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Hello every one.

Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:03 pm +0000

Urantia Book readers.....

Personaly i am a chaneled messages reader, a 3 1/2 years Urantia Book reader
and before i was a Bible reader but not in a church, a free believer.

My first internet contact with Urantia Book readers and Urantia Book organisations have began 2 1/2 years ago.

I am a french Canadian born in a pentecostal believer family in a french roman catholic society.

I have a suffering past-life. I have had a big religious group conflic at 19.

I think that i am very sincere and rightous with The Father and with Michael and Mother Spirit. That i have consacrate my free will to them. And everyday i consacrate again to Them. My will is to do His will.

I know that the Father and Michael and Mother Spirit genuinely Love me. I am their child and they are my parents.

Father Bless you all.


Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:09 pm +0000

Hi Claude,

It is nice to see and have you here. This is more of a strait-up Urantia Book forum and they don't like to entertain channeling stuff here. Thought I would mention that to you.

Hope you are well !


Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:25 pm +0000

Thank you Vann,

they don't like to entertain channeling stuff here.

I will promote the concepts of the Urantia Book.

I think that we are arrived to this development phase. Not exactly because on Urantia almost nothing have hapenned "normaly"

The post-Adamic epoch is the dispensation of internationalism. With
the near completion of the task of race blending, nationalism wanes,
and the brotherhood of man really begins to materialize. Representative
government begins to take the place of the monarchial or paternal form
of rulership. The educational system becomes world-wide, and gradually
the languages of the races give way to the tongue of the violet people.
Universal peace and co-operation are seldom attained until the races
are fairly well blended, and until they speak a common language.
the closing centuries of the post-Adamic age there develops new
interest in art, music, and literature, and this world-wide awakening
is the signal for the appearance of a Magisterial Son. The crowning
development of this era is the universal interest in intellectual
realities, true philosophy. Religion becomes less nationalistic,
becomes more and more a planetary affair. New revelations of truth
characterize these ages, and the Most Highs of the constellations begin
to rule in the affairs of men. Truth is revealed up to the
administration of the constellations.
Great ethical
advancement characterizes this era; the brotherhood of man is the goal
of its society. World-wide peace--the cessation of race conflict and
national animosity--is the indicator of planetary ripeness for the
advent of the third order of sonship, the Magisterial Son.P. 594;2-4

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