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Dear Truthbook Members,

This is to announce a new fiction novel, created out of the Urantia Book authors' revelations about our next life on the Mansion Worlds. The book "Resurrection Hall" is now available in print and digital formats. These links should connect you to them. All comments, critiques, and feedback are welcome.

For a sample, Chapter 1 is posted below.

Much love, Rick Warren

Print: https://www.amazon.com/Resurrection-Hal ... ction+hall

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071G238ST/re ... ction+hall


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~ Awakening ~

Her eyes popped open. She drew her first breath, then another, deeper one. She was standing and having to focus on balance. Two beings were there to steady her, one on the left and one on the right. She somehow knew they could be none other than her Guardian Angels. Suddenly her mind was flooded with images. Her faithful and beloved Adjuster arrived with the transcripts of her personal memories of life on Urantia. She hadn’t yet grasped that this is Resurrection Hall on Mansion one, but she did realize and know she was alive again.

This new unification of body, mind, soul, personality and Adjuster was an intense event of wonder and awe, also one of rapid adjustment. Next, the two angels came directly in front of her. They moved in very close; she felt embraced like never before. She then realized she was standing on a mansion world and this was her first post-mortal encounter, that her soul must be there also, and that her identity was indeed reconstituted and intact. She was resurrected!

Simultaneously with that embrace she strongly sensed the presence of her indwelling Thought Adjuster, her Paradise Partner. Adjuster memories of Earth life were flooding her mind, as fast as she could assimilate them. As the moments passed, the eternal significance of this event was coming together in her mind, her new mind. How pristine and vast that mind seemed at this moment. In all eternity she would never forget this day of awakening. She had indeed survived and was now breathing and living on another world. How wonderful, how great, how fulfilling!!

Along with her Guardian Angels there were several other beings gathered around who seemed vaguely familiar. Some she must have known on Urantia, some not. She felt so very warm, energized, confident and fearless, but needed time to adjust. It was overwhelming, so many pictures were flashing in her mind. It was a story. Her story! Past events were quickly connecting this new mind to her life on Urantia. She was remembering and reassembling experiences in greater detail and establishing their chronological order.

Her beloved family, where were they? She thought to ask, but the words didn't come out. The angels seemed to be mumbling at her. What were they saying? It wasn’t making sense because she was not yet completely connected. And too, she was feeling overwhelmed by the intense beauty and palpable friendliness of the beings and environment to which she had just awoken. Her mind was foggy for an instant, then clear, then foggy again. Clarity began to dominate, and her spirit began to soar on the growing realization of resurrection.

After a moment more her focus and attention stabilized and shifted to immediate surroundings. Primarily the astonishingly beautiful and caring beings attending her. Their faces were so lovely and well defined. And they were somehow helping her awaken a multitude of memories. So many were coming at once.

At the same time, her soul was flying ever higher at the realization of the vindication of her faith in God and Michael, her belief in continuing life, and the validity of the revelations she was now beginning to recall, about resurrection on Mansonia. With every moment’s passing she was more fully aware she was a soul survivor, an Agondonter from Urantia, newly awakened on Mansonia. All she could think at that moment was, ‘thank you God, thank you Michael, thank you Mother!!!’

Again she attempted to speak, wanting to say, ‘breathing is incredible!’ With each breath she could feel powerful energy coursing through her marvelous, strong, pain-free, highly sensitive, nascent body. The smell of the air was truly rich. She thought but couldn’t say: ‘what a lovely aroma here.’

Looking around she noticed everything and everyone was beautifully clean, sparkling and intricately appointed. The floor and low walls were made of lustrous metals and lined with inlaid jewels and gems vastly diverse in hue and form. Every being in sight was aglow with an unmistakable and warm luminescence. The sky was a magnificent cloudless vault of deep blue, without a shining sun, a moon, or a cloud.

As she gazed over the resurrection scene, too amazed to speak, the angel on her left put before her what appeared to be a three dimensional mirror. She watched closely as the image rotated, then in complete amazement thought, ‘O my God! That IS me?!’ She knew it had to be her, but what a change. This body is young, smooth, and straight, vision and hearing are superb. Next she took note of her hands and feet, wiggling her fingers and toes, they are perfectly formed and very sensitive.

On her body was a light wrap, a truly beautiful super-shimmering fabric—a sort of morontia material she thought. Morontia! She always enjoyed contemplating that word. And now she felt much like a super version of her old self, one she had often imagined. She touched the image and uttered, “This is me, morontia me, I am alive, I AM alive!”

Everyone standing around said in unison, “You are!” She could communicate, she could hear and be heard, and in a language she understood! All was coming together now; greater and greater perspective was accumulating with each passing moment. She was awake and alive in the Resurrection Hall of Mansion World number one. But where was her family? Why were they not here to greet her? Had her grandparents, parents, dead cousins and friends not survived? Many questions were surfacing in her nimble new mind.

“Where is my husband? Is Saro here?”

