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Discussion Board Etiquette

Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:28 am +0000

We regret that two recent incidents on this discussion list caused the loss of many of the earlier topics and the posts to them, the first incident was a mistake in mass pruning of inactive topics and the second was the results of a hacker disrupting the site. These were unfortunate events since this list is a historical record of the fellowship of those who have made contact with The Urantia Book and it offers a snapshot of a revelation of truth at work in the thoughts and interactions of its adherents, how they manage life's challenges, how they relate to one another, how they relate to those who are new to the teachings of this marvelous book.

The Truthbook.com discussion list is viewed as a public document. It's open to anyone who happens to stop by the Truthbook.com site and wishes to peruse or to make a comment, whether new to Urantia concepts or long time readers. The list is also the home to a number of regular contributors. Anyone is allowed to drop in as a guest at any time but it's recommended that frequent visitors to the site register so they can log in and be recognized by the system. Registered users can easily call up all the posts that have come in since their last visit making keeping up to date easy.

That's the background, now to the etiquette, most of which has already been spelled out in other posts. Due to the public and historic nature of this discussion list an attempt is made to not only keep the topics relevant to the purpose of this site but also to keep the topics and the posts to them readable, understandable and of interest to all who visit here. The posts to the various topics are watched and reviewed by site administration and edited as it seems necessary.

In a number of instances topics have been initiated that stir up spirited discussion, the initiator or a participant becomes unhappy with the direction the discussion has taken and goes back and removes their own posts which then leaves a disjointed discussion thread that may need to be removed entirely since it no longer makes sense. Everyone who writes to a topic invests time and effort — by disrupting the flow of a discussion the time and effort of every participant is undercut. This is inconsiderate and is bad discussion board etiquette.

Once a post is entered it becomes part of a public document — your name may be attached to it but it really is now part of the Truthbook site content. The best advice is that if you're uncertain about whether to post or not first write your note on your word processor and save it for a day before deciding. After it's posted and especially once it has received responses it should remain in place, even if later on you're unhappy with what you said. Don't thoughtlessly go back and remove your post if in the future you happen to change your mind.

Discussion Board Etiquette

Fri Sep 09, 2005 6:42 pm +0000

I love what I just read. I am new to the site and was going down the list when I came to this one. It is very well put. It also goes with any sites that a person may be visiting.
Doubtful Thomas

Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:56 pm +0000

Welcome Dbtfl, allow me to extend the hand of friendship to you for your entire board family. That's pretty much how we relate to one another here. Sometimes it gets a little heated, but our love for one another always overcomes our disagreements.
We always like to get a feeling for how you arrived here, and if you have been a UB reader for long. Usually there is a story of how the UB has "found" them, but any little pieces that help us to get to know you better would be welcome.

Looking forward to your posts,

Bro Dave
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