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The Urantia Book gives us a clear vision of our future. Imagine when you finish your sojourn on Earth, you leave your body and awaken in the First Heaven, Resurrection Hall on Mansion World number one. This novel is about a couple who die and resurrect there. The first chapter is copied below. It is based in the revelations about the next life in Papers 47 and 48. The novel is available in print and ebook format, in Spanish, French, and German. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071G238ST/

Recent reviews:

"It's a great book. I'm started on my second reading..."

"You really bring the mansion worlds to life..."

"I’ve read Resurrection Hall 3 times! Really helps to keep a clear vision of what’s ahead! Thanks!"

"I purchased and read Resurrection Hall last summer, I thoroughly enjoyed it... Good stuff!

~ Chapter 1: Awakening ~

Her eyes popped open. She drew her first breath, then another, deeper one. She was standing and having to focus on balance. Two beings were there to steady her, one on the left and one on the right. She somehow knew they could be none other than her Guardian Angels. Suddenly her mind was flooded with images. Her faithful and beloved Adjuster arrived with the transcripts of her personal memories of life on Urantia. She hadn’t yet grasped that this is Resurrection Hall on mansion one, but she did realize and know she was alive again.

This new unification of body, mind, soul, personality and Adjuster was an intense event of wonder and awe, also one of rapid adjustment. Next, the two angels came directly in front of her. They moved in very close; she felt embraced like never before. She then realized she was standing on a mansion world and this was her first post-mortal encounter, that her soul must be there also, and that her identity was indeed reconstituted and intact. She was resurrected!

Simultaneously with that embrace she strongly sensed the presence of her indwelling Thought Adjuster, her Paradise Partner. Adjuster memories of Earth life were flooding her mind, as fast as she could assimilate them. As the moments passed, the eternal significance of this event was coming together in her mind, her new mind. How pristine and vast that mind seemed at this moment. In all eternity she would never forget this day of awakening. She had indeed survived and was now breathing and living on another world. How wonderful, how great, how fulfilling!!

Along with her Guardian Angels there were several other beings gathered around who seemed vaguely familiar. Some she must have known on Urantia, some not. She felt so very warm, energized, confident and fearless, but needed time to adjust. It was overwhelming, so many pictures were flashing in her mind. It was a story. Her story! Past events were quickly connecting this new mind to her life on Urantia. She was remembering and reassembling experiences in greater detail and establishing their chronological order.

Her beloved family, where were they? She thought to ask, but the words didn't come out. The angels seemed to be mumbling at her. What were they saying? It wasn’t making sense because she was not yet completely connected. And too, she was feeling overwhelmed by the intense beauty and palpable friendliness of the beings and environment to which she had just awoken. Her mind was foggy for an instant, then clear, then foggy again. Clarity began to dominate, and her spirit began to soar on the growing realization of resurrection.

After a moment more her focus and attention stabilized and shifted to the immediate surroundings, primarily the astonishingly beautiful and caring beings attending her. Their faces were so lovely and well defined. And they were somehow helping her awaken a multitude of memories. So many were coming at once.

At the same time, her soul was flying ever higher at the realization of the vindication of her faith in God and Michael, her belief in continuing life, and the validity of the revelations she was now beginning to recall, about resurrection on Mansonia. With every moment’s passing she was more fully aware she was a soul survivor, an Agondonter from Urantia, newly awakened on Mansonia. All she could think at that moment was, ‘thank you God, thank you Michael, thank you Mother!!!’

Again she attempted to speak, wanting to say, ‘breathing is incredible!’ With each breath she could feel powerful energy coursing through her marvelous, strong, pain-free, highly sensitive, nascent body. The smell of the air was truly rich. She thought but couldn’t say: ‘what a lovely aroma here.’

Looking around she noticed everything and everyone was beautifully clean, sparkling and intricately appointed. The floor and low walls were made of lustrous metals and lined with inlaid jewels and gems vastly diverse in hue and form.