“Come with us, Kala,” her right side Guardian said.

She felt compelled to confirm who they were: “You are my Guardian Angels, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” they replied together. Her angels were so very beautiful and charming, she felt an instant affection and familiarity with them. How strange and wonderful to actually see and hear her angels, even though she had often felt their presence on Urantia.

But who were the other brilliant and shining beings around her? Should she introduce herself? Evidently introductions were to come later. Kala realized each of these beings must be important to her, but couldn’t quite place them. At this point, only her Guardians and her Paradise Partner felt familiar. It was dawning on her how much more there was to learn, and recall.

She attempted to move and almost fell forward. Both angels caught her by the arms steadying her.

“Give me a second,” she said, then consciously put one foot forward, then the other. She was walking for the first time. It wasn’t hard, just new. Everything and everyone here somehow felt greatly amplified and improved, but the adjustment was not instantaneous. Certain of her memories and skills were returning with each moment. But she had the distinct feeling there were many other memories, ones she could not yet access.

Movement, sight, hearing, smell, touch, the ability to experience and comprehend—all these were present as on Urantia, but here they are magnified and sharpened. She hadn't gained or lost anything, except this new and amazing body-mind, along with, of course, the priceless gift of soul and personality survival. This was her first step toward eternal union with the Indweller from Paradise, fusion with her Adjuster.

For the first time she glanced at the horizon and everything and everyone in between. There were other groups of beings—much like the one she was in—everywhere, many thousands of them. As far as she could see there were similar groupings.

She took more steps as the angels gently guided her to the adjacent resurrection chamber. At its center was a being she recognized immediately. Kala and Saro locked eyes for the first time as resurrected beings. She rushed to him, he lunged toward her, as their angels and other beings in attendance converged around them.

It was a moment for the ages, a memory they would never, ever forget, wherein a one-time husband and wife meet on Mansonia, and in morontia form, for their first embrace after 55 years of life together as human mortals on Urantia. Evidently they had passed the great test of mortal incarceration and embryonic soul development.

Saro’s first steps were attempted when he saw her approaching. He almost fell too, in the move toward his longtime mate and friend, except for the aid of his attending Guardians. Kala’s and Saro’s first embrace was one of transcendent love, too beautiful and fulfilling for words. Suddenly they both felt tremendous gratitude for the God who made this resurrection and reunification possible. Great tears came to their new eyes, tears of appreciation and joy. What a marvelous plan Our Father has created for time and space ascenders. And to think, what they are seeing and experiencing during these first moments of life as resurrected beings are but the bare beginnings of morontia life.

Kala’s and Saro’s reconnection brought up many, many questions for which they had no answers. They were having more and more memory flashes of life on Urantia, experiences that had significant meaning and value, moments of genuine religious experience, things of great spiritual import, and well established relationships with their families, friends, and former teammates.

Obviously they had retained language, sensory, and movement abilities. But most prominent in their minds at this moment was the series of spiritual connections that brought them to this astonishing place, and in a new body. Kala was recalling the time when Michael’s spirit touched her, after which she took an abiding interest in the revelations and teachings of the Urantia Book. Saro was recalling receiving God’s reply after he prayed, asking if he should marry Kala, and receiving a resounding ‘YES’. But how and when did they die? So many questions needed to be answered.

At that point their Guardians introduced themselves. Kala and Saro thanked them sincerely and profusely for the safe-keeping of their souls, and for all they did pre-death, some of which they were only now recalling. Always had Kala felt the Guardians’ guidance and the Adjuster’s influence. Saro did in a measure also sense and appreciate their work for his spiritual well being and physical safety when he and Kala were on Urantia.

Their four angels drew near and all six embraced in a charming little huddle. How warm and full of love Kala and Saro felt. For decades the Guardians had worked with the pair, unseen, helping them spread the teachings and the text of the Urantia Book. And now their trusted Guardian Angels were visible, even embraceable. Meeting them face to face was a rewarding and confirmatory experience. At the same time, the feeling of affirmation of their long-held faith in the existence of God and his angels was immensely gratifying, satisfying, even thrilling.

Suddenly, and simultaneously, Saro and Kala recalled dying. Being together again somehow sparked this traumatic memory. They drew a deep breath, looked into each others’ beautiful new eyes, and recalled that it was a quick and merciful death. They were flying a single engine airplane--both were pilots--delivering Urantia Books to a new library system on a large but remote island in western Indonesia. On board was one box of each translation, as requested by the chief librarian.

A storm cloud was behind them, so they felt safe. But when they flew over a high ridge they were confronted with another and bigger cloud. There was no choice except to go on, but it was not to be. Lightening was all around. They thought of going higher, over the storm, or quickly landing somewhere. Before they could act, a tremendous bolt struck the plane instantly destroying it, along with the mortal bodies of Kala and Saro Maylon. Amazingly, all of the books were later found, largely intact, and still wrapped in plastic. And all did eventually reach their destination.

