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Links to updated versions of two sets of videos:

(1) On matters cosmological:

This first set concerns matters cosmological. The idea is to describe (predict) ultimatonic foundations, sufficient to explain current standard models in both cosmology and particle physics.

Part 4A - Foundations (v2)
Part 4B1 - Mass and Matter (part 1)
Part 4B2 - Mass and Matter (part 2)
Part 4C - Exploding Dark Islands (v2)

Playlist: Urantia Book Cosmology

Part 4A: Foundations (PDF)
Part 4B: Mass and Matter (PDF)
Part 4C: Exploding Dark Islands (PDF)

Part 4 D (upcoming) will focus on what the above implies for gravitational action on the evolution of material structures, both large and small.

(2) On matters personal:

This 2nd set explores the more personal side of the 5th epochal revelation,

Part 1 - Universe Frames (v3)
Part 2 - the Personal Universe (v3)
Part 3 - a Family Affair (v3)

Playlist: The Urantia Book and Personality

P1: Universe Frames (PDF)
P2: the Personal Universe (PDF)
P3: a Family Affair (PDF)

Regarding possible connections between ultimatons and current scientific work, the idea of "ghostly axions" -- appearing mysteriously within a "primordial condensate of charge" -- is becoming a favored contender for explaining two types of invisible mass that seem to be shaping (a) galaxies and (b) large scale structure.

And in his 2005 book, "A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down", Robert Laughlin (Nobel/Physics 1998) hinted that electrons might emerge from "hundreds of such little ghosts, linking arms". He (and others) seem to be one small step from the UB idea: that the quantized complexity of fermion properties might emerge from "clusters of clusters of huddling ultimatons".

Using current terminology, we might think of ultimatons as "axionic preons".

Given the preliminary stage of this work, I can easily adjust stuff. So if anyone has ideas on what to change, improve or delete, or just general criticism, please let me know!

with thanks,

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