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Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:30 am +0000

Hello to everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself before dropping in on discussions. My name is Nancy and I have been reading the U.B. for a few years now with great joy and enthusiasm. My eagerness to learn and understand more of the Urantia Book has pushed me beyond my shyness and toward this forum. I hope to find the courage to post questions so I that I may gain the insight of advanced readers.
My days are spent fishing the many beautiful rivers, lakes, or on my boat in the saltwater. I read the U.B. and related materials every morning and a great deal of my afternoons too. When I am not fishing or reading, I am in school finishing up a degree in business - on a pile of other little college adventures - love learning. I grow a large portion of my own food and raise chickens, turkeys and have a "show" goat. I have diverse employment interests and enjoy building everything from fine jewelry to houses. My most valuable work is raising my beautiful daughter. She inspires me daily.

It will take me some time to figure out all the cool posting tricks like smiles and colors etc., but I am certain with time I will evolve into a savvy user of these wonderful enhancement tools.

I look forward to the learning.


Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:53 am +0000

Hi Nancy!

So good to hear from you - welcome to our little family of reader/believers! I hope you'll come here often, and join in the discussions.

Gee, your life sounds pretty idyllic out there in the Northwest...you must be quite a dynamo to cram all of those activities into one life! And motherhood to boot!

How old is your daughter?

Again - welcome...!

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:58 am +0000

We learn by our living experiences (among other avenues) and by what little you just posted I'd say you're probably head and shoulders above most. My hat's off to you in all your endeavors!


Oh, and don't be concerned with all the posting tricks; what's more interesting is what you bring, You, fishin'Mom.


Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:29 am +0000

My daughter is 20. She has some challenges due to a form of autism but has progressed into my miracle child. She graduated from highschool and is going to college this fall right up the street. I am so excited to see her continue to grow and succeed. As my mom would say, "she's almost done cookin" which means she is nearly an independent adult and she will be spreading her wings soon. I have been blessed with a good amount of energy - some say hyperactivity and an eagerness to learn that has led me to many enjoyable experiences. I truly love my life and feel blessed daily.

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:45 am +0000

Glad to have you here fishin'mom, and don't be shy about asking questions -- you'll get lots of opinions and some (most, actually) of them will be good. If you've not done so you might want to just browse the topics and discussions that have been going on here for the past number of years. You'll see numbers at the top of the topic that indicate how many pages of posts the topic contains so there's usually more than just what first meets the eye.
Best wishes,

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:44 pm +0000

Welcome to the forum...fishin' mom...So glad you found the UB...I am always curious...How did you find the book and your first impressions.

Fall is in the air...salmon are running?


Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:56 pm +0000

Hi Nancy,

Welcome to the forum. You have quite a few interests that are keeping you busy. I wish that I could do more of the fishin' part. I am glad that your daughter is doing so well. All of us wish the best for our children.

We are at the start of an eternal adventure. The wonders that we will meet up with will be beyond our present comprehension. We are being teased with a little bit of knowledge that will keep us interested for more and more. I am happy that you found the UB and this forum. May the love of the Father guide you in this life.


Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:39 pm +0000

Thank you for your warm welcome. I was introduced to the book through this website a few years ago. I was speaking openly with a friend about my love for God and expressing my struggles with the teachings of my church and he suggested I look up this site. As I began reading paper after paper, it somehow felt like coming home. I was struck by the symmetry, the "stuff of life" that it contained, and most of all - that it expressed the spirit of truth and love far beyond any book I have read before. I read about half the book online in a couple of weeks and realized I needed a hard copy - ran to the bookstore and got my first copy of the U.B. I poured through it eagerly and found myself filled with a sense of a greater connection and understanding of the loving father I felt in my heart. I read it end to end three times in those first few weeks trying to understand and answer questions that kept coming up as I read. As I continued to read I would find answers and then new questions. That has been the process ever since. That first copy is now a rainbow of highlighting, post-it notes, and underlining. So I guess my first impression was - boy this is a complicated and big book and my next impression was amazement and joy. I can't express how grateful I am.

As for the salmon, they are runniing so heavy this year I could walk across the rivers on their backs. I have never seen such huge runs in my life. This year we are expecting millions of pink salmon in the Green River - one minute from my house! I love living here.

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:51 pm +0000

Wow Nancy...you are the first person that I have heard that found the UB through this on line site...I am sure there are more and then to go and buy and embrace the book is wonderful...my first copy is full of underlines too :wink: Here is a link that I really like to use.



Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:29 pm +0000

Thank you for the link. Looked at it briefly and looks like a wonderful learning tool. O:)

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:40 pm +0000

Hi fishin'Mom,
Welcome to here, It's a great place to hang out learn, share and grow.
I'm happy that you enjoy life as much as you seem to.
Nice catch in your picture.

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:18 pm +0000

hay Nancy it is great to here yuor journey..but you got my attention about the fishing being so good out west in your back yard. I thought we humans had killed off almost all of the Salmon run/ it gives me hope that what ever has been done to rescue the situation may be working.

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:22 pm +0000

Nancy: thanks for the intro, makes me realize my own inadequancies in telling others about myself. I am also a parent in the northwest, up from you in Carnation, and I think we have another mom in Fall City who does the internet thing....am also not too savy about the computer, know nothing about fishing, but am an obsessive gardener and small restaurant farmer........maybe we should get together sometime. I belive folks are re-putting together our old society here again the Pilot Light Society of Seattle.....one of the old members called me about getting together and we sent a representative to Chicago this summer. If your interested, I will let you know when he calls again.

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:33 am +0000

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for such a warm welcome. I am really excited about learning from so many well read individuals. After reading through some of the past discussions, I can see that my learning experience will likely be amazing and deep. I can't wait to stretch out my brain in an attempt to absorb it all.

Hi Slyde, Oh I do love my life. I have worked very hard to reach for the simple enjoyments and things that help me grow in love. I have had some very difficult challenges - or as my mom would say - powerful learning, that have defined my path and made me truly grateful for each moment here.

Hello JB, glad to hear from you. The fishing has improved greatly here due to forward thinking, hard work, and good conservation behaviors. It is definitely a cooperative effort that has resulted in a huge success this year. I am a strong believer in "catch and release unharmed" fishing. I only keep what I can eat and sometimes will gather surplus fish for the White Center Food Bank here in Seattle. It depends on how strong the run is as to whether I keep fish for the food bank. This year the pink salmon are here in such numbers that the Army will have to clean up the bodies up river if we don't retain enough catch. It will actually become a biological hazard of dead fish up stream if we don't keep a bunch of them. Now that is a success story gone wild.

Hi dirtqueen, Carnation is so beautiful - and there is certainly good fishing there too. I am very interested in getting to know my local U.B. community. The Fall City mom was at my summer social party on Sept. 5 and I got to meet two of her wonderful children. I study with the Mercer Island group - extremely smart people, I have much catching up to do to keep up with those brilliant minds. Very fun. I also met a few folks from the Puyallup reading group. Everyone I have met up here that reads the U.B. are so amazing and kind hearted. It is a true joy to see so many people living in such a loving and truth seeking way. :biggrin:

Re: Greetings from the Northwest

Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:11 am +0000

Hi Nancy (Fishin'Mom)

Smilies start coming. That shows your enhanced confidence to post through this forum. Keep it up.

Sitting at the other end of the Urantia circle, I keep thanking God for showing me the truth through TUB.

Its a pleasure reading the posts from enthusiastic UB readers here. Its really promoting the brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God.

Keep posting. Best Wishes!
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