“When did we die?” Saro asked his Guardians.

“Three days ago,” they replied together. Saro and Kala were both thinking what charming voices the angels have.

“We qualified for the three day express!” Saro exclaimed, “just like we were hoping for.” They smiled, laughed for the first time, then kissed. Their first as morontians. It was difficult not to smile, given their happy new situation. And they both couldn't help noticing how youthful and vibrant their morontia bodies are. And every second memories of Urantia, their former estate, were emerging in their beautiful, new, morontia minds.


To order the book “Resurrection Hall” in print: https://www.amazon.com/Resurrection-Hall-Mansion-World-Odyssey/dp/1545586667/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496740053&sr=1-1&keywords=resurrection+hall

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071G238ST/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496740053&sr=1-2&keywords=resurrection+hall

Copyright re warren 2017


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Rick, thanks so much for this! It's a great story, and I applaud your efforts to present these wonderful truths about the afterlife in this way. Best wishes!!!

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maryjo606 wrote:
Rick, thanks so much for this! It's a great story, and I applaud your efforts to present these wonderful truths about the afterlife in this way. Best wishes!!!

Thanks, much appreciated MaryJo!

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~ Chapter 2 ~


Next, a Pilgrim Receiver stepped up, introducing herself by name and title, and addressing the pair by their first names. The Receiver sincerely and touchingly welcomed Kala and Saro to Mansion One, to their “new lives as semi-physical beings,” and to “their first stop on the way to Paradise.” At that moment they were feeling more like super-beings.

Just then Kala recalled that Pilgrim Receivers are a type of Morontia Companion who are created by Michael’s mate, the Divine Minister of Nebadon. Before they died, they both had near encyclopedic knowledge of The Urantia Book’s text. Those recollections were quickly falling into place. Gradually but certainly, reflections of their former lives were coalescing in their morontia minds, thanks to Adjuster memory transcripts, acquired soul values, and God-given personality, now combined and resurrected in a new morontia form.

After their introduction and welcoming, the Receiver expressed genuine pleasure at meeting these two Agondonters from Urantia, whose life records she had reviewed prior to this meeting. Kala and Saro couldn’t help but notice how charming and genial she was.

The Receiver then signaled two in their reception group to come forward. “Kala, meet your parents.” She was completely stunned at first, then very happy. Of course! How could she not recognize them? The difficulty was that everyone appeared young, vibrant, unbent, and unwrinkled.

She reached out and took one parent in each arm for an affectionate embrace, then looked into their lovely morontian eyes. Such a thrilling experience to be alive and in another body that is so exquisitely sensitive and highly responsive. But to accept and integrate the fact that her elderly parents are also now in new, robust, healthy bodies would take time. It then occurred to Kala that everyone here is more sibling-like than an elder or a junior, that generational differences disappear when everyone is forever young.

Now she was once again with her dear mother and father. She had often wondered who would be there to greet her at resurrection. She exchanged words of endearment with her parents, and laid plans “to catch up.” Then Saro embraced his parents-in-law, suddenly recalling the many study group meetings he and Kala attended at their home on Urantia. Kala was a second-generation reader, Saro was a first, having learned of the book from Kala.

Then suddenly, Kala recognized two others. Her maternal grandparents, kindly relatives she truly cherished when on Urantia. She embraced them heartily, and at the same time came to a fuller realization that she must now begin relating to her parents and grandparents as equals, as ascending peers and aspiring souls, contemporaries in the long pursuit of perfection. Her grandparents congratulated them on survival, and secured a promise from the pair for a long visit.

“And you may recall this person.” The Receiver beckoned one that was, without a doubt, her cousin, for whom Kala had cried and grieved much when cancer took her away during late adolescence. They were more like sisters and best friends than cousins.
“Hello Kala!”

“Joy, you’re here!” They hugged and danced in a small circle. What good news that she too had survived, and now they had eternity ahead, which no disease could prevent. Kala looked up to her, deeply admiring the courage, wisdom, and faith Joy displayed during the illness and right up to her death. They conferred for a moment, planning to meet later for a “day on the town.”

All of Kala’s family members then circled and embraced her. She quickly looked each one in the eye, then kissed their cheek. Saro was beaming at the beauty of this reunion. He watched with true joy and anticipation, knowing the others in their group, the ones standing back watching this resurrection scene, might be his relations. But he couldn’t yet identify any.

The Receiver then asked, “Saro, do you recognize this person?” He peered into the being’s face. Suddenly it hit him. “Will! You’re here too! I’m so glad.”

Will died in war when Saro was only nineteen. He was all but crushed by his brother’s death. It was a difficult and soul-searching period in his life. Saro had always admired and emulated his only sibling. Will was much older than Saro, and truly a good person. The two of them hugged and agreed to meet, talk, and roam, after they were settled.