Every being in sight was aglow with an unmistakable and warm luminescence. The sky was a magnificent cloudless vault of deep blue, without a shining sun, a moon, or a cloud.

As she gazed over the resurrection scene, too amazed to speak, the angel on her left put before her what appeared to be a three dimensional mirror. She watched closely as the image rotated, then in complete amazement thought, ‘O my God! That IS me?!’ She knew it had to be her, but what a change. This body is young, smooth, and straight, vision and hearing are superb. Next she took note of her hands and feet, wiggling her fingers and toes, they are perfectly formed and very sensitive.
On her body was a light wrap, a truly beautiful super-shimmering fabric—a sort of morontia material she thought, material that automatically form-fits to each body.

Morontia! She always enjoyed contemplating that word. And now she felt much like a super version of her old self, one she had often imagined. She touched the image and uttered, “This is me, morontia me, I am alive, I AM alive!”

Everyone standing around said in unison, “You are!” She could communicate, she could hear and be heard, and in a language she understood! All was coming together now; greater and greater perspective was accumulating with each passing moment. She was awake and alive in the Resurrection Hall of Mansion World number one. But where was her family? Why were they not here to greet her? Had her grandparents, parents, dead cousins and friends not survived? Many questions were now surfacing in her nimble new mind.

“Where is my husband? Is Saro here?”

“Come with us, Kala,” her right side Guardian said.

She felt compelled to confirm who they were: “You are my Guardian Angels, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” they replied together. Her angels were so very beautiful and charming, she felt an instant affection and familiarity with them. How strange and wonderful to actually see and hear her angels, even though she had often felt their presence on Urantia.

But who were the other brilliant and shining beings around her? Should she introduce herself? Evidently introductions were to come later. Kala realized each of these beings must be important to her, but couldn’t quite place them. At this point, only her Guardians and her Paradise Partner felt familiar. It was dawning on her how much there was to learn, and recall.

She attempted to move and almost fell forward. Both angels caught her by the arms steadying her.
“Give me a second,” she said, then consciously put one foot forward, then the other. She was walking for the first time. It wasn’t hard, just new. Everything and everyone here somehow felt greatly amplified and improved, but the adjustment was not instantaneous. Certain of her memories and skills were returning with each moment. But she had the distinct feeling there were many other memories, ones she could not yet access.

Movement, sight, hearing, smell, touch, the ability to experience and comprehend—all these were present as on Urantia, but here they are magnified and sharpened. She hadn't gained or lost anything, except this new and amazing body-mind, along with, of course, the priceless gift of soul and personality survival. This was her first step toward eternal union with the Indweller from Paradise, fusion with her Adjuster.

For the first time she glanced at the horizon and everything and everyone in between. There were other groups of beings— much like the one she was in—everywhere, many thousands of them. As far as she could see there were similar groupings.

She took more steps as the angels gently guided her to the adjacent resurrection chamber. At its center was a being she recognized immediately. Kala and Saro locked eyes for the first time as resurrected beings. She rushed to him, he lunged toward her, as their angels and other beings in attendance converged around them.

It was a moment for the ages, a memory they would never, ever forget, wherein a one-time husband and wife meet on Mansonia, and in morontia form, for their first embrace after 55 years of life together as human mortals on Urantia. Evidently they had passed the great test of mortal incarceration and embryonic soul development.

Saro’s first steps were attempted when he saw her approaching. He almost fell too, in the move toward his longtime mate and friend, except for the aid of his attending Guardians. Kala’s and Saro’s first embrace was one of transcendent love, too beautiful and fulfilling for words. Suddenly they both felt tremendous gratitude for the God who made this resurrection and reunification possible. Great tears came to their new eyes, tears of appreciation and joy. What a marvelous plan Our Father has created for time and space ascenders. And to think, what they are seeing and experiencing during these first moments of life as resurrected beings are but the barest beginnings of morontia life.

