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Imagine you're Seth, a member of the family that first hosted Melchizedek. It's the second day of the incarnation, and Machiventa is invited by your parents, Amdon and Ruth, to breakfast at the family table. The night before, during dinner, Amdon offered their charming guest a large vacant tent where he can begin his mission on Urantia, "salvaging truth."

Chapter 3 - First Teaching

Ruth served a breakfast of steamed grains, hot buttered fruit, goat cheese, and spiced tea. She sent Seth to call on Machiventa, but he was already on the way.

“Mother beckons you. Come, have breakfast with us.”

“That is my intention, Seth.” As they walked toward the dining tent, he asked the young man, “Tell me, is it your plan to become a herder like your father?”

“I may,” he replied. “But I also think of being a priest. And I thought about it more last night, after listening to you.”

They entered the tent together. Seth took a seat with the other children, Machiventa sat by Amdon. He asked, “Good day, priest, how did you rest?”

He replied with a smile saying, “I was comfortable and thank you for it. Shall we begin our school today?” “I’m told the tent is ready and that many will come. You certainly aroused and inspired my children. Last evening, they told their friends who told their parents who informed their relations, that a great teacher would open his school today. I am amazed at the interest and excitement you sparked, and on the first day. We may need to find a bigger tent.”

“It’s a prayer answered. Truth will take up new life this very day. Again, I must thank you and your genial family.”

Breakfast was eaten quickly, with little conversation. Before leaving, Amdon stood and announced, “May I have your attention, beloved children. Today shall be a work holiday.” A great cheer went up.

“However, there are conditions. Every one of you, six or older, shall be present for our guest’s first teaching. But only after you have performed the chores and duties that cannot be neglected, milking and feeding. Leave the sheep penned for today but give them plenty to eat and drink. And tether the goats to graze. Understood?”

“Yes, father,” they answered in chorus.

“Good. Now, those younger than six may attend school if they wish, but only to observe, no talking or distractions. The tent has been cleaned and furnished, thanks to your good labors last night and this morning. Go! Tend to your animals, then join us at the school-tent.”

After the eleven rushed out to do their chores, their mother came in.

Machiventa greeted her, “Good morning, Ruth. Your breakfast table is as good as your dinner table. Both were enjoyable, as was the sweet bread your servant left at my tent.”

Ruth accepted the compliment. “It is my pleasure to serve you, good priest. Did Amdon tell you I’ve planned a special meal for tonight?”

“I hope your preparations will not prevent you from attending the school’s first teaching.”

“They will not! The servants are well trained; they are creating the feast as we speak. My day is free, I am needed only for final approval, ‘perfection control,’ as Amdon calls it.”

Amdon smiled and said, “Let’s have a look at my old tent and your new school. I hear from my messengers that most every local family will send at least one member. It won’t be a surprise if some have already gathered.”

The sky was clear and the air ideal for the first day’s class. There was a light breeze from the east smelling of sea salt. The early sun cast long shadows over the impromptu tent-school. Its warmth and the singing of birds greeted all.

As Machiventa approached, he was well pleased to see the number of would-be students present, and that they were somewhat evenly divided between young and old of both genders. The tent was already filled, overflowing with five generations of Amdon’s relations, family friends, and business associates. He said to Amdon, “Already the students are plentiful. It looks as though we’ve attracted children and adults, herders and gardeners, women and men. You’ve done my mission a great service.”

Amdon replied, “There will be more when my children finish their duties and rejoin us. May I begin introducing you?”

Amdon led Machiventa to a group who watched them approach and were hoping to be the first to greet the mystery man. When the others noticed, they immediately gathered around.

Amdon spoke with confidence saying, “Welcome all. I am pleased you responded to the invitation. You are here for the first day’s lessons from this priest and teacher who appeared at my tent yesterday. It did not take long to realize my family and friends would gladly hear what he teaches. He told me he wants to restore truth to its rightful place. When so much is confusing, and when no two teachers agree on what truth is, I believe his appearance among us should be regarded as welcome news. I have listened and am convinced that you too should hear him. You can tell by his garments that he is a priest. But he is nothing like any priest I have known, and you know I have welcomed many to my table.