Next, two male cousins came face to face with Saro. The three of them had been best of friends all their Urantian lives. Both cousins had preceded Saro in death, and he missed them greatly. Always was it a memorable occasion when, as boys, and as men, they gathered to make music, oftentimes with Will as bandleader.

They shook hands and shared a warm, fraternal embrace. Saro couldn’t have been happier, except he wondered why his parents and grandparents were not there to welcome him, as were Kala’s. He thought to ask his cousins if their parents had survived, for he loved them too. They informed Saro that his aunt and uncle were expected to reappear at the next millennial resurrection.

Saro hesitated to ask where his parents were. He well remembered they showed little interest in things spiritual, and worried he might not see them again. But he was already feeling trust and affinity for these morontia beings, realizing that all questions would find answers in good time.

Sensing his question, Will informed Saro, “mom and dad are still asleep.” He was disappointed but happy to know they would be resurrected at some point. Saro was now recalling the teachings about resurrection; some fuse with their Indweller while on the planet of nativity; some die and are re-personalized after three days as he and Kala had; and some become sleeping survivors who will awake in morontia bodies at millennial or dispensational resurrections.

After the introductions and welcoming, the group was quiet for a brief moment, enjoying the aftermath of this seemingly miraculous resurrection, one that was a routine occurrence for the Receiver. Then, spontaneously, the two families and their newly resurrected relatives began socializing, introducing one another, and discussing others they knew of, ones who were or were not yet resurrected. Kala and Saro laughed for the first time during the exchange. How good it was to laugh and feel the joy of being, how rich everything and everyone here! This went on for a while. The Receiver appeared to encourage the social interaction. Obviously it had a stabilizing and bonding effect on her newborn charges.

Right now, consciousness of survival was uppermost in their quick and powerful new minds, along with an appreciation for this warm reception by their beloved family members and Guardians, so charmingly facilitated by the Receiver. They could sense that much thought, time, and energy had gone into planning and arranging this birthing, this new beginning for two lowly but ascending pilgrims from Urantia. All the while, the pair was becoming more aware of the hive of activity around them, as tens of thousands of simultaneous resurrections unfolded in the great hall.

Next, the Receiver asked for the group’s attention. She pointed to the center of Resurrection Hall saying they should begin moving in that direction. The vast circular hall is divided into seven enormous sections that very gradually slope toward the center. Each of the seven sections is dedicated to the resurrection of one of the races that typify life on evolutionary worlds. Around the seven sections is an outer ring where beings who belonged to no one race are resurrected.

Kala and Saro were both of mixed race inheritance on Urantia. Their mothers were long time friends who had immigrated to the United States from Indonesia with a small group of World War II refugees. After the war, they met, dated, and married American men — newly discharged soldiers. Kala had two brothers, Saro and Will had no other siblings.

The pair grew up not far from each other in a peaceful suburb of Chicago, but had only passing contact until they entered the same college. It was there Kala introduced Saro to The Urantia Book. Kala’s father was led to the revelation by a friend at work who invited him to one of the Sunday afternoon ‘Forum’ sessions held at the Sadler’s north side residence during the late 1930’s and early ‘40’s.

Kala’s dad attended the Forum for several years before going off to war. After the war, he met and married Kala’s mother. When he heard The Urantia Book was published in 1955, he bought a copy. He and Kala’s mother became life long students. And they were very pleased when their daughter embraced its teachings, but only after a somewhat troubled adolescence.

Kala and Saro had three children while on Urantia, and they were grandparents of five, with two more on the way when they so suddenly departed for Mansonia. They were both thinking of their families at this moment, anticipating the day they might all be reunited on Mansonia. And the wonderful surprises their children and grandchildren have in store!

Their group was quite a distance from the central temple, but it looked especially beautiful from their point of view, emitting a soft and appealing light. They could see a tall spire at its center, reaching into the sky, supported by seven thin beams, one extending from each section.

Saro asked, “Kala, remember the Temple of New Life described in The Urantia Book?”

“Yes, I do. That has to be it,” she replied.

Their Receiver said, “Newborn pilgrims inevitably wish to thank the Archangels and Life Carriers who helped with their resurrection, but even more they desire to offer worshipful thanksgiving to the Paradise Father for making survival and endless life possible.”

“I do feel that need,” said Kala. Saro nodded agreement.

Slowly, their group began walking toward the hall’s center. These two Agondonters from Urantia were feeling very much in the moment, drinking in one wonder after another. They were having joyful thoughts, imagining living, working, playing, resting, and worshiping amid such wonders all the time, everywhere. Evidently their relatives who welcomed them had become accustomed to this wealthy environment, free of animal fear, cosmic ignorance, and physical disease. Their families were thoroughly enjoying watching Kala and Saro’s reactions to the newness and thrill of being alive in a fresh body with a new mind, and on a better world.

“This hall can facilitate a million resurrections at once, as I recall,” said Saro.

