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Summary by
Dan Gallagher
[email protected]

The 19 Resurrection Appearances of Jesus:
April 9th - May 18th, 30 A.D.

Jesus made 19 appearances to his believers during the 40 days after his resurrection and before his ascension. These are meticulously covered in the Urantia Book papers 189-193. Read all the fascinating details for free at truthbook.com.

List of the Appearances

1. 189:4 At 3:02am on Sunday April 9th, 30 A.D., the resurrected Jesus walked from his tomb. At 4:30am five women encountered Jesus. They were “Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of the Alpheus twins, Salome the mother of the Zebedee brothers, Joanna the wife of Chuza, and Susanna the daughter of Ezra of Alexandria.” Jesus called Mary Magdalene by name and she immediately recognized him. All five women quickly knelt before the Master. “In this form will I tarry with you for a season before I ascend to the Father. But go, all of you, now and tell my apostles—and Peter —that I have risen, and that you have talked with me.” He disappeared.

2. 189:5 Mary Magdalene rushed to tell the apostles. None believed except Peter and John who raced to the tomb. Jesus appeared again to Mary Magdalene. “Be not doubting; have the courage to believe what you have seen and heard." He told her not to despair and to go back to the apostles and tell them that Jesus himself said he would appear to them soon. And he vanished.

3. 190:2 Jesus' oldest brother James was next. Jesus had 8 biological full brothers and sisters. (see papers 123-126) James encountered Jesus at noon this same Sunday outside the tomb of the resurrected Lazarus. Jesus and James spoke of the past, present, and future for three minutes until Jesus said, “Farewell, James, until I greet you all together.” And he was gone.

4. 190:2 Two hours later, Jesus appeared in the open backdoor of Mary and Martha in Bethany. Twenty of his family members and close friends saw and heard him welcome them into the fellowship of the Spirit of Truth in the Father’s kingdom. He then vanished.

5. 190:3 Two hours after that, at 4:15pm this same day, Jesus appeared to 25 women believers in the home of Joseph of Arimathea. Mary Magdalene was recounting his previous appearances to her when Jesus was suddenly there among them. He told them to go to all the world declaring the Good News. “And while you do this, forget not to minister to the sick and strengthen those who are fainthearted and fear-ridden. And I will be with you always, even to the ends of the earth." He disappeared.

6. 190:4 Fifteen minutes later, 40 Greek believers had gathered at the home of Flavius and had barred the doors to discuss the reports of the resurrection. Jesus came into view and explained that in the Father’s kingdom all were sisters and brothers irrespective of their nationality or previous religious affiliation. Then Jesus was gone and they were overcome with awe.

7. 190:5 Just before 5pm two brothers from Emmaus, one a partial believer and the other not, were walking home talking about the incredible rumors circulating about Jesus’ appearances. Jesus came and walked with them for a time. Neither recognized him. They continued to discuss the matters in Jerusalem. Jesus asked them if they had not heard that the teachings of Jesus espoused that all were daughters and sons of God, and that all would find liberty and freedom in the spiritual joy in the Father’s new kingdom of truth? He said also much more. They invited him for supper and when Jesus blessed and broke the bread, the believer Cleopas recognized him just as Jesus vanished. They hurried to tell the apostles.

8. 191:1 Near half past 8 this same evening Simon Peter was in the garden of the Mark home. “Peter had lived under a heavy burden of doubt and guilt ever since his denial of the Master.”
Jesus suddenly came to him. "Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I would not give you up. I knew it was not from the heart that you disowned me; therefore I forgave you even before you asked.” Jesus told him to set aside his past transgressions and prepare to carry the Gospel to those in darkness. They spoke for 5 minutes. Jesus disappeared. Peter went immediately to tell the others.

9. 191:2 At nearly 9pm Cleopas and his brother came to tell of their time with the risen Jesus. After they left Jesus appeared to the 10 present apostles and remonstrated them for their disbelief. Had he not foretold all that occurred? “Have faith in God; have faith in one another; and so shall you enter into the new service of the kingdom of heaven.” He told all to ready themselves for spreading the news of the kingdom far and wide. He immediately vanished and they all fell to the ground praising God and the Master.

10. 191:4 The following Tuesday April 11th Jesus came among Abner and some 150 believers in Philadelphia, now called Alasehir in western Turkey, some 1000 miles from Jerusalem. Since Lazarus was a member of the group, they had little doubt that Jesus too could be resurrected. Jesus appeared between Abner and Lazarus and said that there was just one Father in heaven and that the Gospel was of the gift of eternal life which women and men received by faith. “You are all the children of light.” He told them to proclaim this news to all nations and races, and vanished.

11. 191:5 On Sunday April 16th, Thomas returned to the other 10 apostles and would not believe that Jesus had risen. As the group ate at about 6pm, the Master appeared standing right in front of Thomas. He told them all that their faith, bolstered by the Spirit of Truth, would compel them to make known the love and mercy of God to all humanity. After Thomas proclaimed his belief, Jesus said blessed are those in ages to come who will believe without seeing. Then Jesus told them he would see them in Galilee and disappeared.

12. 191:6 Then on Tuesday April 18th Jesus appeared to Rodan and 80 believers in Alexandria, Greece, some 1500 miles from Jerusalem. Rodan gathered his group upon hearing from messengers about the death of Jesus. As the messenger Nathan of Busiris retold the tale, he ended by saying that the Master had foretold his rising again. Just then Jesus appeared to them all. He began with “Peace be upon you” as he always had. Jesus encouraged them “to love one another with a new and startling affection, even as I [Jesus] have loved you.” The Gospel belongs to any and all who believe in it, he said, and that he would be with them always. Jesus disappeared.

