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 Post subject: Mistake

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Hey I think there is a mistake in the site.

https://truthbook.com/urantia-book/pape ... -atonement

In this paper it is presented a image of the supposed 10 commandments as they are related in exodus 20 but the Urantia book has a different version of the 10 commandments which are according to Exodus 34 as it is written in Paper 142.

142:3.10 (1599.2) “Again should you have discerned the growth of the understanding of divine law in perfect keeping with these enlarging concepts of divinity. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt in the days before the enlarged revelation of Yahweh, they had ten commandments which served as their law right up to the times when they were encamped before Sinai. And these ten commandments were:

142:3.11 (1599.3) “1. You shall worship no other god, for the Lord is a jealous God.

142:3.12 (1599.4) “2. You shall not make molten gods.

142:3.13 (1599.5) “3. You shall not neglect to keep the feast of unleavened bread.

142:3.14 (1599.6) “4. Of all the males of men or cattle, the first-born are mine, says the Lord.

142:3.15 (1599.7) “5. Six days you may work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.

142:3.16 (1599.8) “6. You shall not fail to observe the feast of the first fruits and the feast of the ingathering at the end of the year.

142:3.17 (1599.9) “7. You shall not offer the blood of any sacrifice with leavened bread.

142:3.18 (1599.10) “8. The sacrifice of the feast of the Passover shall not be left until morning.

142:3.19 (1599.11) “9. The first of the first fruits of the ground you shall bring to the house of the Lord your God.

142:3.20 (1599.12) “10. You shall not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk.

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 Post subject: Re: Mistake

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While the insertion of a version of the10 Commandments in the text by TruthBook editors, in a place not chosen by the actual authors of the text, is unfortunate and inappropriate in my opinion...there is no "mistake" otherwise.

Perhaps I misunderstand your concern?

There is cited an earlier version in Paper 142 and later version in TruthBook's 'enhanced' and illustrated verson. There are many forms of The Commandments....as explained in the Papers.

142:3.21 (1599.13) “And then, amidst the thunders and lightnings of Sinai, Moses gave them the new ten commandments, which you will all allow are more worthy utterances to accompany the enlarging Yahweh concepts of Deity. And did you never take notice of these commandments as twice recorded in the Scriptures, that in the first case deliverance from Egypt is assigned as the reason for Sabbath keeping, while in a later record the advancing religious beliefs of our forefathers demanded that this be changed to the recognition of the fact of creation as the reason for Sabbath observance?

142:3.22 (1599.14) “And then will you remember that once again—in the greater spiritual enlightenment of Isaiah’s day—these ten negative commandments were changed into the great and positive law of love, the injunction to love God supremely and your neighbor as yourself. And it is this supreme law of love for God and for man that I also declare to you as constituting the whole duty of man.”

89:1.4 (975.1) The seven commandments of Dalamatia and Eden, as well as the ten injunctions of the Hebrews, were definite taboos, all expressed in the same negative form as were the most ancient prohibitions. But these newer codes were truly emancipating in that they took the place of thousands of pre-existent taboos. And more than this, these later commandments definitely promised something in return for obedience.

77:4.11 (860.6) Some of the early associates of Van subsequently settled about the shores of the lake which still bears his name, and their traditions grew up about this locality. Ararat became their sacred mountain, having much the same meaning to later-day Vanites that Sinai had to the Hebrews. Ten thousand years ago the Vanite ancestors of the Assyrians taught that their moral law of seven commandments had been given to Van by the Gods upon Mount Ararat. They firmly believed that Van and his associate Amadon were taken alive from the planet while they were up on the mountain engaged in worship.

77:4.12 (860.7) Mount Ararat was the sacred mountain of northern Mesopotamia, and since much of your tradition of these ancient times was acquired in connection with the Babylonian story of the flood, it is not surprising that Mount Ararat and its region were woven into the later Jewish story of Noah and the universal flood.

74:7.12 (836.1) The laws of the Garden were based on the older codes of Dalamatia and were promulgated under seven heads:

74:7.13 (836.2) 1. The laws of health and sanitation.

74:7.14 (836.3) 2. The social regulations of the Garden.

74:7.15 (836.4) 3. The code of trade and commerce.

74:7.16 (836.5) 4. The laws of fair play and competition.

74:7.17 (836.6) 5. The laws of home life.

74:7.18 (836.7) 6. The civil codes of the golden rule.

74:7.19 (836.8) 7. The seven commands of supreme moral rule.

74:7.20 (836.9) The moral law of Eden was little different from the seven commandments of Dalamatia. But the Adamites taught many additional reasons for these commands; for instance, regarding the injunction against murder, the indwelling of the Thought Adjuster was presented as an additional reason for not destroying human life. They taught that “whoso sheds man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man.”

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