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Time Settings for Discussion Board Postings

Tue Jul 12, 2005 9:01 pm +0000

Thanks to Gremlin checking this out for us we now understand the wacky time stamps that have been getting posted on notes going to the discussion board. There are 3 time settings that affect the board:

1. SERVER TIME. The server time is set by our service provider and it is currently set to GMT -7 (Mountain time).

2. BOARD TIME. Controlled by the site administrators, it is currently set at GMT -7 (Mountain time zone).

3. PERSONAL PROFILE TIME. Each registered user can set their own time for their current location by going to their profile and entering their time zone relative to GMT. The default time seems to be for a time zone somewhere in Asia so unless that's where you live you may want to adjust your profile time zone. In the United States Eastern time is GMT -5, Central time is GMT -6, Mountain time is GMT -7, Pacific time is GMT-8. There's a helpful time zone map of the world located at http://www.worldtimezone.com/.

It's helpful also to keep your computer time accurate. This can be done automatically for you via the internet. On Windows machines you can specify automatic time updating throught your Control Panel, Date and Time, and check the Internet Time box for automatic synchronization.

Happy posting.
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