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 Post subject: UUI online Cafe Schedule

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Friends, I thought some of you might be interested in this schedule of events this week.

UUI online Cafe

Weekly Schedule

Monday, July 27 - Saturday, August 1, 2020

Scroll down the page for the daily Cafe topics, followed by the Zoom link, and below that the daily Cafe hours which vary by day.

Topics for Reflection and Discussion this Week:

Monday, July 27:

Morontia Mota

Led by Mike Painter

Paper 48:7
Are you ready to do some philosophizing? Fasten your seat belts as we zoom (no pun intended?!) to an imaginary classroom on Mansion World 1 where we struggle to understand the highest levels of human philosophy (which are the lower planes of morontia mota).

Let’s put our multiple thoughts and experiences together as we try to unravel the multi-layered meanings and insights contained in these 28 jewels of wisdom. Your assignment is to read and reflect on the 28 statements. Don’t feel alone if your mind draws a blank on some of them; just move on to the next one. We will mentally wrestle with them one at a time. Here are some questions we will try to answer together:

Reflection Questions:

1. What does the statement mean?

2. How can we apply this wisdom in our lives?

3. Why did the revelators think it was important to include this idea to prepare us for our ascension career?

4. How does knowing and understanding these benefit us now or in the future?

Tuesday, July 28:

Resilience – Uncertainty, Adaptability and the Power of Hope

Led by Elisabeth Callahan

The coronavirus has been sweeping through our country and the world like an invisible tidal wave, disrupting almost every aspect of society. No one knows how much more suffering and destruction it will cause, or when it will be stopped. How do we cope with the unsettling condition of not knowing, and the continuing anxiety, dread, uncertainty, anger, impatience, and frustration that we may be experiencing?

In this Café we will explore and discuss the character values of hope, adaptability, and resilience - the psychological ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Religious faith and insight certainly contribute to the development of resilience as does the cultivation of hope.

3:5.8 3 (51.7) Is hope — the grandeur of trust — desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.

26:5.3 (291.3) ... But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, ....

130:4.7 (1434.6) Life is an adaptation of the original cosmic causation to the demands and possibilities of universe situations, and it comes into being by the action of the Universal Mind and the activation of the spirit spark of the God who is spirit. The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progressability — even to the heights of God-consciousness.

Reflection Questions:

What do we mean by faith and hope, and how do these states of mind develop resilience in us? What does The Urantia Book teach us about adaptability?

How can we use this time of personal, social, political, economic, and cultural crisis and uncertainty to overcome our experience of fearful uncertainty and grow in faith, trust, hope and love?

Download the handout here.

Wednesday, July 29:

What are the Central Truths of Jesus’ Gospel?

(As Upstepped in The Urantia Book)

Led by Marvin Gawryn

We will explore the utility of the symbolism below as:

an effective summary of the gospel,
a context in which to live our lives, and
an aid in our becoming more effective messengers of the upstepped gospel — the “restatement of the religion of Jesus.”
The Family Way

“A Way of Life in the Family of God”


✦ The Spiritual Parent Child Relationship

✦ The Spiritual Sister Brother Relationship

✦ The Indwelling Spirit ✦ The Will of God

✦ Love ✦ Eternal Life ✦ Faith

178:1.15 (1931.6) This gospel of the kingdom is a living truth. I have told you it is like the leaven in the dough, like the grain of mustard seed; and now I declare that it is like the seed of the living being, which, from generation to generation, while it remains the same living seed, unfailingly unfolds itself in new manifestations and grows acceptably in channels of new adaptation to the peculiar needs and conditions of each successive generation. The revelation I have made to you is a living revelation, and I desire that it shall bear appropriate fruits in each individual and in each generation in accordance with the laws of spiritual growth, increase, and adaptative development. From generation to generation this gospel must show increasing vitality and exhibit greater depth of spiritual power.

87:7.6 (966.1) Regardless of the drawbacks and handicaps, every new revelation of truth has given rise to a new cult (symbolic spiritual culture), and even the restatement of the religion of Jesus must develop a new and appropriate symbolism.

Download the handout here.

