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On The Urantia Book and related subject matter.
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God Consciousness

Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:45 am +0000

The Urantia Papers talk a lot about God-consciousness from non-mortal perspective. Here is my personal take:

God-consciousness is personal awareness of the actual presence of the indwelling Father. Such presence is natural to the self. Only normal mortal faculty: good health, sound mind, sincere heart is necessary for such awareness. Secret knowledge, extra-ordinary practices, or special celestial endowments are not needed.

It is said:"God is inside with myself."

Re: God Consciousness

Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:34 pm +0000

God-consciousness in theory is simple: the harmonization of intellect and the soul. Immature self shifts self-identity between intellect and soul. God consciousness fixes self-identity at the soul. A relative mature soul is conscious of the presence of the Adjuster.

On Uranatia , due to double defaults, greater disharmony potential realized between the development of intellect and soul. So ,many boarder line phenomena appeared. In case of Gautama, the intellect refuses to accept the idea of God even though he possessed a relatively maturer soul than most of his generation. In case many unquestioning religionists, such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and etc. The intellect accepts without questioning.

Gautama's case is worthy of careful study. His soul was conscious of God. However, to bring his questioning intellect into harmony with his soul, he would need to go through great suffering, the suffering of disharmony caused by the double defaults. He shrunk from the challenge, instead, he used his great intellect developed the philosophical craft of destruction of suffering. He did not realize his full mortal potential. He was a great candidate in his generation to be a true prophet amongst Asian people.

Too early to accept the idea of God without questioning will reduce (or deprive) one the thrill of experiencing identity transition from intellect to the soul. Further more such early acceptance tends to make a person develop more dogmatic intellectual attitude. Accepting without questioning even the idea of God is dogmatic. That is why it is hard for a true thinking Chinese to become a Christian. Buddhism, in the true thinking Chinese version, on the other hand teaches one can achieve what Gautama achieved personally. This personally experiencible nature in present life is the main reason many great Chinese thinkers were Buddhists.

The greatest appeal of the life and teaching of Jesus to the more practical Chinese thinkers is that God is experiencible in mortal life. However, this is dormant in Christianity. If they do not shrink from the challenge of vanquishing intellectual doubt, they will realize the most precious jewel of mortal living: God-consciousness.

It is not possible to become God-conscious without doing God's Will. One will not actually realize what is God's Will until he is God-conscious. "In ignorance I serve Thee" first. "In contemplation I recognizes the way to serve Thee" comes later. Not everything a God conscious mortal does is God's Will; however, when he chooses God's Will to do, the Father will tell him. "That's right son." because his soul consciousness is connected to the indwelling Father and his personality has self-identified with the soul. A mortal son needs some private life still.


Buddhahood is achieved when a mortal personality fixes self-identify on an unstable balance point between a well developed intellect and a relative mature soul. It is a rare Supreme potential realized here on Urantia. Jesus called it the running aground in a safe harbor. From a mortal career perspective, it is not a bad achievement. In this case, the self has learned to identify with intellect is suffering, so the self will not identify with intellect, to further fixing identify to soul, more suffering is needed, the self decides to stay put. Normal people shifts identity between intellect and soul without any conscious realization the existence of two different consciousnesses.

Re: God Consciousness

Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:58 am +0000

God consciousness is realization of the presence of God within one's daily life experience. The key to this is altruism. The indwelling Father can not help to express His Divine Satisfaction when a person chooses to express altruism. Altruism is genuine happiness in helping others. If you experience this happiness while helping others, you are already conscious of God. In fact, children being happy are due the the presence of the indwelling Father. The happy childhood memories are soul's records of Deity presence. So I am very happy to conclude again: Self-consciousness starts when the Adjuster arrives. Please observe whether this is true: a child becomes genuinely happier after the terrible two's. The little animal has not become self-conscious yet, so be tolerant. Since I was not God-conscious during that period of my son growing-up. I have missed the opportunity to verify my theory.

When you chooses the Father's Will to do, you will experience similar happiness as Altruism. After long enough experimenting, you will recognize the Divine Satisfaction, and become genuinely God-conscious. This is truly Jesus' way. From very early on in his life, the deep thinking Jesus realized that his true happiness is the result of Father's Divine Satisfaction because he realized no other can truly make him happy. That was how Jesus Deity identified.

Just ask yourself sincerely, can anybody around you truly make you happy? Or your true happiness is the result of doing the Father's Will?

This is so simple that humbles all the existing intellectual understanding. And it is very easy to teach a child as well. You are happy because The Father is happy with what you are doing. A sincere child can never miss this.

Re: God Consciousness

Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:29 pm +0000

My belief is that it is when man's material mind becomes a spiritualized mind. Of coarse my mind is not that spiritual so I can't really go into detail of what this would be like, I can only imagine....
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