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I stand corrected. I posted once that I believe that all participants in this forum are participating because of the fact that at some point in our lives we came in close enough contact with the Urantia Book to ignite some spark of faith, or to make a connection of some kind, and that is THE unifying factor that all of us share. Although my pollyannaish nature wants to be correct, it does appear that at times some people have posted with the intention of creating confusion, not just mere trolling (although apparently that has happened) but what appear to be deliberate attempts to cause some kind of mischief or outright harm.

That being said, I consider myself a brother of all reading this post, and happily a fellow believer in the authority of the Urantia Book. While reading threads about opinion and revelation, whether channeling is valid, etc. I came to the conclusion that is is not important how the papers were received - - - what is important is what is written. Straining at theological gnats and swallowing (or not) doctrinal camels is natural among students and open discussion of ideas is vital.

However, arguments between teachers often reveal more ego than info.

Someone told me once that we are three persons: who we think we are, who others think we are, and who God knows we are. The less spiritual pride we have the less difference there is between these three. When we have a high opinion of ourselves, it is evident to all those around us, yet in our own eyes it is everyone else who is wrong, and we often feel smugly confident that God will vindicate us and we look forward to that moment.

I have posted questions in this forum and I have been very edified by the answers I received.

But when tempers flare and pride is knicked or wounded because of some jot or tittle of the law or its interpretation, the results are anything but edifying.

I do not question the necessity of exposing outright lies or clever sophistries, but the spirit in which objection is made is the true measure of a teacher. Helping others "see the lightning without feeling the bolt" is a gesture of true love, meekness and honest humility.
Berating someone is usually a sign of weakness of character, such as those who feel less inadequate by making others feel inadequate. An honest and humble teacher knows he knows little and that is reflected in the attitude in which correction is given.

When a newcomer has to preface his questions with "please don't beat up on me" then something is wrong and it gives the impression that this is the Sanhedrin and "thou wast altogether born in sin and dost thou teach us?" and not "a safe place" at all!

I see words of welcome and kindness directed to the newcomer yet arrogance and "I'm telling mommy on you" in heated exchanges between veteran members. A fountain of water giving forth both bitter water and sweet?

Those of you who know the Book well are a tremendous blessing to those of us who are new and full of questions.

I don't believe The Urantia Book needs watchdogs of the faith baring their fangs and barking at every perceived threat that passes by. But on the other hand it seems like some comments are the equivalent of poking the watchdog with a stick to watch the reaction with some sort of perverse glee when the reaction comes.

I want to thank the admin who recently stepped in to stop the nonsense, but I appeal to us all to make such interventions unnecessary by checking our motives before posting or reacting and considering beforehand whether one should weigh one's words more carefully. I believe that if anything gets posted that is out of hand the admins will take care of it without one of us throwing the first stone.

Once again my thanks to those with a deeper knowledge of the Papers who have taken the time to answer questions, my only request is that when a sharp difference arises you talk about it via personal message instead of via harsh and unpleasant comments in public. Or if it is indeed a case of "if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen" then I will definitely follow the advice.

It is not to discover who is right, it is to discover what is right that creates a healthy and progressive learning environment for students.

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Dear pethuel ... many thanks for your "newbie" perspective, although I suspect you are anything but a newbie when it comes to grasping the important elements of our wonderful revelation; the elements that stress the vital importance of successful relationship between persons. We really are not islands unto ourselves; even the fruits of the Spirit cannot be appreciated or developed without contact with others.

We are all students here; and we are all teachers here. Those roles are interchangeable depending upon the context in which we are communicating. Here, you are a kind and valuable teacher, and I think you for your insight.


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