“You may call him teacher or priest. He calls himself Machiventa Melchizedek,” said Amdon putting a hand on his shoulder.

Machiventa smiled and said in friendly voice, “Everyone has my thanks for heeding Amdon’s call. I am here to reveal certain truths; this is my profession, my calling. But no teacher can reveal truth without students willing to hear, embrace, and then act upon that very truth. Therefore, do I welcome you all to this first day of what I hope will become a school that draws students, not only from Palestine, but from every corner, every tribe, to hear a new presentation of truth. Palestine sits at the crossroads of the world and hosts travelers from the four directions. It is my intention, and the purpose of this new school, to attract truth seekers from every land.”

Without exception Machiventa was instantly recognized as the most extraordinary person any one of them had encountered. His beaming face and sincere smile, his divine bearing and peaceful poise, his obvious command of facts, his claim to be about teaching truth, these clearly reflected an innate dignity, an unpretentious genius along with a genuine friendliness. Everyone could sense they were in the presence of super-human intelligence.

Machiventa went on, “I think you will not be disappointed in deciding to attend this first day. This is only a tent, but today it becomes a school. My new friend Amdon has provided the tent, I will provide the teachings.”

Just then Amdon’s children arrived and began greeting many who were aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. The tent was crowded; many had to stand outside hoping to find room. Amdon ordered his children to roll up the tent’s side flaps to accommodate everyone. He and Machiventa moved to the head of the tent where a low platform had been erected out of stone and planks.

Amdon called for everyone’s attention saying, “Welcome my friends, thank you for coming on short notice, I believe you will not regret doing so. The teacher I ask you to hear is a priest. He has the name Melchizedek.

“After he arrived, only yesterday, my family and I asked many questions. He answered all to our satisfaction. I would welcome more of his teachings. I believe you will as well. I can tell you without reservation that Ruth, the children, and I, have found his teachings to resonate in our hearts. I will let him tell you about himself and his mission.”

The teacher paused and smiled as he looked over the nearly one hundred novice students, now more enthused by Amdon’s wholehearted endorsement. Even the youngest hung in anxious anticipation, saying not a word. He peered into their faces for a moment, gauging the group’s receptivity. He was recalling all that he and his brother Melchizedeks knew from their generational observations of these families before his incarnation. He calculated precisely how to address them at this crucial first meeting, knowing it would remain indelible in their minds.

Just as he was about to speak, a young boy, sitting close by with his parents, sprang to his feet and loudly asked a question well beyond his years, “Will you teach me?”

Machiventa seized the incident to begin this first class. He knelt and said, “May all my students be so eager. What is your name and what would you have me teach you?”

“I am Nordan… Teach me about the gods so I can teach father and mother, so they don’t have to fight about it anymore.” His parents’ faces reddened as everyone laughed knowingly, for there was much contentious feeling around belief in which gods are the true gods, and which are not, even within families.

Machiventa stood and replied, “You, brilliant child, have asked the perfect question to begin our class, ‘Will you teach me?’ I must thank you for it, Nordan. Perhaps you yourself will someday become a teacher of truth.”

The boy replied, “I will!” His mother then pulled him into her arms.

“Before answering Nordan, I want to offer thanks to Amdon and Ruth. You welcomed me into your home and treated me as one of your own. You offered this tent as a temporary school so we might begin without delay. Now your family and friends have filled it to overflowing.”

His unusual and captivating voice reached the ears of all in attendance, accompanied by the songs of the morning birds. He then said with touching sincerity, “I shall be forever grateful for their welcome and for you, my first students and new friends. Have no doubt, from this humble beginning a great school will emerge—a spiritual school that beckons the world to Palestine, to learn anew the truth of One God, El Elyon, the Most High.

“Now, Nordan, let me answer your excellent question. The reason I stand before you and the others assembled here, is to untangle confusion about God and to prepare this world for another teacher, soon to appear among you.

“Hear me, friends. I wish to conceal nothing. My mission among you is easily stated. I am here to teach two things:

1. The truth of the one God, the Most High God.

2. There is another and greater teacher to come, a mighty son of this same God.

“Today, from this new school—in fact your school—I intend to teach those two things. All my instruction will be based in them. From this day, I shall invite anyone with a desire to hear revealed truth… man, woman, or child, whether residing in Palestine, India, or Egypt.