“That is correct,” replied the Receiver. “Yours is a special resurrection, and a relatively small one. Approximately 200,000.”
Now all the groups were breaking up and moving toward the hall’s center, ambling down the broad aisles between each of the seven sections. What a joyous occasion, what a glorious place! They were both thinking that the experience of this moment is worth any suffering one may have encountered in the first life as a corporeal being. Words failed them while this reality filled them to the brim with the sheer joy of the consciousness of resurrection on a mansion world.

As their group moved down the aisle toward the central Temple along with the gathering flow, Kala and Saro observed the faces and forms of other newborns, comparing them to each other, to their relatives, and to the Morontia Companions, all the while delighting in the underlying premise of Mansonia; the idea and ideal of cosmic unity — everyone knowing and venerating the same God. No longer were they in a world where people are forever arguing over religious ideology, struggling for secular power and influence, and fighting over territorial sovereignty. There is a palpable fearlessness and a pervasive spiritual unity on Mansonia that the pair liked very much. It felt like they had come home to a place they had never been.

The closer to the Temple they came, the better they could discern its main features: bowl-shaped with a slightly elevated rim, and gigantic to Saro’s and Kala’s wide eyes. The great hall of resurrection and its central temple are completely open to the bright sunless sky. No rain, no lightening, no earthquakes, and no hurricanes trouble this sphere.

The Receiver pointed to a majestic sculpture at the very center of the temple and said, “That is the Michael Memorial. It has Gabriel’s seal, with the words: 'In commemoration of the mortal transit of Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia.’ ” (188:3.11) Saro and Kala were once again following in his footsteps.

They were noticing that beautifully intricate artwork covered every surface, that well appointed sculpture accentuated every corner and post, with which morontia plant life was very tastefully integrated. Lovely purplish-violet leaved vines with an array of colored flowers were climbing each side of the shiny arched entrance to the Temple of New Life. Indeed, the temple area itself is magnificently embellished with sparkling gems, shimmering metals, and shining jewels from its outer rim to the intervening concentric seating arrangement, to the round stage at its center and lowest point.

One of Kala’s Guardians said to the pair, “We leave you in the Receiver’s experienced hands for the moment, and go to officially register your resurrection and record your status as morontia survivors. We will rejoin you after your commune. And know that we are always watching over you, even if not seen.”

The pair thanked them, embraced them, and took note of their quickly growing affection for them. The four Guardians then moved away so quickly as to vanish.

The Receiver led them through the arches and down to their reserved seats. The chairs were very comfortable, with high backs and cushioned armrests. They were made from materials that seemed to embrace and comfort their morontia skin. Sitting for the first time, Saro and Kala looked at each other and wondered silently and simultaneously what the rest of Mansonia could be like, given the astonishing things they had so far witnessed.

The din of thousands chattering filled their new ears. Hearing was astonishingly clear and easily focused. Indeed, all their senses were becoming sharper. As the other resurrectees entered the temple and sought out their places, Saro and Kala sat watching, listening, and waiting. They were thoroughly enjoying the spikes and nuances of their new senses, stimulated by the sights and sounds of 200,000 fellow resurrectees during these initial moments as morontians.

It took awhile for all groups to enter and find their seats. As they did, Kala and Saro sat side by side, continuing to gaze at this fantastic scene of their fellow beings, all gathering in this one place to give thanks to, and engage in the worship of, the God of All Creation. These humble pilgrims have come together here at this time and place for a celebration of life everlasting, and the One who made it possible, beginning anew this very day for two God-loving Agondonters from Urantia.


"Resurrection Hall - A Mansion World Odyssey", is now available in print and Kindle formats: https://www.amazon.com/Resurrection-Hall-Mansion-World-Odyssey/dp/1545586667/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1497523151&sr=1-1&keywords=resurrection+hall

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Below are copies of the preface and author's page of Resurrection Hall:


Eighty-three verbatim quotes from The Urantia Book were used in the writing of this book. Each paragraph containing a quote has the number of the Paper, Section, and Paragraph. The Urantia Book’s text is available for reading and downloading in the major languages at urantia.org. Urantia Foundation was established to preserve and disseminate this unique revelatory text. The English version of The Urantia Book is not copyrighted; therefore can its text be used, preferably with attribution to its source, without limit.

The words Urantia and Urantian were also used in the writing of Resurrection Hall. Both words are trademarked by Urantia Foundation. The uses of these trademarked words in this story complies with Urantia Foundation’s ‘fair use policy.’

This story was created using imagination and revelation. Without the revelations of the Urantia Papers, no such story could be possible. All credit for it must go to the Revelators who furnished the text of the greatest book ever conceived, written and published; and to God who created imagination, and who even indwells us.


Richard “Rick” Warren is a father, grandfather, retired repairman, veteran, and thirty-year student of The Urantia Book. He is a newly published fiction writer living in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The Resurrection Hall story was inspired by revelations in The Urantia Book, and created wholly by combining divine revelation with human imagination. It is the author’s wish to provide a new vision of our next life, and to make life on Earth richer in knowledge and security of persistence of eternal meanings and spiritual values, alongside the survival of our loving personal relationships with God and the myriad children of time and space.

