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Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:55 pm +0000

As for a green like me, i think we are doing fine.

As the Administrator said, human are still human but lets not favor sarcasm in our respond to others and i believe people are allow to put forth what they think as long as it is within the framework of TUB and forum guidelines. As observed in general, most forum sites has the tendency to suffer from the same common ills and weaknesses; not to mention the worst ones.

This is why religion is seen in bad light by the western mind today; they learned and experienced the fault of religion but less of its good point. The most obvious weakness of religion is the 'the need for conformity in thinking and sometimes blind faith and loyalty.' You are not allow to think differently. The very act of questioning religion shows the fact that people think and learn.

The experience of religion among my people in Sarawak is quite different; we saw it as our deliver. Indeed religion is our deliverer from our unenlightened ways of life and it is the fruit of religion which put us where we are to day. Of course, the process of is not always neat and tidy; the conquistadores in South America, for example.

I use to remind the congregation and those who are willing to hear that there will be a time when they reach certain level of thinking and awareness when they begin to question religion. As of now, most are the loyal and simple faith people who believe; the younger and educated are mostly the qusetioning ones, which is good.Religion must be holistic.

To both writers and responders,questioning and creative minds are not necessarily bad, it is a learning process. And when confronted with creative and out of the box kind of thinking, it likewise gave us the opportunity to respond creatively and similarly; and this is learning.
Most of the time we do not realise how we kearn and the venue and process involved; this site and all therein, to me, is just one of it.

Re: learning

Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:25 pm +0000

Joining the Urantia Foundation and having read the Urantia Book has been the high light of my life. I agree that religions are not in agreement with one another. I do believe we are all ONE and when most of humanity can agree with All That Is we may have a chance to unite and help teach those who are not aware of the many truths that are now available to us Urantians. I do know that one must feel all the writing eventually as the truth. So if we all get together and work with the ones who are sleeping but are willing to awaken we will be winners for God.

Carola Heinrich

Re: learning

Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:50 am +0000

"Give the milk of truth to those who are babes in spiritual perception. In your living and loving ministry serve spiritual food in attractive form and suited to the capacity of receptivity of each of your inquirers.
~ Urantia Book, (133:4.2)

Hi babuk, I love the learning process and often have questions. I have been met with short tempered or seemingly unkind behavior in response before. When that happens I keep in mind the quote above so as to ensure that my future teaching opportunities are productive and positive. I also keep in mind that most people, most of the time don't really mean to offend each other. I read somewhere.....way back so I can't remember the source....that when we offend each other it is by accident about 93% of the time. So that must mean that most of the time people don't mean to be offensive or unkind.

I really enjoy learning and this site has been a sea of wonderful information. I am excited to swim in this ocean of knowledge as I peer out from my happy little tide pool. :biggrin:

Re: learning

Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:46 pm +0000

Hi Babuk, Carola and Nancy,

We have gained a unique perspective that most persons on our planet are unaware of. We know that we are one. We are a brotherhood of mankind. We have a common Heavenly Father. Many of the world's religions try to separate themselves from those on the "outside." They think that they have the answers to all questions concerning our Father. According to them, you may go this far, but you may go no further. Anyone that does not share their belief system are either uninformed, misinformed or unsaved. So, that is the religious situation that we are faced with today.

However, there are many forward thinking persons that are putting forth the proposition that we are not separate. Separation is an illusion. We are part of the ocean, so to speak. It would be like saying: "I am a water molecule that is not part of the ocean." We all know that there are countless molecules of H2O that makes up the ocean. Each distinct unit is a part of the whole. So likewise, we are distinct units of mankind. We are distinct parts that make up the whole of humanity. Separation is an illusion put forth by men and women that want to make themselves special.

A baby cannot stomach meat products. The baby needs its mothers milk or a substitute to be nourished. You cannot give a baby solid foods before it is ready to receive it. So, the same can be said about spiritual food. We have been on a steady diet of spiritual food for a long time. We know what is healthy for us from a spiritual standpoint. But if we try to share what we know with others before they are ready for it would be like trying to feed solid food to a baby that is only ready for its mother's milk. But we can feed them the basics that will spur them on to solid spiritual food at a later date.

It is like we have taken a seat in the clouds and we are viewing the earth as a whole. We see the big picture. Yet, most of mankind are living in the dense jungle with poor visibility. But we can let our light shine as a beacon to them. We can guide them away from the rocky shoals towards the safe harbor of spiritual enlightenment. It is not easy to do that when we encounter persons that are rude and nasty. It is not easy to do when we have to deal with persons that are arrogant and selfish. But we can experience soul growth when we refuse to let those persons get under our skin. We can become mature persons that are looking ahead to the day when we reach the shores of the next world. If we can achieve emotional mastery now while under severe test then we will have much to give when we are alive on one of the morontia worlds.

But the lesson from our Father is to love them. Simply love them. I know that I have fallen way short of that many times. If I can just learn that lesson and put it into practical application then I will be getting that much closer to the Father. For all of our knowledge and understanding it is all meaningless if we do not put into practice the love of the Father towards our fellow man. So, despite religious, cultural and spiritual differences in our world, it is our main purpose to love our brothers and sisters in the same way that the Father loves each one of us. If we let our light shine before men then we will break down the religious, cultural and spiritual barriers that have separated men for centuries. But especially, if we let our love shine before men, then we are showing that for us, mankind are not separate, but mankind are one.

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