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A forum for reviews and discussion of current events, TV, books & movies from a UB or spiritual perspective that relates to The Urantia Book.
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Energy Currents

Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:19 pm +0000

Perhaps these are similar in kind to "energy circuits."

http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists- ... mitstart=1

Re: Energy Currents

Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:21 pm +0000

There is a supermassive black hole at the center of everything, including the ultimaton. We call it Paradise. It is not only supermassive, it is infinitely massive. But Paradise is not in space and does not gobble up the things of space-time. Paradise is exclusive, and thus, excludes itself from the 'things' of space-time. There is also a non-time creation called Havona that surrounds Paradise with parabolic space. The Gravity bodies surrounding Havona excludes Havona from the hyperbolic space of space-time. These provisions serve to insulate the universes of space-time from the destructive potential of absoluteness to finite creation.

Recall that I have explained that parabolic space cannot contain time, only hyperbolic space. And the reason for this is that time and space are inseparable and must relate orthogonally to each other. Only hyperbolic space can relate thusly to circular time. This is a geometric fact.

So, we must take these "fabulous discoveries" of science with a grain of salt and try to see where they are misinterpreting their findings as it relates to the truths of TUB.

Re: Energy Currents

Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:15 pm +0000


As always, I appreciate your insightful views and philosophically deep inputs!

Is it not true that there are also physical energy circuits, controlled by the master physical controllers of Satania - these are outside of paradise and have to do with physical energy yes?
41:1.5 One Supreme Power Center of the sixth order is stationed at the exact gravity focus of each local system. In the system of Satania the assigned power center occupies a dark island of space located at the astronomic center of the system. Many of these dark islands are vast dynamos which mobilize and directionize certain space-energies, and these natural circumstances are effectively utilized by the Satania Power Center, whose living mass functions as a liaison with the higher centers, directing the streams of more materialized power to the Master Physical Controllers on the evolutionary planets of space.

It says the power centers are in the middle of the system, dark islands of space -- dynamos, that mobilize and directionize physical energies.


41:2.8 The power-energy supervision of the evolutionary inhabited worlds is the responsibility of the Master Physical Controllers, but these beings are not responsible for all energy misbehavior on Urantia. There are a number of reasons for such disturbances, some of which are beyond the domain and control of the physical custodians. Urantia is in the lines of tremendous energies, a small planet in the circuit of enormous masses, and the local controllers sometimes employ enormous numbers of their order in an effort to equalize these lines of energy. They do fairly well with regard to the physical circuits of Satania but have trouble insulating against the powerful Norlatiadek currents.

So there are physical energy currents, and my only question is the discovery of aforementioned phenomena in the OP related - could this be an energy current?

Re: Energy Currents

Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:45 am +0000

Yes Red.
Remember that the gravity bodies that surround and enshroud Havona neither absorb nor reflected energy. This means that energy currents pass right through unimpeded and unchanged. They continuously spiral through the seven levels of the Havona circuits is a manner that is geometrically known as parallel curves. This is the course through the parabolic space of Havona which is not a time creation but an eternal creation. All energy proceeds from Paradise and returns to Paradise. And you must understand that Paradise exists at all levels of the Universe of Universes. From the Master Universe to the Ultimaton. Paradise exist everywhere that space and time are absent. This includes each and every exclusive center of motion.

Satania has direct access to Paradise energies from each and every Ultimaton. Currents of energy are flowing at every level. Each atom is a universe of energy exchange.
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