Edited by Rick Lyon
Cover design by Susan Lyon
Email: CosmicCreations606@gmail.com

This work uses quotations from the English-language translation of The Urantia Book published by Urantia Foundation, © Urantia Foundation, 533 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois 60614 USA
+1 (773) 525-3319; http://www.urantia.org; all rights reserved. The views expressed in this work are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Urantia Foundation or its affiliates.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in the United States of America.

ISBN-13: 978-1-5455866-6-2
ISBN-10: 1-5455866-6-7
Copyright © 2017 by Richard E. Warren


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Hi Rick!!! It's Cookie :smile: So glad to see that your book is now in print. I will be ordering it soon. So glad to see you here. It's been awhile for me but have been here from way back... before FB . lol Surprised our paths did not cross here. Love... me

A fellow Agondonter...

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tootsie wrote:
Hi Rick!!! It's Cookie :smile: So glad to see that your book is now in print. I will be ordering it soon. So glad to see you here. It's been awhile for me but have been here from way back... before FB . lol Surprised our paths did not cross here. Love... me

Love YOU Cookie!

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~ Chapter 3 ~

First Worship, First Night

When all were inside and seated, an astonishingly beautiful angel — a “Conductor of Worship,” whispered their Receiver — entered the central stage and lifted her hands high, arresting and focusing attention. The audience fell silent. The Conductor remained still with hands held high. Then, as if from everywhere, there came a most wondrous sound. Then began another one even more appealing. Music! They were hearing morontia music. How rich, how moving! They sat in rapt attention as the sounds intermingled and harmonized. It was truly celestial in tone and composure. The sounds made them better realize the range and acuity of their hearing.

Spontaneously, everyone genuflected. Some took to their knees, some simply sat and bowed their heads. It was so natural and so appropriate at a time like this. These two Agondonters were feeling immensely thankful for continuing life. The Receivers were ever grateful to be midwives to more new souls for God whom they too adored; their dedication and love for this service was obvious. Kala’s and Saro’s relatives were enjoying this almost as much as they were, now fondly recalling their first experiences giving thanks and worshiping as morontia beings.

Kala praised God, silently, in her thoughts. Saro too. In fact all the resurrectees were doing just that. The music was rousing everyone to greater heights of emotional focus and thanksgiving. Tears began to flow from thousands of eyes. How can God create such things, and in such abundance? This prayerful interlude was deeply humbling and sublimely divine, perfect for this day of life-refreshing and resurrection on one of God’s ‘many mansions.’

Evidently, no words were going to be said. Music was the language that transcended all idiomatic barriers during this experience. Then it stopped. A collective moan of pleasure and joy swept over the gathering. Then the music began again, but this was much different. These sounds soothed and quieted their minds. They all then felt a strong urge to worship, to internally embrace their indwelling Adjusters who had so patiently and persistently worked within that they could be here, on high, living, breathing, and worshiping a great God, a perfect Father, as newborn morontians who will never again die.

It was difficult to judge how long this worship session went on. Saro and Kala were so caught up that time seemed to disappear, and God never felt nearer. They also expressed, in their own minds in their own ways, heartfelt gratitude and loving affection for our creator father and mother, Michael, and the Divine Minister. It felt as if they were in their deepest embrace ever, with a trinity of divine lovers, the Universal Father, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit.

The music gradually shaded off into silence as all remained perfectly still and content in worshipful unity and loving appreciation. At that moment, one of Kala’s favorite lines in The Urantia Book about worship came to mind, one she had memorized and often repeated in times of stress, “...the act of worship becomes increasingly all-encompassing until it eventually attains the glory of the highest experiential delight and the most exquisite pleasure known to created beings.” (27:7.1) And this was only their first taste of worship as resurrected beings. One they will remember forever.

The Conductor leading this marvelous gathering returned to center stage, not uttering a word, simply raising, then lowering her hands and bowing. That was their exit signal. Saro and Kala’s Receiver leaned toward them saying: “Time to go to your lodging.”

The throngs began filing out of this wonder evoking temple, each resurrection group reforming and moving toward the exit arches, each group being led by a Pilgrim Receiver to a different lodge in the Melchizedek sector. As they were exiting, Saro and Will’s two cousins regretfully excused themselves, leaving for a prior commitment and promising to reconnect with Saro and Kala when schedules permit. They warmly embraced and congratulated the pair, then departed.

As the group strolled toward the Melchizedek sector the Receiver said to them, “When you have been properly welcomed and oriented during the next two days, you will be free to explore and become familiar with the Mansonia training regime. First, you may wish to view the registry of those already here, your deceased relatives and friends. After the initial ten days of ‘vacation’, you will begin the Paradise journey anew. For now, enjoy, explore, and most of all, talk with others. Translators will always be available should they be required. And one or both of your personal angelic guardians is always near.”

