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Hello All,

Before I introduce to you this topic, you should know that Doctors of this world have diagnosed my mind as having delusions, a view that I accept only partially.

Ok. You're reading on.

I believe that I am having interactions with God's Thought Adjuster placed within me, when I listen to the radio. I will hear a song, a simple song, and it will have a religious or spiritual meaning:

"I saw the sign, and it opened up my eye. I saw the sign." (that's from a group called ace of base)

This applies to most songs on the radio that are played constantly, that most of us cannot avoid because they are broadcast into parking lots, and grocery stores, at convenience marts, and even in places of learning. We are bound to be walking down the street and (to quote a Sheryl Crow song) "a pro po or nothing", one phrase from a song will blare from an opened window in a passing car.

So, these kinds of event/encounters are for me what triggers symptoms of racing thoughts. I am not writing to suggest those racing thoughts are from the Thought Adjuster! No, sir! Because, if anything, the words of the song seem to be a anti-Hypocritical suggestion from the broadcaster.

My mother was listening to the radio, and she left it on but she left the room and when I walked by, it whispered a suggestion to me, which seemed down(left) iniquitous. It shocked me, and from this experience I experienced difficulty because I seemed to automatically blame her for this. But it was simple carelessness on her part, and I can forgive her because I know she loves me.

I still do not know if there is actually some person, an editor-publisher type tycoon for instance, who actually makes the CHOICE to constantly purport suggestions into the minds of God's Children. I have suspected it, but I have dismissed the notion several times on account that this idea does not match any ideaLs that I am living for or seeking in my life.

So, all this said, none of it has ANYTHING TO DO, really with what I mean by (what I believe is my) interaction with God's Adjuster who lives inside my heart's lotus.

But here is what I choose to think:
When we hear that odd-phrase whispered through the wordly radio, if it affects me at all, then the Adjuster will seek to isolate the phrase that has an impact. And like a doctor, the Adjuster will perform a surgery on these phrases, until they are poetical, until the phrase I accept becomes a reflection of the Truth of the Supreme Being. It is like Weird Al's technique of cartoonizing popular "hit" songs of the twentied century A.D., only I think this might be normal for every person with a Thought Adjuster living inside of them.

:idea: I have not dismissed the reasonable doubt that the spiritual battle brought into our world by Satan continues through the channels of manmade media. I try to limit my habits of interaction with technology, perhaps we can say interaction with other human souls through technology. And the radio stations I "tune into" (when I actually open that channel), are privately operated stations, one in upstate New York 90.5 FM WHRW =; , and one in northeast Pennsylvania WPEL 95.7, which is a Christian programming. O:) But it's not like these should be taken as being special for any reason other than the "DJ" (Disc Jocky, why called a Jocky?) does not hold any "Script" in his hand. :idea:

What do you think about that?

to the Underlaying Unity of All Life so that the Voice of Intuition may guide Us closer to Our Common Keeper

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Hi SEla_Kelly,

Just to put things into perspective...

I am a chronic crossword solver. I do at least one every day. And, while doing them, I often have the radio on - mostly to NPR, the news channel. I am frequently amazed that, while doing a crossword, something on the radio will correspond with a clue that I am working on in the puzzle. I know it sounds fantastic, but it has happened often enough that it gets my attention...and these are purely secular things - nothing to do with my spiritual growth, as far as I can tell.

What can it mean? Also, once, when I was driving along the road, thinking about faith, and whether my faith was strong enough, a car whooshed by with the word "Believe" on the back window. It made me smile...

I have also experienced the music connection - something on the radio corresponds with something I have been thinking about...

I think it's important to remember that all of us kingdom dwellers are actually living in eternity NOW. Eternity is like a big circle. I don't pretend to understand this, but maybe this quote can help:

34:3.2 The Infinite Spirit pervades all space and indwells the circle of eternity. Still, in their personal contact with the children of time, the personalities of the Infinite Spirit must often reckon with temporal elements, though not so much with space. Many mind ministries ignore space but suffer a time lag in effecting co-ordination of diverse levels of universe reality. A Solitary Messenger is virtually independent of space except that time is actually required in traveling from one location to another; and there are similar entities unknown to you.

I just try to say thanks to God for these seemingly coincidental events. They are interesting and sometimes even amusing. Even if I don't understand, he does. And yes - trust the Adjuster to sort this out for you in the highest realms of your superconsciousness. And remember - all things work together for good to those who know God...

54:4.7 ...While it is all too true that good cannot come of evil to the one who contemplates and performs evil, it is equally true that all things (including evil, potential and manifest) work together for good to all beings who know God, love to do his will, and are ascending Paradiseward according to his eternal plan and divine purpose.

So, fear not!


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Joined: Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:03 pm +0000
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Hi SEla_Kelly and MaryJo:

Ditto. Happens to me sometimes. Glad I'm not alone. But I think it is just my desire to find something spiritual in my everyday life experience. O:)


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