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New Screensavers & Wallpapers from Truthbook - Vintage 2007

Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:23 am +0000

Dear Friends,

Looking for THE perfect inspirational screensavers for your computer? You can now download the latest set of Truthbook screensavers that are derived from the 2007 Quote of the Day messages.

These beautiful screensaver will provide you with endless inspiration whenever they appear in your computer's idle time. But be warned! These images and their accompanying messages are so beautiful, so entrancing, you may decide to skip working and just stare at the screensavers all day long!

The compilation of the Best of the Quote of the Day for 2007 contains 164 images. Each image and quote has been lovingly treated using imaginative fonts and crisp colors, and each layout is complete, with the quote and image contained within one beautiful frame. If you think that the Quote of the Day images are beautiful in the size you normally see as you receive them daily, we guarantee that your socks will be knocked off when you see these vistas fill you whole screen.

SIMPLE METHOD - With Vista and Windows 7 and most Apple machines, setting a screensaver merely requires dumping files into a directory and then aiming the screensaver setting at that directory. Click here to read more.

If you know what you are doing you may as well click here and start having fun.

I ONLY WANT SOME PICS AS WALLPAPERS - No problem, click here and start browsing and downloading individual images.

Treat yourself, or your loved ones, to this sumptuous free treat, created for you by the Truthbook team. It is a beautiful way to stay close to our beloved Revelation throughout your busy day. You are welcome to burn the downloaded zipped file to a CD so that you can send it to all your friends and family.

In Love and Service,

The Truthbook team.

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