Both Saro and Kala then recalled that a day in Mansonia was almost three times as long as a day on Urantia. That meant they had about a month to explore, learn, observe, discover, connect and revel in this new life, this amazing mansion world.

Their four Guardian Angels reappeared at that moment. How interesting was the appearance of these Guardian Seraphim. They have heads, arms, and feet, but their friction shields were compactly set in their backs. The angels spread these so-called wings before they take flight in the cold depths of space, wrapping them around themselves and any cargo they may have, into the shape of a torpedo. The Guardians fairly glowed with an appealing luminescence. They were obviously extremely bright and capable. And they could move so quickly that they seemed to disappear.

One of Saro’s angels said, “We four Guardians wish to convey our congratulations on your resurrection. For many decades we worked with and for you on Urantia always unseen and unheard. Now we are visible and you can hear these words: We love you and want to express our appreciation for your willing cooperation and wise choosing as humans on Urantia. Not all angels are so fortunate to have such cooperative wards.” Her words were so tender, kind, and sincere, the pair was moved to embrace them again.

“Thank you for watching over us all those years,” Saro said. “Your faithful guidance must surely be part of the reason we are here now.”

Kala added, “I’m very happy to finally see and speak with you face to face. I can recall thinking of you, trying to imagine your appearance.” She then asked one of her Guardians, “Would you mind unfolding your shields? Can you? Is that permitted?”

Without hesitation the four fanned out and slowly did so. The group stopped to watch Kala’s and Saro’s reaction on seeing angels with ‘wings’ spread for the first time.

Their jaws went slack and they ceased breathing as they witnessed each Guardian’s double set of shields unfurl, extending from the seraphim’s heads to their angelic toes. Angels were indeed charming and lovely creatures to behold.

“Your shields look as much like energy as living flesh,” said Saro.

It was a great thrill for them to be able to see and interact with these amazing beings, these mind ministers and personal carriers, who will literally fly every ascending son and daughter of God to his Paradise home. The angels rejoiced that their beloved wards were successful, which meant they were successful and now open to the real possibility of journeying to Paradise also. The love among the four angels and their two subjects, which took origin on Urantia, was now quite obvious, they could all feel and enjoy it. After a short embrace the angels departed. But first they promised that one of them was, “always watching and available.”

As the group approached the ascending pilgrim’s residential area, the pair’s eyes widened. They could not help noticing its charming architecture and artistic details. Nothing was left to chance in the flora either, no weeds were apparent. Their residence is an elegantly appointed area with plants of many varieties, dazzling flowers of colors they had to stop and examine, smell, and marvel over. There was a short, winding path to the entrance of their lodging.

“This is so beautiful,” they said simultaneously, then laughed as they could not stop marveling at everything they had seen on this first day, during these first impressionable hours as newly resurrected beings. The group of relatives continued to watch the pair as they entered the roofless abode, vicariously enjoying their first day's experiences as mansion world progressors.

“I don’t think I could ever have imagined the beauty and variety of morontia materials,” commented Kala as she looked over their surroundings. Saro was now recalling something that always intrigued him, written by one who was granted a vision of Mansonia. The apostle Paul wrote, and was quoted in The Urantia Book, “They have in heaven a better and more enduring substance.” (48:1.7) Then he remembered that morontia materials have one hundred more elements than the one hundred evolving planets have. And how well the morontians have used them, thought Saro.

The walls of their lodging were high enough for privacy, but the outer rooms had transparent spaces, mansion world windows. At the center of this magnificently constructed little building was a bedroom without windows. It was no less glorious in appearance than the other enclosures and edifices they had seen. The Receiver touched a panel and instantly the bedroom’s walls became windows. “Have privacy if you like,” she said. Touching the panel again, the artistically adorned walls returned. The bed was laced and layered in a most appealing fashion. The pair anticipated their first night’s rest there, on this beautiful, peaceful world.

They then moved into the largest room. It had seating all around, with three tables and chairs in the center, obviously intended for guests and socializing. Appealing artwork embellished nearly every surface and article. Saro and Kala were all but over-awed at this point. To bring things into perspective and break any tension the pair might be feeling, Will asked his brother, “Hey Saro, how do you get to Paradise?”

“I don’t know Will, how?” he said with a big smile, recalling his brother’s quirky humorous side.

“PerFECT, perFECT, perFECT!” said Will with a broad smile and a wink.

They all chuckled. The relatives were recalling that was one of the first memes they learned on Mansonia. Saro and Kala were both classical musicians and, at that moment, realized Will’s quip was a morontia twist on a trick question to aspiring musicians aiming for Urantia’s highest recital hall — How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!

Their Pilgrim Receiver asked them to sit while she spoke a few words of parting to the pair. “Enjoy the rest of the day dear Agondonters and new friends. Visit with your relatives, then spend your first night under Mansonia’s stars. Please feel free to become familiar with the surrounding area, and to make yourselves comfortable here.

