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On The Urantia Book and related subject matter.
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16 Quotes on God's Indwelling

Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:11 am +0000

~ 16 Quotes on God’s Indwelling ~

Paper 2 – The Nature of God

…There likewise exists a great gulf of spiritual differential which must be bridged; but notwithstanding all that physically and spiritually separates you from the Paradise personal presence of God, stop and ponder the solemn fact that God lives within you; he has in his own way already bridged the gulf. 2:5:6 (39.5)

Paper 3 - The Attributes of God

“…Man goes forth searching for a friend while that very friend lives within his own heart.” “The true God is not afar off; he is a part of us; his spirit speaks from within us.” 3:1:4 (45.2)

Paper 3 - The Attributes of God

…Finite appreciation of infinite qualities far transcends the logically limited capacities of the creature because of the fact that mortal man is made in the image of God—there lives within him a fragment of infinity. 3:4:7 (50.5)

Paper 5 - God's Relation to the Individual

…The divine presence cannot, however, be discovered anywhere in nature or even in the lives of God-knowing mortals so fully and so certainly as in your attempted communion with the indwelling Mystery Monitor, the Paradise Thought Adjuster. What a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies when the spirit of the Universal Father lives within your own mind! 5:2:3 (64.6)

Paper 16 - The Seven Master Spirits

…But you cannot become so absolutely certain of a fellow being’s reality as you can of the reality of the presence of God that lives within you. 16:9:4 (195.10)

Paper 103 - The Reality of Religious Experience

…But since personality is unique—no two mortals being alike—it inevitably follows that no two human beings can similarly interpret the leadings and urges of the spirit of divinity which lives within their minds. 103:1:0 (1129.8)

Paper 130 - On the Way to Rome

…But most valuable of all, your potential of real achievement is the spirit which lives within you, and which will stimulate and inspire your mind to control itself and activate the body if you will release it from the fetters of fear and thus enable your spiritual nature to begin your deliverance from the evils of inaction by the power-presence of living faith. 130:6:3 (1437.3)

Paper 132 - The Sojourn at Rome

…Faith acts to release the superhuman activities of the divine spark, the immortal germ, that lives within the mind of man, and which is the potential of eternal survival. 132:3:6 (1459.6)

Paper 133 - The Return from Rome
…As they stood there in the moonlight, Jesus went on to say: “There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God; but also within mortals there are many natural physical tendencies which the Creator put there to serve the well-being of the individual and the race. 133:3:7 (1472.6)

Paper 133 - The Return from Rome

…The great thing in all human experience is the realization of knowing the God whose spirit lives within you and seeks to lead you forth on that long and almost endless journey of attaining the personal presence of our common Father, the God of all creation, the Lord of universes.” 133:4:5 (1474.5)

Paper 133 - The Return from Rome

…Remember that the Father’s spirit ever lives within you and always points your soul-direction heavenward. 133:4:9 (1475.2)

Paper 133 - The Return from Rome

…Wherever you may go, you take with you yourself and the spirit of the heavenly Father which lives within your heart. 133:4:11 (1475.4)

Paper 149 - The Second Preaching Tour

…Much, very much, depends upon the willingness of man to be led and directed by the Father’s spirit which lives within him…. 149:5:2 (1674.4)

Paper 152 - Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis

…The second night of their sojourn at Gennesaret the Master again told the apostles the parable of the sower and added these words: “You see, my children, the appeal to human feelings is transitory and utterly disappointing; the exclusive appeal to the intellect of man is likewise empty and barren; it is only by making your appeal to the spirit which lives within the human mind that you can hope to achieve lasting success and accomplish those marvelous transformations of human character that are presently shown in the abundant yielding of the genuine fruits of the spirit in the daily lives of all who are thus delivered from the darkness of doubt by the birth of the spirit into the light of faith—the kingdom of heaven.” 152:6:3 (1705.3)

Paper 159 - The Decapolis Tour

…The world is filled with hungry souls who famish in the very presence of the bread of life; men die searching for the very God who lives within them. Men seek for the treasures of the kingdom with yearning hearts and weary feet when they are all within the immediate grasp of living faith. 159:3:8 (1766.4)

Paper 167 - The Visit to Philadelphia

…The Father has no need of such service inasmuch as his own spirit lives within you. 167:7:4 (1841.3)


Re: 16 Quotes on God's Indwelling

Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:20 am +0000

Thanks, Rick, this was very uplifting to read this morning. We have so much to be thankful for!

Re: 16 Quotes on God's Indwelling

Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:30 am +0000

gizmo wrote:Thanks, Rick, this was very uplifting to read this morning. We have so much to be thankful for!

You're most welcome, gizmo. Couldn't agree more. We won the spiritual lottery. Now to share our riches!

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