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 Post subject: Member Feedback

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To whom it may concern,

This forums asks visitors (must be members as visitors can't post on the boards) what they think.

This site looks wonderful and should be able to provide a great service to readers who want to share their thoughts and experiences. That does look like the whole point of a discussion forum in the first place.

There may be as many different viewpoints as their are members but one factor of forum operation is fixed (stationary), and that is the rules and guidelines. The R&G's look okay and reasonable to me and are necessary to maintain order. Yet disorder occurs and I can't figure out why it remains.

I wish the staff would enforce the rules equally towards everyone and not punish one person for breaking a rule while another member gets away with doing the exact same thing.

Shouldn't moderating here be unbiased?
Thank you

Love is the desire to do good to others Image pg 648


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Site Admin

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Good point and thank you Vann.

To be fair moderating should be unbiased of course but it's a human endeavor and is not impartial. I know that when I skim through the posts that flow into the various lists here I'm not focusing so much on the content or whether they make sense as much as I am on the "hair on the back of the neck" syndrome. If something strikes me as perhaps inappropriate I'll go back and read more carefully what's written and whatever post it's referring to to try to get a better picture and to take action if I feel it's necessary.

If someone has written something that other people are taking issue with it's quite possible that only the originally poster will be edited or reprimanded and the unflattering posts by others about that post will remain. We're not here to alter history -- if someone is obnoxious they'll be called on it and unless the other posts objecting to it become too obnoxious themselves, they'll be left alone.

Sorry we don't have the wisdom of the angels in our dealings with others. What you see is what you get here -- we seek impartiality but I won't apologize for not being impartial. When all is said and done, these discussion lists are for you to use as your forum and to discuss whatever it is that's important to you within the guidelines of the forum. It's a waste of everyone's time to complain about actions administrators or moderators take -- they have that authority here. Complaints about administrations hould basically be a non-issue, even if you disagree with action that's been taken. You can always send a private message or an email to the admin or the moderator if you're having issues.

Best wishes,
L. Watkins

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I think this forum is one of the best UB forums I have visited. Talking about bias, well, I can think of one in particular that is biased and I no longer go there. And now they are wanting thousands of dollars to proceed. No thank you.

This site seems well balanced. Thank you. I dont post much but I do rather enjoy reading and thinking.

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Dear onesoul,

I came across you post today, and I want to thank you for it, and hope that you are still visiting. I think I have seen you post on other forums here...

I have visited other UB chat rooms in the past, and have always gotten discouraged and put off by sarcasm, bitterness and downright unfriendly atmosphere that seemed to be an inevitable part of them.

While our rules here may seem strict, I think that they are one good reason that our forum has survived, and even thrived over the years.

Hope you keep coming back...MaryJo

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