“Before they depart for the night, perhaps your friends will show you how to use the lodging’s features and options.” The group nodded. “Roam the sector if you like, I will be by for you tomorrow at dawn. I have a request to make of you two. But for now, relax. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.”

They walked with the Receiver to the abode's entrance. She embraced the pair, after which they uttered their most profound appreciation. When the three reached the lodging’s front gate, the Receiver gave them each a small, flat, round device, and said to make any request by simply asking the device. Finally, she assured them a Companion would be available all night adding, “and of course your Guardians are always only a thought away.”

When they returned to the relatives inside their lovely lodging, now comfortably conversing with each other, Saro interrupted, holding up his device and asking, “Is this a ‘harp of God?’”

Will stood and proclaimed loudly, “It’s official Saro. You two are now morontia creatures!” Everyone applauded and Will proceeded to show them just a few of the rudimentary functions of this amazing but innocuous appearing device.

“Depict Jerusem’s main temple,” said Will to his harp.

Instantly a three dimensional image appeared before them. They froze and marveled at it as Will caused the image to rotate. All the sights and sounds coming from it were crystal sharp. “Show the main floor of the Jerusem communication center.” The image changed to an astonishing array of visual displays, chart boards, and moving images.

“Is that a recording?” Saro asked.

“No. It’s that easy to watch a live view of events and beings on another world,” Will told them.

The pair was shown other astonishing sights until they could watch no more. It was too overwhelming, so many beings of differing hues and morontia forms to fill their minds, plus endless architecture of breath-taking, artistic excellence. Will showed them one more place, the central temple on Mansion Two. They watched as temple goers moved about the remarkably intricate, be-gemmed and bejeweled structure. It fairly glowed with light they were certain no human eye could discern.

“Have you been there, in person?” asked Kala.

“We have, and went there often,” said her grandmother, “before we advanced to Mansion Three.”

Her grandfather added, “Kala, what you will see between here and Jerusem will push back every imaginable limit you have of the possibilities of creative expression. Enjoy each and every minute to the utmost. You both will easily fit in here. It’s so good to see you again, and to speak English again! It’s been awhile. We almost didn’t make it in time for your resurrection, so sudden was your graduation off Urantia.”

“Sudden as a bolt of lightening,” joked Will.

“Where do you live, mom and dad?” Kala asked.

“Mansion Two,” they answered together. “So GOOD to have you here, Kala, Saro,” said her mother. “Both your brothers are still sleeping, Kala.”

“I was wondering,” replied Kala. “And you Joy?”

“Also Mansion Two. You are going to love life here, it was made for ones like you.”

“Mansion Two is my cloud also,” said Will.

The day was long but they didn’t tire of chatting, reminiscing, and laughing, especially when piecing together family stories of lessons learned from easy and hard times on Urantia. More and more memories of their former life were coalescing in their morontia minds as the conversations shifted back and forth, from that life to this one. Of course Saro and Kala asked many questions about Mansonia life, but not nearly enough. There was so very much to learn, do and see. On they communed until the sky became dusky, and the first stars of an unfamiliar night sky were seen through the pair’s new eyes.

Kala’s father walked over to a service counter, touched a small panel twice, and out came a tray of beautiful golden goblets filled with liquid. “Time to toast our new arrivals,” he declared, and passed the tray around. They both were still having trouble adjusting to how young everyone appeared. But it did seem to lessen any distance between the generations.

Holding up his goblet, her father said in a most charming manner, “Kala and Saro, welcome to Mansonia.”

“Welcome!” they all said in excellent harmony.

“What is it?” Kala asked her father.

“Time for your first taste of mansion world water, daughter.”

They were all waiting and watching. Kala remarked, “Funny, we hadn’t thought of drink or food until now.” She and Saro looked at one another and made a lovely resonate sound by clinking their goblets together. Everyone held them high, then took a sip.

“That is tasty,” said Saro, “it’s very pure, isn’t it?” Kala took another drink, a big one. Saro followed suit. Then they both drank it all to the cheers of the group. It was very satisfying. They asked for another, then a third cup. If water tastes this good to their morontia palate, how good will mansion world food taste? But they were feeling no hunger at this point, none at all.

The Pilgrim Receiver had arranged for their relatives to stay at an adjacent lodging, in order that Saro and Kala could be alone that night. When it was time to leave, each one congratulated the pair face to face. They exchanged words of familial love, and feelings of genuine joy over this mansion world reunion.

Kala and Saro fondly embraced each one before departing. The oneness of their spirits with these charming people became imprinted deeply on the pair. For a moment Kala contemplated the stupendous possibilities and limitless potentials for personal contact with a whole universe of friendly beings across eternity.


To order the book “Resurrection Hall - A Mansion World Odyssey” in print and Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Resurrection-Hal ... ction+hall

Copyright re warren 2017


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