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Testing - Testing - 1 2 3

Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:08 am +0000

Hello dear Truthbookers :razz:

I've been trying some time to get a message posted, but to no avail :(

Twice the content just disappeared - into the proverbial thin air

Maybe it is because I've been lurking so long :mrgreen:

But let's see if this test-drive-post will do the trick ...

Meanwhile ... wonderful to read you ancient girls and boys ... as well as You newbies 8)

Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:49 am +0000

Hi Arno!

I'm glad you were able to come by and say hello! Nice to see you.

Now that you are "in," pull up a chair and stay awhile. How's the enterprise? The studies? The neighborhood? What's been on your mind?

Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:09 am +0000

Hi Arno,

Who're you callin' "ancient?" I resemble that remark! HAHA!

Oh - I guess you mean ancient UB readers...(just a little lame humor on my part.)

I second Gerdean's welcome, and look forward to getting to know you.

Nice to see you here, and glad that your message finally got through.

Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:54 pm +0000

Hi every one and welcome to Arno.

The Anciens- We have to admit that some are "ancients" Anciens readers of the Urantia Book and ancient Urantia Book discussion group users, or ancients internet users. We could be new Urantia book readers but ancients
God knowing persons. We could be ancients by our age like human.



Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:44 pm +0000

Arno good to see you back. God Bless You brother. How's that africanns edition of TUB coming along? :smile:

Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:37 pm +0000

Hi Gerdean, MaryJo, Claude, Joer and All :razz:

Ta stax for being around when I did the test-run. At least I happened onto the board again. Just after the test-run I’ve updated my email-address and lo and behold, off I slipped from the members list – but thanks to our efficient Admin, who has hearkened unto mine S.O.S. I did not have long to tag around as a “guest” …

Gerdean: You enquire about the enterprise? Having accepted a new position as museum administrator of the world renowned Owl House of the late Helen Martins, I unfortunately had to hand the home industry cum second hand bookshop over to a friend. I’m therefore not so in touch with the villagers as I would like to, but have the opportunity to meet with tourists internationally. Administering the museum is a full time occupation from which I derive immense satisfaction. Fortunately, being single, I devote most of my free time to basically anything smacking of TUB. This is my first love, and as far as I’m concerned, always will be. When I’m not devoting time to translations, I’m into topical studies. Since going “underground” or in lurk-mode, I can appreciate the working of the Spirit of Truth in my personal life. I’m surprised that your beautiful avatar made way for plain “G”. The photo just had that slightly more personal touch, if I may say so.

MaryJo: Yep, you’re right. I mean the old hands at the UB. Although I do not regard myself as a newbie anymore, I most definitely am still a rookie-reader. Just more than two years now, but what a wonderful and productive two years it proved to be!

Claude: Please to meet you, too. Yes, by “ancients” I meant le old timers list-wise as well as UB-wise, and as you have gathered by now, I’m still a rookie … but sometimes feel rather old after a few hours spent with the Book (heh). The contents of this mighty tome really became part of my psyche, and yes, I live, eat, and breath it (that’s now when I’m not reading it). After two years it still is full of glow and warmth and luster for moi. I really wonder at times where I would have ended up if my Thought Adjuster didn’t poke me mentally on that specific Sunday morning of yonder-Sundays and got me onto track. As far as I’m concerned, TUB is the best thing that can happen to any searching, lost, despondent person this side of the big blue curtain …

Joer: Dear ol’ Joe! And if it is possible, may God bless you twice over! It was such a joy to have read that brief report that Larry posted and the subsequent posting of the photographs of some of you Truthbookers in attendance at that conference. I must say you looked quite spring chicken without the beard. I smiled and felt warm all over that you guys and girls could make it at all. That is wonderful, but will remain a dream this side of yonder, my friend. Yep, never forsake the gathering together whenever you can. At least some good advice old Paul was able to write down for many to follow for years, eh?

The “africanns” or more correctly, Afrikaans edition of TUB? Well. Ah, Joer, I work on it daily. I wish there were more translators working on this project with me. I know they will make themselves known someday, sometime. For the time-being, it is only me. But I thoroughly enjoy doing it. As a solitary translator in my mother tongue I think progress is fine. I work in the Book from two directions. Parts I and IV simultaneously. The Forword and first ten papers done. When I say done, I mean first proofs. Same with Papers 120 – 130.

It is awesome to read the words of the Revelators in your own mother tongue. Difficult to put into words. And the joy when you labor over a specific word or sentence construction – it have to be just right. The ipsisima verba. Nothing else will do. And the meaning must be what the Revelators originally intended in English. A tall order, I know, but I do not rest until I am satisfied. I know my mother tongue and I know my craft. And the joy when you read a paper, comparing it again with the original. As far as I’m concerned, nothing else compares with it.

A co-worker enjoys talking to me about his religion. I enjoy talking to him about my newfound knowledge re. the Trinity (amongst other topics). He knowing that I was an incorrigible Pagan naturally asks how it is possible for me to have made such an about-face. Then I talk about TUB (oh man, don’t give me that opportunity). Today he enjoys reading the Afrikaans proofs.

Anyway, I’ve said far too much as originally intended with this post. It is getting late for other things to be attended to, and the mind just don’t want to co-operate as it should. (Can notice it in the kind of monosyllabic sentences) This side of the globe day is breaking. If I’m not mistaken I am about eight to ten hours ahead of you guys, and this Friday is going to prove to be one hectic one - with one ray of light. It's a very close friend's birthday (a psychiatrist) today and he is going to be seeded with a Uversa-press ed. of TUB :mrgreen:

Have a wonderful time ...

Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:09 am +0000

"Afrikaans" edition of TUB. Thank You Arno. I knew I didn’t spell it right, but your answer was stupendous!

What good news from your side of the globe. You sound wonderful Arno and your friend a blessing.

I do pray you find another advocate soon to join in your effort. I can imagine the joy of seeing it in your mother tongue.

If you ever would like to talk over the meaning of anything when you're translating, let me know. I like talking over meanings. :smile:

Bless you Arno and your work. It is so good hearing from you.

Peace be with you brother. :smile:
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