13. 192:2 Three days later on Friday morning April 21st at 6am Jesus came to the 10 apostles again in Bethsaida, Galilee some 110 miles from Jerusalem. They had fished the Sea of Galilee all night and had not caught a thing. They came close to shore and an unknown man called out to them to cast their nets to the right side of the boat. Without hesitation they did so and later counted 153 large fish in their nets which were so full they had a hard time pulling them up. This was no miracle as Jesus knew the fish were already there and did not make them appear. Jesus visited with the 10 and John Mark for over an hour. He then took them walking two by two up and down the beach for beautiful and touching private meetings. To John he said, “Love is the greatest thing in the world. It is the love of God that impels men to seek salvation. Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.” Simon Zelotes was absent as he had become distraught and had returned home rather than go fishing. Jesus asked them to go get Simon Zelotes. Jesus told them where and when to meet him next and disappeared.

14. 192:3 On the hill near Capernaum the next day at noon Jesus met with all 11 who knelt in a circle around him as he re-enacted their ordination ceremony from 3 years, 3 months, and 10 days prior. Then Jesus prayed with a majesty and power that the apostles had never before experienced. “Their Master now spoke with the rulers of the universes as one who, in his own universe, had had all power and authority committed to his hand.” Jesus was with them an hour, bid them farewell, and disappeared.

15. 192:4 One week later, Saturday April 29th, at 3pm, over 500 gathered by the Sea of Galilee to hear Peter preach for the first time since the resurrection. Word had spread throughout Galilee of the appearances of Jesus. Just as Peter finished talking Jesus was suddenly at his side in full view of the people. In “familiar accents” Jesus said, “Peace be upon you, and my peace I leave with you.” Then he vanished.

16. 193:0 Not one week later on Friday May 5th, Jesus appeared at the courtyard of Nicodemus in Jerusalem at around 9pm. Attending were the 11 apostles, the women’s corps, and around 50 leading believers including some Greeks. Nothing had yet begun formally when Jesus suddenly appeared and began to preach. He acknowledged that this was the most diverse group to whom he had yet spoken in this form. Then he wondered aloud that as he had told them everything that was to happen, why did they became so disheartened when it all came to pass. He explained that his one purpose was to proclaim the truth of the Father in heaven to the children on earth. This includes the truth that as daughters and sons of God they would have eternal life and live to experience “finding God the Father on Paradise.” He made it clear that the message had not changed upon his resurrection. He told them that they could, through service to others, become God-revealing to them. “I will go with you into all the world. I am with you always, and my peace I leave with you.” And then he was gone.

17. 193:1 “About four o’clock on Sabbath afternoon, May 13, the Master appeared to Nalda and about 75 Samaritan believers near Jacob’s well, at Sychar.” This is 112 miles north of Jerusalem. Nalda is the well known “woman of the well” with whom Jesus had conversed in August of 27 A.D. Jesus suddenly appeared before the gathered group of believers and said that they all, by faith, would receive eternal life. As sisters and brothers of the one Father, they needed to love and serve all as if they were blood family. This service meant carrying the message “to all creatures of every race, tribe, and nation.” He promised he would always be with them and then disappeared.

18. 193:2 Three days later and 311 miles away in Tyre in present day Lebanon, Jesus appeared to a group of believers who had previously been with Him in the flesh. Jesus said that those born of the spirit through faith and deed will show fruits of the spirit in loving service to their sisters and brothers. He encouraged them to go all over proclaiming the Gospel, and that his Spirit of Truth would forever live in their hearts. Then he was gone.

19. 193:3 Lastly, Thursday morning May 18th 30AD, Jesus appeared to his 11 apostles. He spoke of the spiritual power they would soon receive via his Spirit of Truth. He asked them to travel the world preaching the Gospel. “As the Father sent me into the world, so I send you.” Jesus told them to love, trust, and confide in one another. He explained that this day was the last they would see him, as he was going to the Father. Jesus then took them all to the Mount of Olives, where he gave them his final solemn farewell. And he vanished for the very last time.
The End

Some questions for further exploration:
--How did Jesus achieve being seen if he was 189:4 “not as you knew me in the flesh?” Was he alone in this endeavor?
--During this 40 days, Jesus met with many invisible helper beings. Who were they and what did they discuss?
--What did Jesus emphasize during appearance 16 that the leaders of the new church largely ignored thus changing the primary message of Christianity for the last 1,991 years?
--What do you glean from Jesus’ appearances to so many women despite the cultural mores of the time?
--191:0 “Resurrection Sunday was a terrible day in the lives of the apostles.” How did the apostles act on this momentous day?

Papers 189 - 193 in the Urantia Book contain over 22,000 total words. This piece is 2,000 words long. Perhaps one can get a flavor of what was happening in a specific summary shorter than 10% of the original. There is much more to know. Anything in quotes and bold above is a direct quote from the book. I ran across a print of the above painting of Jesus in a 150 sq. ft. laundry in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico in 2010. I do not know who painted the picture. I took a photo of the painting and it is my favorite image of Jesus. He is kind and strong and firm. His concern for his flock has left him with a few grey hairs. He seems to say “Peace be upon you, and my peace I leave with you.”

10 Jesus San Miguel lo def.jpg
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