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Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

Today, we are pleased to present to you the latest painting in the growing "New Jesus Paintings" collection in TruthBook's Religious Art Gallery: My Hour Has Come by Russ Docken.

My Hour Has Come is an excellent example of Russ Docken's talented brushwork; in this colorful, detailed painting, the instant of Jesus laying down his tools and his apron after announcing “My hour has come” is brought to life. Immediately following this pivotal announcement by Jesus, he, along with his brothers Jude and James, begins the journey to the Jordan River for baptism by John.

Jesus had spent the previous night in communion with his heavenly Father; accordingly, we see in his face a far-off, yet comprehending gaze, indicating his determination that the time for action had indeed come. He is shown in the act of removing his carpenter's apron as he voices his momentous statement to his fellow workmates. James and Jude are seen in the background as they await him at the lunch table, and we know that in a short time, the three brothers will all be on their way to John for the first great step in Jesus' plan for public ministry - submitting to baptism in the Jordan River.

Here is the story from The Urantia Book from which the painting is imagined:

“By December of A.D. 25, when John reached the neighborhood of Pella in his journey up the Jordan, his fame had extended throughout all Palestine, and his work had become the chief topic of conversation in all the towns about the lake of Galilee. Jesus had spoken favorably of John’s message, and this had caused many from Capernaum to join John’s cult of repentance and baptism. James and John the fishermen sons of Zebedee had gone down in December, soon after John took up his preaching position near Pella, and had offered themselves for baptism. They went to see John once a week and brought back to Jesus fresh, firsthand reports of the evangelist’s work.

“Jesus’ brothers James and Jude had talked about going down to John for baptism; and now that Jude had come over to Capernaum for the Sabbath services, both he and James, after listening to Jesus’ discourse in the synagogue, decided to take counsel with him concerning their plans. This was on Saturday night, January 12, A.D. 26. Jesus requested that they postpone the discussion until the following day, when he would give them his answer. He slept very little that night, being in close communion with the Father in heaven. He had arranged to have noontime lunch with his brothers and to advise them concerning baptism by John. That Sunday morning Jesus was working as usual in the boatshop. James and Jude had arrived with the lunch and were waiting in the lumber room for him, as it was not yet time for the midday recess, and they knew that Jesus was very regular about such matters.

“Just before the noon rest, Jesus laid down his tools, removed his work apron, and merely announced to the three workmen in the room with him, ‘My hour has come.’ He went out to his brothers James and Jude, repeating, ‘My hour has come—let us go to John.’ And they started immediately for Pella, eating their lunch as they journeyed. This was on Sunday, January 13. They tarried for the night in the Jordan valley and arrived on the scene of John’s baptizing about noon of the next day.”

Please click to read the whole section: The Meeting of Jesus and John http://truthbook.com/urantia-book/paper-135-john-the-baptist#U135_8_0

Russ Docken has created several paintings in the Jesus collection thus far; you may recall: The Master Boatbuilder; The Young Man Who Was Afraid; and The Burial of Joseph as previous examples of his skillful artistry. All of Russ' paintings (including My Hour Has Come), and many more can be seen at our “New Jesus Paintings” collection at TruthBook’s Religious Art Gallery. This superb collection consists primarily of contemporary, fine-art interpretations of stories about Jesus that were virtually unknown before The Urantia Book, painted by modern masters of the art like Russ Docken. Seeing so many familiar stories from our beloved blue book but with the addition of a beautiful image is a really nice experience! We invite you to visit the collection and share these images and these stories with family and friends!

There has never been a better time to be a part of spreading the real story of the life and teachings of Jesus, as revealed in The Urantia Book.

And stay tuned! There has been a recent uptick in the number of Jesus paintings in the works; we hope to share even more in the days and weeks to come!


Your TruthBook Team

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