The Paralytic by Harold Copping

Healing the Paralytic

On Friday afternoon, October 1, The Master was speaking in this large room...The house was entirely surrounded by a vast concourse of people who were straining their ears to catch some part of Jesus' discourse.

…a man long afflicted with paralysis was carried down from Capernaum on a small couch by his friends. ....they boldly lowered the sick man on his couch by ropes until the afflicted one rested on the floor immediately in front of the Master.

Said the paralytic: "Master, I would not disturb your teaching, but I am determined to be made whole. I am not like those who received healing and immediately forgot your teaching. I would be made whole that I might serve in the kingdom of heaven."

Jesus, seeing his faith, said to the paralytic: "Son, fear not; your sins are forgiven. Your faith shall save you."

And when Jesus had thus spoken, the paralytic arose, and as they made way for him, he walked out before them all. And those who saw these things were amazed.

Read the rest of the story: The Urantia Book, 148:9.0

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