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Imagine the scene at the second Garden of Eden. After their default, Adam and Eve abandoned the first garden and traveled with their children and workers to the new location between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. They had been reduced to mortal status and three-quarters of their children had been taken away. Their personal aides, Lyla and Lam, recorded their arrival and their determination to make a fresh start. It wasn't going to be easy, but it was the right thing to do. From the novel, The Gardens of Eden - Life and Times of Adam and Eve.

Chapter 22 - Establishing the Second Garden

Reduction to mortal status meant forfeiting connection to the spiritual energies of the realm—those living energies that interacted so favorably with ingestion of the fruit of the Tree of Life to extend physical life indefinitely. It wasn’t long until Adam and Eve noticed the first signs of aging. Their default ordeal, followed by the long and difficult journey, had taken a toll.

Their bodies were not nearly spent however. They maintained focus and nourished each other’s hopes, thanks in great measure to becoming indwelt by the Spirit of the Father. They were fully determined and duty-bound to redeem what they could of this mission to the peoples of Earth in whatever time they had left. The inevitability of death and the certainty of resurrection on the mansion worlds was in their future. They estimated their now mortal bodies would endure for several hundred years, and that would allow them time to salvage some measure of the mission’s original plan.

The peaceful occupation of their new home was a much-needed balm to the travelers. The evening after the caravan finally reached the chosen site, under a warm setting sun, Eve had her sons and daughters gather the entire company in order that she and Adam could say a few words of welcome and encouragement to the new occupants of the second Eden.

Lyla and Lam recorded Eve’s words delivered to this gladsome group. All were feeling celebratory to be at journey’s end, in a place where they could make a fresh start. It was certainly not as beautiful or developed as the first Garden, but it offered new hope and it was a safe place to raise their young. And there was fertile ground for growing good and abundant foods.

The pair stood atop a rock outcrop, where Eve said in graceful tones, “Family and friends, let us be about the Father’s business to settle this raw but beautiful land. Security must come first. The rumors you have heard about wall-building are true. To the north where the two rivers come near each other, a wall will be constructed. It will have, like the first Garden, gates to control exit and entry.

“While some of us work on the wall, thus securing this land, others will begin plowing and planting ahead of next year’s floods. Some seeds and shrubs must go in the ground now if we are to have enough to feed our children and animals next season. Eventually, when the supply outgrows our needs, we will begin trading foods and other goods, just as in the first Garden. Adam and I have more plans to share with you, when the time is right.”

Adam then said with tremendous humility and sincerity, “Our greatest gifts on this Earth are your loyalty, devotion, and dedication. We thank you all, for every one of you was needed to give their utmost in our long journey. You did not hold back, and you did not lose trust in us. Those are gifts worth having and we cherish them.

“We shall, in one year’s time, establish security, begin building a safe, permanent water system for drinking and irrigation, dig sanitation and disposal facilities, and begin to cultivate a variety of foods. This and more will be required if our mission is to continue and succeed. All this we will do while increasing our number, making more children, yours and ours.

“We will, in time, transform this new Garden into a world center of trade and learning. Between these rivers we shall grow our two families. We will raise many more daughters and sons to become strong leaders and wise parents. Creating excellent families is the essence of our mission. Civilization cannot survive without them.

“We cannot, however, neglect the Father, our loving, caring God who made the original plan for all the worlds. With your help the divine plan for the Earth will be salvaged, and a proper temple will be built.

“Tomorrow I will a select a team and put them in Adamson’s charge. Their work will be constructing a temple for the worship of the Father of us all, in whom we exist, and He in us. This will be an ever-expanding temple wherein our children can receive spirit consecration and moral education.

“But these grounds must first be cleared, and a sanctuary raised. In this temple we may, every day, rejoice in the security of our Heavenly Father’s love. And every seventh day, let that day continue to be one of rest, of friendly play, but primarily of prayer to, and worship of, our Creator Father.”

