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Announcements concerning the Truthbook.com website.
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Re: Welcome to the newly re-designed Truthbook.com!

Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:13 pm +0000

Gremlin wrote:Errrr.....ja. So, here's the thing: In the forum move, the attachments got corrupted. The people who did the move went back - yesterday - and redid the export/import of the table that contains the attachments. To no avail. It's crocked.

Can you (and others) please re-upload any image attachments you might have made before. (You do this by editing your old posts that contain attachments.)

Regarding the search engine: Someone is working on the issue of highlighting. They've been doing it intermittently between other jobs. I trust it will be done. I am just not sure of the date.
Hi Gremlin. I found the files I attached to the threads Milky Way and Proving the existence of God. :) But unfortunately I can’t re-upload them because I can’t edit the related posts. If you give me (temporary) permission to edit these posts, I will re-upload the files..

By the way, I still think it must be possible to repair or recover the database table with attachments from a backup. Personally I put quite some effort in creating attachments. And unlike transient links to images and files of external websites, users may count on attachments being part of the Truthbook database for ever. Removing all attachments by mistake is bad. Unwillingness to repair the damage is unacceptable.

The search-engine still hasn’t improved. I think that’s strange. It used to work fine at the old Truthbook.com. It seems to me you need a 'professional' to solve these issues..

Re: Welcome to the newly re-designed Truthbook.com!

Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:32 am +0000

If you send me the files, and the posts that had them attached, I will do the fixes ( gremlin@truthbook.com )

Regarding the search engine: There is - indeed - a new Cold Fusion expert working on the issue.

Re: Welcome to the newly re-designed Truthbook.com!

Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:05 pm +0000

It should be possible to recover forum attachments if proper backups were made. It may take some hacking, but as long as the data exists, it should be possible.

I have seen apparent data corruption when databases are transferred and care is not taken with the character encoding. Specifically with MySQL, going from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 or vice versa. Failed upgrade scripts can also cause corruption.

Also just FYI the forum is using phpBB, which is written in PHP (not Coldfusion). I only bring this up because sometimes web guys tend to specialize in certain technologies, and with some of them there can be a tendency to declare that something is impossible to do when in reality it is just something beyond their experience, so they cannot see the solution. Or they do see the solution but feel the effort would be so much that it approaches impossibility. It's often a matter of perspective.

But if they did not make a backup, well then, no, there is no recovery from that! ;)

Re: Welcome to the newly re-designed Truthbook.com!

Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:10 am +0000

The main website is Cold Fusion, with dollops of asp.net, and a smattering of javascript. The forum is php. You are correct.
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