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46:7.7 Perhaps I can best suggest to Urantia minds something of the nature of these beautiful and serviceable creatures by saying that they embrace the combined traits of a faithful horse and an affectionate dog and manifest an intelligence exceeding that of the highest type of chimpanzee. And they are very beautiful, as judged by the physical standards of Urantia. They are most appreciative of the attentions shown them by the material and semimaterial sojourners on these architectural worlds. They have a vision which permits them to recognize - in addition to material beings - the morontia creations, the lower angelic orders, midway creatures, and some of the lower orders of spirit personalities. They do not comprehend worship of the Infinite, nor do they grasp the import of the Eternal, but they do, through affection for their masters, join in the outward spiritual devotions of their realms.

This quotation affirms that as morontial beings, you will have experience with creature life on the mansion worlds. It seems that in the universe, part of God's Plan is to include man, or the souls of men, with an environment filled rich with creature life.

In the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, Jesus or Christ is called the Lamb, because this is a touching creature (in my opinoin) that displayed the highest form of obedience out of any creature of Urantia. If Jesus did say, "like or as a child, you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven," then what does that say about the ascencion of man, as the chief stewards of creature life on Urantia? What does this quotation from the Urantia Book Paper 46 say about man's relationship, and even God's or the Holy Spirit's relationship to all creature life.

These beings, the spornagia, remind me of a creature that is replete in all aspects of the first five levels of the adjutant mind ministry; we may have ideas but really nothing closely similar on Urantia, as far as harmonious coordination of adjutant mind ministry, but we can know as zookeepers, as animal husbandmen, that God loves every animal on Urantia, through sharing or partaking of those aspects of God's (the Divine Minister's) impersonal ministry to every mortal creature. As humans, we experience this ministry in the same manner as animals, I believe. If all the creatures on your land are happy and thriving, that bodes well for your reception of the first five spirits. What about how these initial spirits of the adjutant mind ministry are essential towards prospering the spirit of worship.

How do you think you will experience creature life as on Edentia? Do you think that your own experience of worship or wisdom will be important if you share any experience with the spornagia? Do you think that spornagia will actually be able to see morontial beings, if not then what is the potential lessons you would hope to learn from them, or in this life from your experiences as a pet-owner? Do you think that there is an empathetic link between man and other animals and creatures? What do you think is the role that morontial beings play towards the spornagia? How does the interaction between humans and animals evidence aspects of the lower adjutant mind ministry, that may be co-incorporable between humans and creatures?

to the Underlaying Unity of All Life so that the Voice of Intuition may guide Us closer to Our Common Keeper

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