Thursday, July 30: TBD

Led by Benet Rutenberg

Friday, July 31: TBD

Led by Andre Radatus

Saturday, August 1:

Adapting To Life's Challenges and Growth in Meaning

Led by Arlene Weimer

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have faced challenges and changes in our daily way of life with consequent losses. We will share our experiences and ways of adapting and growing.

UB Passages:

130:4.7 (1434.6) Life is an adaptation of the original cosmic causation to the demands and possibilities of universe situations, and it comes into being by the action of the Universal Mind and the activation of the spirit spark of the God who is spirit. The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progressability ­ even to the heights of God-consciousness.

102:2.3 (1119.8) It is difficult to identify and analyze the factors of a religious experience, but it is not difficult to observe that such religious practitioners live and carry on as if already in the presence of the Eternal. Believers react to this temporal life as if immortality already were within their grasp. In the lives of such mortals there is a valid originality and a spontaneity of expression that forever segregate them from those of their fellows who have imbibed only the wisdom of the world. Religionists seem to live in effective emancipation from harrying haste and the painful stress of the vicissitudes inherent in the temporal currents of time; they exhibit a stabilization of personality and a tranquility of character not explained by the laws of physiology, psychology, and sociology.

48:7.14 (556.14) 12. The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted. Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation.

Reflection Questions:

What are some of the greatest challenges you are experiencing during the COVID pandemic?
What are some ways of adapting to these transitions?
What are some examples of growth in meaning, truths and wisdom that are results of adapting to these challenges?
Zoom Link


If you have trouble logging in when you click on the Zoom link above, we recommend that you copy and paste the link into your browser window.

Meeting ID: 463 465 8244

Password: 833766

Or phone into the meeting with one of these numbers:

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

+1 253 215 8782 US

+1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

+82 2 6022 2322 Korea, Republic of

Meeting ID: 463 465 8244

Password: 833766

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/abGSDP26s

Past Cafe Sessions

View past session topics, UB passages, reflection questions and download handouts on the UUI Cafe webpage


Daily Reminder Sign-up

Would you like a daily email reminder of the UUI Cafe schedule and Zoom link?

Just send your request to: [url]UUICafe@urantiauniversity.org[/url]

and type: "Add me to your list" in the Subject line.

UUI Cafe Hours
(90-minute sessions)

Mondays - 8:00am-9:30am Mountain time USA

7:00 am PDT/ 9:00 am CDT/ 10:00 am EDT)
Tuesdays - 11:00am-12:30pm Mountain time

10:00 am PDT/ 12:00 noon CDT/ 1:00 pm EDT
Wednesdays - 2:00-3:30 pm Mountain time USA

1:00 pm PDT/ 3:00 pm CDT/ 4:00 pm EDT
Thursdays - 5:00-6:30 pm Mountain time USA

4:00 pm PDT/ 6:00 pm CDT/ 7:00 pm EDT
Fridays - 8:00-9:30 pm Mountain time USA

7:00 pm PDT/ 9:00 pm CDT/ 10:00 pm EDT
Saturdays - 2:00-3:30 pm Mountain time USA

1:00 pm PDT/ 3:00 pm CDT/ 4:00 pm EDT

Convert the meeting time to your local time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

There will be time for listening, studying, sharing, and worship.


Introduction of a passage from The Urantia Book sometimes followed by period of silent worship
Opportunity for each guest to say their name and where they're from, and then offer their brief reflection on the passage or reflective questions.

The UUI Cafe is a place to find other Urantians who are using the present situations of life to grow in spiritual awareness, friendship, and loving ministry to others.

The present planet-wide crisis affects us all in one way or another. It's causing massive personal, societal, and economic disruptions. It can also deliver the kind of punch that knocks many people off center and provides a hidden gift: A chance for redirection, the discovery of greater spiritual truth, and an opportunity to reconfigure their lives, thinking, and behaviors based on new, expanded and enlightened foundations and structures.

There's no need to sign up for anything. Just drop by! No preparation is needed.

Everyone is welcome!

Bring your hopes and fears,

your love and sorrows.

Discover spiritual truth and wisdom.

Experience love and solidarity with your spiritual brothers and sisters during this turbulent time in our planetary history.

Leave in faith, trust and LOVE.

UUI Cafe is a service of Urantia University Institute


Contact: [url]admin@urantiauniversity.org[/url]

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