Kala’s and Saro’s reconnection brought up many, many questions for which they had few answers. But they were having more and more memory flashes of life on Urantia, experiences that had significant meaning and value, moments of genuine religious experience, things of great spiritual import, and well established relationships with their families, friends, and former teammates.

Obviously they had retained language, sensory, and movement abilities. But most prominent in their minds at this moment was the series of spiritual connections that brought them to this astonishing place, and in a new body. Kala was recalling the time when Michael’s spirit touched her, after which she took an abiding interest in the revelations and teachings of the Urantia Book. Saro was recalling receiving God’s reply after he prayed, asking if he should marry Kala, and receiving a resounding ‘YES’. But how and when did they die? So many questions needed to be answered.

At that point their Guardians introduced themselves. Kala and Saro thanked them sincerely and profusely for the safe-keeping of their souls, and for all they did pre-death, much of which they were only now realizing. Always had Kala felt the Guardians’ guidance and the Adjuster’s influence. Saro did in a measure also sense and appreciate their work for his spiritual well-being and physical safety when he and Kala were on Urantia.

Their four angels drew near and all six embraced in a charming little huddle. How warm and full of love Kala and Saro felt. For decades the Guardians had worked with the pair, unseen, helping them spread the teachings and the text of the Urantia Book. And now their trusted Guardian Angels were visible, even embraceable. Meeting them face to face was a rewarding and confirmatory experience. At the same time, the feeling of affirmation of their long-held faith in the existence of God and his angels was immensely gratifying, satisfying, even thrilling.

Suddenly, and simultaneously, Saro and Kala recalled dying. Being together again somehow sparked this traumatic memory. They drew a deep breath, looked into each others’ beautiful new eyes, and recalled that it was a quick and merciful death. They were flying a single engine airplane--both were pilots--delivering Urantia Books to a new library system on a large but remote island in western Indonesia. On board was one box of each translation, as requested by the chief librarian.

A storm cloud was behind them, so they felt safe. But when they flew over a high ridge they were confronted with another and bigger cloud. There was no choice except to go on, but it was not to be. Lightening was all around. They thought of going higher, over the storm, or quickly landing somewhere. Before they could act, a tremendous bolt struck the plane instantly destroying it, along with the mortal bodies of Kala and Saro Maylon. Amazingly, all of the books were later found, largely intact, and still wrapped in plastic. And all did eventually reach their destination.

“When did we die?” Saro asked his Guardians.

“Three days ago”, they replied together. Saro and Kala were both thinking what charming voices the angels have.

“We qualified for the three day express!” Saro exclaimed, “just like we were hoping for.” They smiled, embraced, and kissed. It was difficult not to smile, given their happy new situation.

And they both couldn't help noticing how youthful and vibrant their morontia bodies are. And every second memories of Urantia, their former estate, were emerging in their beautiful, new, morontia minds.


Resurrection Hall: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071G238ST

Other Urantia-based novels:

The Gardens of Eden - Life and Times of Adam and Eve, is now available in English, Spanish, French and Audible: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1707553653/

The Melchizedek Mission - Salvaging Truth, unveils the mystery of the second most important person in Urantia's history, Machiventa Melchizedek.

The First Humans - Andon and Fonta, reveals the facts about our first parents and their enduring legacy. It is available in an ebook version, and the audio version is free to Audible, Spotify, and Itune members.

Battlefield Guardians - Angels in Vietnam, is a story of a soldier who receives revelations from the angels during the night season.

Coming soon: The Planetary Prince and Van the Steadfast.

All novels and translations can be found on one page in print, ebook, and audio versions: https://www.amazon.com/Richard-E-Warren/e/B07SF8DC3C

Print books are also available at CosmicCreations: https://cosmiccreations.biz/collections/educational

The Urantia Book is a free download, in 24 languages: http://www.urantia.org


Richard E Warren

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