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Sat May 16, 2009 1:14 pm +0000

dkr315d wrote:I do not think, "In God's eyes" there is any need for a legal ralationship, aka marriage. It is more a human thing. Marriage has certain perks, taxes, health insurance, legal issues if there is a death. But to me, marriage is my promise to this person that you are the one person in my life that I want to be conneced to by name, and I will be with you forever. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I think you should get married only if you are one of the few people on this plant that has "Good Judgement". I have good judgement, I have been married for 35 years and this is my best friend and I knew that when I married him. I really am perplexed by so many divorices, how can you love someone one minute and not the next? ANWSER: You didn't REALLY LOVE them. This is a family member that you decide you'r done with, how do you do that? I believe if you marry someone that you LIKE, maybe more than you love, and you think of them as a part of you family, then you can never throw them away. In my view, every divorce is a decree that you do were STUPID somewhere along the way. From what I see, peole are so stupid in relationships, bad judgement. Stone me.

Hi Debbie! :o Good to see you again! I like your post. I like this excerpt out of TUB because it recognizes the ideal relationship like you and you husband appear to have progressively achieved. Because it isn't achieved in a day. I t is achieved over a lifetime and perhaps enhanced as we progress further in our next life.

P.1777 - §1 I repeat, such inspiring and ennobling association finds its ideal possibilities in the human marriage relation. True, much is attained out of marriage, and many, many marriages utterly fail to produce these moral and spiritual fruits. Too many times marriage is entered by those who seek other values which are lower than these superior accompaniments of human maturity. Ideal marriage must be founded on something more stable than the fluctuations of sentiment and the fickleness of mere sex attraction; it must be based on genuine and mutual personal devotion. And thus, if you can build up such trustworthy and effective small units of human association, when these are assembled in the aggregate, the world will behold a great and glorified social structure, the civilization of mortal maturity. Such a race might begin to realize something of your Master's ideal of "peace on earth and good will among men." While such a society would not be perfect or entirely free from evil, it would at least approach the stabilization of maturity.

But this excerpt also contains an astute revelation about the fact that these ideal relationships are not easily attainable. They require the personal devotion to one another that our world in general is just waking up to. In general we are just discovering the importance of these relationships and the value of affording them a higher place in the importance of our lives. As such, evolutionarily, we should become more and more capable of passing these truths, that are not yet well established in our collective moral character, down to our children.

When these truths are better recognized, and we pay more attention to creating and maintaining healthy positive relationships, than making money or material success than the divorce rate will begin to decline. And the morality of civilization will continue to rise. IMHO :o

God's Blessing to you and your husband and your family Debbie.

I pray for your son to discover these truths of the value of created positive relationships and personal devotion to another human being. Amen.

God's peace be with you and may God's Love be your son's guide.

Re: Any need for marriage?

Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:59 am +0000

I could not read this before you migrated to the other side, Joer!
I was just thinking of making a post similar to that you made here that I saw yours.

Re: Any need for marriage?

Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:02 pm +0000

my two cents on the subject,

I don't necessarily think Marriage is needed , but Unions are.

In unions we have all the opportunity to find out about our selves as we work the balance of give and take honor and respect one another, in such close fellowship as partner ship brings.

But the Intent of two person wanting to make that out-worldly statement that they have found in each other some thing bigger that just them selves is worthy of acknowledgment, and honoring it to the degree that is is part of Gods plan for us to continue to grow and become more.

To know some one and accept them and love them passed their flaws, is a Godly place to be. and I can not see a better way to live in my walk with God. Two ppl supporting the best in each other and over-coming all the challenges that life and each other can bring has a high place in my book.

Re: Any need for marriage?

Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:53 am +0000

Marriage is the most important part of our life.They are necessary legal and social contract.The family is the building block of civilization, where children are born,give a safe environment for growing up and then the wings the fly on thier own as well as adapted and young adults.

Re: Any need for marriage?

Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:17 pm +0000

The U.B. says that raising a child is so important that if we don't get the chance to do it here we will have to spend time in the heavenly nursery to learn that which only caring for the young can give you.

To care for a Child that sees you as a God from their perspective giving them the chance to have the beginnings of what can be this highest ideas, and ideal, of God. so as they grow up they will be that much more ahead of us them we were, that is a true gift.

Re: Any need for marriage?

Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:29 pm +0000

Hi :smile: llGreg in BDA here.The UB seems to reveal many things physical, mental and spiritual. Physically it reveals that we only have working sexual parts only in this lifetime. Does that mean that you had better have a good go and use them while they work(With Love and with someone who receives it with Love): :roll: Or does it mean that(as it mentiones else where in the UB) that it is part of our job to be overcomming our animal natures. Anger has been even mentioned elsewhere as a deadly sin. The UB does not dictate morality. It is up to each person to be as good as they can. The Master would probably ask if there were any tax breaks you would enjoy by being married. He would ask about your life and if it (mariage) make it any easier according to inheritance laws or hospital rules(next of kin and all that). The main purpose of marriage is to manage the results of sexual intercourse. The UB does say the institution of marriage needs to be strong. But as to your personal situation it is up to you and yours and the law of the land. The Master would be able to look at you and know if you are still of child bearing age . In what context is the question being asked :?: According to American Fundimentalism, Bible thumpers with the Catholic guilt trip sex is evil. I believe the term is fornication. As already seen on this planet, we will be judged by your peers. What does your neighbor feel about the two of you shacked up together,without being married. Are you asking a question on the morality of it? Greg in BDA

Re: Any need for marriage?

Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:30 am +0000

Hi Greg:
I think that most of the "evil" associated with the IDEA of reproduction is a cultural phenomona. There is nothing wrong with species propogation!

That being said, this act is still proabley the most abused function on the planet. One need look no further than some of the ladies who are good enought to post here to see that sexual abuse is alive and well in the twenty first century.

The UB teaches us to rise above the animal inside of us and grasp at that divine lover which lives in each of our minds. It teaches that sex is healthy when put in the correct context, but causes unbelievable suffering when used wrong.

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