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The Thirteenth Resurrection Appearance Painting

The call to the adventure of building a new and transformed human society by means of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus' brotherhood of the kingdom should thrill all who believe in him as men have not been stirred since the days when they walked about on earth as his companions in the flesh. (195:10.6)

Dear TruthBook Friends,

This letter announces another original fine art paintings in the expanding art collection celebrating Jesus’ life. We fondly think of these paintings as a “Visual Remembrance Supper of the Master’s life on earth”. We recently received the finished portrait of the Master titled: The Thirteenth Resurrection Appearance. The setting occurs at the Sea of Galilee when Jesus gathers his Apostles together and walks along the sea with them, two at a time. This large painting, 36" x 48," captures the poignant moment when Jesus, three times in a row, asks Peter “Do you love me?” This scene is described in the New Testament and vividly detailed in The Urantia Book.

The great Mormon artist, Del Parson, has completed many paintings of Jesus in his career and this might be his best. In this painting Del captures the feelings of Jesus’ love for Peter and Peter’s emotional state of guilt and faith after his denial of the Master in the court yard. In the painting the Apostle John looks on as Jesus instructs Peter. Del Parson’s faith and passion can be seen in every brush stroke of this magnificent painting.

Here’s how the story goes:

After a night of fishing with little success, the apostles are assisted by a "stranger" calling from the shore to tell them where to cast their nets. And of course, it was Jesus, surprising them with his presence. Following the excitement of the apostles at discovering that their Master had returned to them, Jesus visited with all of them during their breakfast of fish and then walked with them, two-by-two.

Following is the story from The Urantia Book:

Appearance by the Lake - Visiting with the Apostles Two and Two

About six o'clock Friday morning, April 21, the morontia Master made his thirteenth appearance, the first in Galilee, to the ten apostles as their boat drew near the shore close to the usual landing place at Bethsaida. (192:1.1)

When they had finished breakfast, and while the others sat by the fire, Jesus beckoned to Peter and to John that they should come with him for a stroll on the beach. As they walked along, Jesus said to John, "John, do you love me?" And when John answered, "Yes, Master, with all my heart," the Master said: "Then, John, give up your intolerance and learn to love men as I have loved you. Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world. It is the love of God that impels men to seek salvation. Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful."

Jesus then turned toward Peter and asked, "Peter, do you love me?" Peter answered, "Lord, you know I love you with all my soul." Then said Jesus: "If you love me, Peter, feed my lambs. Do not neglect to minister to the weak, the poor, and the young. Preach the gospel without fear or favor; remember always that God is no respecter of persons. Serve your fellow men even as I have served you; forgive your fellow mortals even as I have forgiven you. Let experience teach you the value of meditation and the power of intelligent reflection."

After they had walked along a little farther, the Master turned to Peter and asked, "Peter, do you really love me?" And then said Simon, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." And again said Jesus: "Then take good care of my sheep. Be a good and a true shepherd to the flock. Betray not their confidence in you. Be not taken by surprise at the enemy's hand. Be on guard at all times—watch and pray."

When they had gone a few steps farther, Jesus turned to Peter and, for the third time, asked, "Peter, do you truly love me?" And then Peter, being slightly grieved at the Master's seeming distrust of him, said with considerable feeling, "Lord, you know all things, and therefore do you know that I really and truly love you." Then said Jesus: "Feed my sheep. Do not forsake the flock. Be an example and an inspiration to all your fellow shepherds. Love the flock as I have loved you and devote yourself to their welfare even as I have devoted my life to your welfare. And follow after me even to the end."

Peter took this last statement literally—that he should continue to follow after him—and turning to Jesus, he pointed to John, asking, "If I follow on after you, what shall this man do?" And then, perceiving that Peter had misunderstood his words, Jesus said: "Peter, be not concerned about what your brethren shall do. If I will that John should tarry after you are gone, even until I come back, what is that to you? Only make sure that you follow me."

This remark spread among the brethren and was received as a statement by Jesus to the effect that John would not die before the Master returned, as many thought and hoped, to establish the kingdom in power and glory. It was this interpretation of what Jesus said that had much to do with getting Simon Zelotes back into service, and keeping him at work. (192:2.1)

This beautiful painting, when viewed while reading this story, truly touches the heart. We hope that you will feel moved as you read the words of the Master to these fishers of men, and that you are inspired to go and do likewise.

We invite you to pass along the image of this painting to your friends and family. Although this story is not unknown as are some of the other stories in the revelation of The Urantia Book, its treatment by Del Parson is certainly a treat for the eye. And this painting is a fine and welcome addition to the growing body of work depicting Urantia Book stories about Jesus' life and teachings.

In Jesus,

The TruthBook Team


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