“In this school, students will learn the names and the nature of the one God. This God stands above all others, therefore is known as the Most High. As students you will be encouraged to pose such questions as: Who is our God? What is God like? Who is the greater teacher whose coming I now foretell? To these questions and others you might ask, I shall provide answers.

“But I know, foremost in your minds, are questions about the one standing before you, one claiming to be a teacher of truth and a priest of the Most High. Every thoughtful student must ask of his teacher: ‘By whose authority do you teach?’ Nothing will I hide; I am known as Machiventa Melchizedek, a priest of the Most High God, duly trained, thoroughly tested and certified in the celestial schools. Melchizedek sons are many; we outnumber the stars. We can be found everywhere, rendering our service, ministering to the worlds when and where need emerges. I am one of twelve whose responsibility it is to promote and maintain truth on this world.

“Yesterday I revealed my mission to Amdon’s family. Along with my eleven brothers, we were put in charge of the affairs of Earth when Adam and Eve lived. The truth and worship of the one God was taught in the Garden and long persisted after the days of Eden. Over many, many generations, since Adam and Eve walked this land, the truth has become mixed with false teachings. And that has caused young Nordan to ask for clarity about God. A house divided in its beliefs and practices troubles children. Can we begin this day to relieve them of their worry? That is my intention and my reason for establishing this school.

“About my origin: My order of being, the Melchizedeks, do not enter life through the womb. My fellows and I were created long ago in a manner, and a place you know not. In that faraway place, long, long ago, I trained for service on such worlds as this, and in due time, my eleven brothers and I were sent here to serve the human race.

“I see in your faces many questions. Understand this: Melchizedek priests are sometimes granted permission by the Most High God to appear in the likeness of the creatures we minister to. The body I now inhabit was created fully formed. I entered it only yesterday. Such things can and do occur. There is much that happens on Earth and heaven that you do not yet know. But you will, in time. Be patient, all will be revealed to the persistent seekers of truth. The Most High wants you to be relieved of your ignorance, to know he cares for and tends to you, his children.”

Machiventa’s audience was held fast by his astounding words. He exuded such sincerity, authority, fraternity, wisdom, and friendliness that all were now thirsting to hear anything and everything he might reveal.

“In my school, these and many other things, unknown and unimagined by you, will be revealed, discussed, and acted upon. This school will teach the truth of one God, even your final father, the only one who has no parent. I invite you to come back tomorrow and many tomorrows thereafter to hear about your creator.

“Sooner or later, all worlds learn the truth of the one God, because teachers like me, and the one whose coming I foretell, ever descend from the heavens to enlighten the mortal children of the Most High. No one is left behind or kept in the dark, unless he or she should so choose. The truth will not be forced on anyone. But it will be offered to everyone.

“I and my eleven fellows have watched over Earth since the days of Adam. When the evidence of truth’s decline began to accumulate, we informed Father Melchizedek, the one to whom all Melchizedek sons report. Along with our stated concerns, we recommended a solution, that one of us should live among you with the mission to salvage truth.

“Not long after our report about this unfortunate trend was received, I was chosen to appear before you, to meet you in bodily form, as you are, and where you are. But let me tell you how that came about since it so intimately involves you and your children to come.

“Our messages about the status of truth prompted Father Melchizedek to call a meeting. He said this, in part:

‘Having heard your warnings of the threat to the light of truth on Earth, we believe extraordinary measures must be taken. Truth cannot be allowed to perish on that world. Since the times of Adam we have known that this world will be the site of Michael’s final, high and holy bestowal. There is agreement here that this epochal bestowal will soon occur.

‘You twelve have observed Earth since Adam’s times. You are well acquainted with its problems and potentials. I believe the plan for one of you to appear as a man of the realm is well founded, but I leave the final decision in your hands.

‘You have my pledge of cooperation in whatever methods you choose. The Melchizedek order is renowned for its ability to resolve the unsolvable. In all the past, only six other Melchizedek sons have done what you plan. Prove once more the Sons of the Melchizedek Order can adapt to the difficult circumstances that challenge the perfecting worlds of time and space.’”

