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Caligastia's Farewell Speech

Sun May 16, 2021 3:12 am +0000


Imagine, you're on Jerusem, Satania System headquarters world, on the day before our Planetary Prince and his staff of one hundred descend to Urantia. Thousands of well-wishers are gathered on the Sea of Glass to say farewell. The Prince's mission is civilizing Urantia's human race, turning hunters into herders so Adam and Eve can turn herders into gardeners.

Caligastia, with Daligastia by his side, delivers this parting speech:

“Welcome everyone, to our departure jubilee. I thank each of you for the many farewell wishes I have received since the announcement of our mission to 606. I, my staff—the Caligastia One Hundred—and Daligastia, my first lieutenant and loyal friend, are keenly anticipating this venture on an experimental world, one with unique potentials to improve and possibly accelerate the evolutionary process.

“The experiment on 606 has two main parts, the first has already manifested, the emergence of a race of will creatures, primitive humans. The Life Carrier implants required over a half billion years of planetary time to bring about human will and intelligence. That occurred 500,000 years ago. You are all aware that a superhuman planetary administration is usually established concurrently, or soon after humans have appeared; it may be that our challenges on this unique experimental world will be greater due to this unusual delay. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned by allowing free will creatures to exist for so long without divine guidance. We shall see.

“Most of you know of Andon and Fonta, Earth’s first humans, the first to achieve free will status on 606. They live and serve still, here in the system. One of their current assignments is greeting survivors at Resurrection Hall on Mansion One. I pray, when our mission is complete, they shall have many more ascending souls to greet, increasing across the ages.

“When Andon and Fonta’s progeny grew to five hundred million the six colored races—embedded in the Life Carriers’ formula—emerged. This event was unusual in that all six came in one family having nineteen children, not one at a time as occurs on non-experimental worlds. Earth now has these six colored races, and the original Andonic race. I have conferred with the chief of the Life Carriers and we concluded all seven have inherent value to our mission, that each one has traits worthy of conservation.

“The Life Carrier reports indicate the Andonites are at their peak biologically and intellectually. Already have the Carriers gathered germplasm from one hundred of the best of this Andonite stock. In the making of the bodies of my corporeal staff, this plasm will serve as the pattern. The Carriers’ chief assured me they will look much like the native inhabitants.

“And when the germplasm was extracted from the one hundred Andonites a complement of the system’s life circuit was inserted into their bodies thereby conferring immortality. I intend they shall become personal assistants for my one hundred, and for as long as we serve on 606.

“But the Caligastia one hundred and their assistants will not engage in physical procreation. Already have my one hundred been instructed not to produce offspring among themselves or with any human until just before Adam and Eve arrive. And this is the other unique experimental aspect being planned for 606. Immediately prior to Adam’s arrival, my one hundred staff members will be permitted to parent their replacements. These offspring will then mate with the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, thereby producing a race of evolutionary enhancers, mortals of superior governing ability, but most especially the capacity to be indwelt by the Father’s spirit fragments. Someday, because of our preparatory work, all natives will be capable of hosting one of these divine fragments.

“It is a solemn honor to be assigned the responsibility of carrying out this unprecedented experiment intended to improve and accelerate spiritual advancement, to hasten the evolutionary process. I sincerely thank the Most Highs for trusting me to lead this mission. I believe 606 is brimming with unprecedented potentials and am grateful to Michael and his divine plan of reaching down so that new souls may reach up; we go now to actualize this universal wisdom.

“Our first task shall be to educate and enlighten the inhabitants, to take the primitive will creatures from savagery to civility, to convert them from hunters to herders, in preparation for Adam and Eve, who will turn herders into gardeners. I am pleased to say already have many Adamic couples applied to follow me in service to this world. All this ministry will culminate in a citizenry well suited to soul making and divine indwelling, and in less time than is required on non-experimental worlds.

“Now we go to Earth as God’s ministers to carry out this novel experiment, to increase humanity’s spiritual receptivity and produce a creature that has a greater chance to host God’s indwelling spirit, that incomparable gift he reserves for the least of his will-creatures.

“Tomorrow, at midday, the one hundred, Daligastia, and I shall depart from you, and this, our longtime home. Jerusem citizens will not see us again, eye to eye, for an age. With the team I have assembled, I foresee no circumstance wherein we might fail. Guide us, Father God, in our mission to this unique world, and comfort our beloved families and friends in our long absence.

“And if this absence is too much to bear, you have an open-ended invitation to visit us on 606, where we shall abide and serve until the attainment of Light and Life, until the Father of all declares ‘well done faithful sons and daughters.’”

This speech is from chapter two of a new novel about the Planetary Prince and Van the Steadfast, to be published in June 2021.


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