“But tonight, we should rejoice, make music and dance!” declared Eve. “Now that we are here, we can celebrate safe arrival in a promising land. Too much suffering has been wrought from the past. But forgiveness has been received from on high, from my children, and from you loyal volunteers. Let us all celebrate this new beginning tonight and let us not languish or stumble tomorrow. We have all suffered much, yet our love and devotion to service endure. And while we rejoice, forget not our Father who makes all things possible, even new beginnings.”

Everyone took that as a signal to unpack the instruments. Gathered around a bonfire the Edenites made wonderful music that night. Immediately the melodies prompted nearly everyone to dance. The harmony of sound and the release of laughter filled the night air as accumulated emotions found suitable expression in joyous celebration of their arrival at this final destination. Some music had been played almost every night during the journey, but such joyful merry making had not been seen or heard since leaving the first Garden. Now with sweet and fully earned abandon, they celebrated far into the night, singing and dancing beneath the stars and moon that shined so brightly over this, the second Garden of Eden on Earth.

Eve and Adam took pleasure in their children and followers’ enjoyment. It was a welcome relief from the sadness that followed their default. The Adamic children took great comfort in their parents’ obvious pleasure, the cloud of remorse and regret finally lifted from their heads, in a measure at least. Smiles appeared on the faces of Eve and Adam as they danced for the first time in over a year. Baby Cain and little Sansa watched in fascination, perched on their elder sisters’ swaying hips.

The next morning work began for all. Many gathered materials for fires and temporary shelters. Others cleared brush and marked out home sites. Adam and Eve worked harder than anyone. To that fact, all would attest. By day’s end everyone had secure and dry night shelters. A small group led by Adamson began clearing an area for the Father’s Temple and laid the first foundation stone.

Some thought Adam and Eve were indefatigable, but Lam and Lyla knew better. When the day was done Lyla and her family attended to the exhausted pair, and then prepared their bed for a few hours of precious rest.

Every seventh day the Edenites enjoyed a welcome respite from the pressures and needs of rough living by communing with family and friends on the temple grounds. The Adamic family members had delightful senses of humor and play, and this helped keep spirits up the other six days of the week. Laughter that was largely absent since the default returned to these remarkable and resilient people. Everyone, Adamite and human, was positively affected by this innate attitude of cheerfulness and joviality.

Humor was essential to their health and well-being. By any measure, life in the second Garden was no bed of ease. The first Garden was luxurious compared to the undeveloped land of the second, without roads, irrigation canals, or producing land. The legacy of Van and Amadon’s eighty years creating and preparing the first Garden, and the improvements made during their first hundred years, were fondly recalled and sorely missed.

But Adam and Eve courageously led the way every day. They never avoided demanding or demeaning work. The sweat that appeared daily on their brow inspired all. No honest observer could ever say, “The workers toil while Eve and Adam play.”

The novel, The Gardens of Eden - Life and Times of Adam and Eve, is now available in print and ebook, in English, Spanish, French, German, and Audible: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1707553653/

Other Urantia-based novels by Richard E Warren:
Resurrection Hall - A Mansion World Odyssey, a story about our next life is available in print, and ebook formats, also in Spanish, French, and German. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071G238ST

The Melchizedek Mission - Salvaging Truth, unveils the mystery of the second most important person in Urantia's history, Machiventa Melchizedek. Also available in Spanish and French.

The First Humans - Andon and Fonta, reveals the facts about our first parents and their enduring legacy. It is available in an ebook version, and the audio version is free to Audible, Spotify, and Itune members. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08JBDW7PS/

Battlefield Guardians - Angels in Vietnam, is a story of a soldier who receives revelations from the angels during the night season. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HNLF165/

The Midwayers - The Planet's Permanent Citizens: https://www.facebook.com/.../permalink/879636086194882/

Coming soon: The Planetary Prince & Van the Steadfast - https://www.facebook.com/groups/635119267130954


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