Machiventa looked over his silent audience, everyone of them too amazed to speak. But they were primed to hear more. He went on, “After his address, Father Melchizedek offered words of encouragement and inspiration to each of us. He bid us God’s wisdom in what will surely be a difficult mission, the outcome of which is uncertain. Indeed, you, your children, and I, will determine that outcome.

“As soon as the conference with Father Melchizedek ended, the leader of we twelve at that time called a strategy meeting. He summarized what we all knew:

‘We now have authorization for our plan to salvage truth by means of a mortal incarnation. One of us must now materialize and speak directly to the children of Earth, in a form they may see, hear, and touch.

‘We know the drift into polytheism must be arrested. The truth of one God requires that we counter the confusion in the minds of the people—in their daily experiences, their sacred routines and worshipful practices. But which of us should enter the flesh?

‘Any one of us is qualified for this mission and we would all volunteer. But perhaps Machiventa should be assigned to this one. He does after all, have an advantage we lack: familiarity with seven of the languages of the region having the best potential for salvaging truth.

‘We have spoken before of the spiritual fertility of Palestine, a location where the global trade routes converge. It is also a region having an abundance of truth-seekers, and many remnants of the Adamic family. Establishing a school there would provide students and teachers, with access to travelers near and far.

‘Do we have unanimous agreement on Palestine as the site, and the nomination of Machiventa as the one to take up life in the likeness of a man?

‘Without objection, so ordered.’”

Machiventa paused and moved to the tent’s center, observing his rapt audience, now hanging on each word. Standing there in calm, dignified, unpretentious self-assuredness, he spoke as a true teacher, one keenly attuned to his students.

“After our decision was made, I said this to my brothers:

‘Your confidence in me is noted and appreciated. Earth awaits our revelation. Our resolve to spread the light of truth is equal to this mission. The task will surely be challenging, and success is not a certainty. Therefore am I heartened that you, my brothers and friends, shall also be my able comrades and close associates in this endeavor.

‘For millennia we have observed the Palestine region and noted its potential exceeds most other locales. Palestine held our interest because this is where some of Adam’s teachings and progeny still abide. There is no disagreement among us that it is the most promising place to begin rebuilding truth.

‘Long have we speculated about, and discussed preparations for, Michael’s seventh self-bestowal. We now know Earth has been chosen as the stage upon which it will occur. And we know he will require at least a foundation of faith, peoples who believe there is one God over all. That belief, taught by Adam and Eve, still echoes in the human mind. It shall be my objective to build upon this foundation.

‘I am honored by your faith and trust in me. I do accept this mission. I shall petition the Chief of Life Carriers for a team to create a material form for my visit; that we may begin without delay our plan to salvage truth and prepare the way for Michael.’

“Now you know who I am and why I have come.”

Everyone began talking. After a moment he raised a quieting hand to say, “I tell you these things, not to overawe or impress you, but to inform and prepare you for what else I intend to reveal. But I want there to be no doubt about who I am and why I am here. I know, at this moment, you have many questions. Answering them is the business of this school. But I would first ask you a question: Will you enroll in my school?”

“Yes!” was the unanimous cry even though most did not grasp the full measure of his words. It was more his sincerity and charismatic bearing that influenced their decision to enroll. To their credit, the adults and most of the children grasped the gravity and seriousness of salvaging truth. And it was dawning on them that this was more than a man. No human could speak with such clarity, confidence, authority, purpose, and vision.

Machiventa then said, “All with the desire to know the truth of the one God will be welcomed at my school, where I shall teach much more than what you heard today.”

The precocious young Nordan stood and asked, “Will you tell us today more about Michael? When he will be born? What he will teach? Who will be his mother and father?”

Machiventa stopped him saying, “In time, Nordan. I would have you save those worthy questions. His mission is something I wish you all to know more about. But let us break briefly from the formal talk, so I may speak with you individually. I want us to know each other, as persons, and as family members of the same Father and God.”


The novel, Melchizedek Mission - Salvaging Truth, is now available in print and ebook, in English, Spanish, French, and German. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08MY7Y68P/

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