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Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

Awhile back, we wrote to you announcing a new painting of Jesus' life whose subject was Jesus as the caravan conductor. Back in Jesus’ day, camel-driven caravans were the popular mode of travel on long journeys over desert wastes. Once Jesus had finished his responsibilities as caravan conductor, he again joined a caravan as a passenger on his return trip, eventually arriving in Capernaum. This important trip has been memorialized in another new painting that we want to share with you. This was one of the last trips that Jesus made as the son of man, and as you view this new work, it gains a certain poignancy in light of this knowledge. This lovely work is titled: Follow Me and again features the fine talent of Michael Dudash.

Particularly notable during this trip was Jesus’ promised stop at Urmia where he gave lectures at Cymboyton's "temple of religion." These were some of the Master’s most powerful and momentous teachings.
“On the return from the Caspian region, Jesus gave up the direction of the caravan at Lake Urmia, where he tarried for slightly over two weeks. He returned as a passenger with a later caravan to Damascus, where the owners of the camels besought him to remain in their service. Declining this offer, he journeyed on with the caravan train to Capernaum, arriving the first of April, A.D. 25. No longer did he regard Nazareth as his home. Capernaum had become the home of Jesus, James, Mary, and Ruth. But Jesus never again lived with his family; when in Capernaum he made his home with the Zebedees.” ~ The Urantia Book, 134:2.5

In contrast to The Caravan Conductor, Follow Me is set at evening, and we can imagine that the caravan is starting to settle for the night. Viewing this colorful painting, we can imagine Jesus, in one of his last personal ministries as son of man, spending part of each day instructing the other truth-seekers of Cymboyton's school before continuing his journey.

Here is the rest of the story from The Urantia Book:
“On the way to the Caspian Sea, Jesus had stopped several days for rest and recuperation at the old Persian city of Urmia on the western shores of Lake Urmia. On the largest of a group of islands situated a short distance offshore near Urmia was located a large building—a lecture amphitheater—dedicated to the “spirit of religion.” This structure was really a temple of the philosophy of religions.

“This temple of religion had been built by a wealthy merchant citizen of Urmia and his three sons. This man was Cymboyton, and he numbered among his ancestors many diverse peoples.

“The lectures and discussions in this school of religion began at ten o’clock every morning in the week. The afternoon sessions started at three o’clock, and the evening debates opened at eight o’clock. Cymboyton or one of his three sons always presided at these sessions of teaching, discussion, and debate. The founder of this unique school of religions lived and died without ever revealing his personal religious beliefs.

“On several occasions Jesus participated in these discussions, and before he left Urmia, Cymboyton arranged with Jesus to sojourn with them for two weeks on his return trip and give twenty-four lectures on ‘The Brotherhood of Men,’ and to conduct twelve evening sessions of questions, discussions, and debates on his lectures in particular and on the brotherhood of men in general.

“In accordance with this arrangement, Jesus stopped off on the return trip and delivered these lectures. This was the most systematic and formal of all the Master’s teaching on Urantia. Never before or after did he say so much on one subject as was contained in these lectures and discussions on the brotherhood of men. In reality these lectures were on the ‘Kingdom of God’ and the ‘Kingdoms of Men.’ “

The Urmia Lectures are some of the Master's most interesting and inspiring discourses. The subjects that Jesus covered are: “Sovereignty-Divine and Human”, “Political Sovereignty,” and “Law, Liberty and Sovereignty.” Considering the state of our world today, it would benefit all of us to read, re-read, and share these amazing and informative discourses with all of our friends and family.

Who else but Urantia Book readers are privileged to know about this amazing episode in Jesus' life? And how fortunate our world is, to have these lectures now at our fingertips for the benefit of our ailing planet! I know you would agree that this rich wealth of teaching from Jesus is of great and imminent importance. It would be a great service to pass this information, along with this painting, to your seeking Christian friends and family.

As with all of our paintings, Follow Me now resides on our site in the Mo and Jennifer Siegel Collection along with all the other paintings of Jesus life as related in The Urantia Book. May all of these works, and the amazing stories that inspired them, be an inspiration to you-and to our world-for years to come!

Your TruthBook Team

Follow Me by Michael Dudash

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truly beautiful!
And indeed we are fortunate to have such revelation at our fingertips, I only pray that we learn to use and disseminate it wisely.

thank you for sharing such a beautiful work of art again.

god bless

9:5.7 Too often, all too often, you mar your minds by insincerity and sear them with unrighteousness;

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