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i had never had the concept of the seven pyschic circles before tub and i know it's a great truth to be revealed to us in the world to know about them. to have a goal. the goal is the first psychic circle followed by fusion of course. i like how the book says the final step is decided by god himself personally, the universal father personally decides to fuse someone, just because you make the first psychic circle doesn't mean automatic fusion. 110:7.1 The achievement of the seven cosmic circles does not equal Adjuster fusion. There are many mortals living on Urantia who have attained their circles; but fusion depends on yet other greater and more sublime spiritual achievements, upon the attainment of a final and complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God as it is resident in the Thought Adjuster. 110:7.2 When a human being has completed the circles of cosmic achievement, and further, when the final choosing of the mortal will permits the Adjuster to complete the association of human identity with the morontial soul during evolutionary and physical life, then do such consummated liaisons of soul and Adjuster go on independently to the mansion worlds, and there is issued the mandate from Uversa which provides for the immediate fusion of the Adjuster and the morontial soul. This fusion during physical life instantly consumes the material body; the human beings who might witness such a spectacle would only observe the translating mortal disappear “in chariots of fire.”

Bro Dave wrote:
I was asked in a private message to share my thoughts on the 7 Psychic Circles. Where do I start? Well, first, just let me say that what I am about to post, is entirely my opinion. It is based on my reading of the UB, and has been generously enhanced by my own thought processes.(and, I trust nudged by my Inner Teacher)

Being human, when we go searching for guidance, We are wont to focus our attention externally. We look for authoritative sources like pastors, or gurus, or even the good old Urantia Book! The fact is, Father has sprinkled shards of truth so generously, that inquisitive minds can be tantalized from literally anywhere the search begins.

The “larger” truth seems often to escape us, and that is our uniqueness. So, let me begin right there.

God, as First Source and Center, is of course infinite, and unlimited. But even being “unlimited” has its limit; you cannot experience growth. The UB tells us, God devised a plan for escaping the “prison” of absoluteness. That plan was us. God’s plan was to create children who, though created from perfection, with inherited perfection potentials, were given an even more precious gift IMPERFECTION!

Whoa! How can that be? You ask. Well, since God’s only true limitation is being able to experience growth, his gift of imperfection opens up the possibility to share in that growth. And, being a free will system, God assures that his kids, in their search for Him, ultimately find Him because of Love, not duty.

Okay, but just what in the world does all this have to do with the 7 Psychic Circles? Everything. The UB tells us about the circles, to give us a sort of terrain map. Our exact location on this map is not so important as how we make our plans to traverse it. Remember, the only gift we have to give to God, is our growth experience that we share with Him. We’ve started as far from Perfection as is possible, while still retaining the possibility of eventually attaining that goal. Each stumbling journey strengthens our stride, and enhances our skills. All our mini-struggles are summed in God the Supreme, and ultimately in the First Source and Center. So, taking a “shortcut”, only would limit our growth, and therefore our gift.

This also helps clarify another of our misconceptions. Some of us are born rich, some poor. Some have vigorous health, some suffer from birth. How is that in any way fair?
Once again, imperfection is the gift. Those who apparently given the least, in reality have the most to give back, while those who appear to have been born into the privilege of wealth and even mental brilliance, enjoy but a limited opportunity. Those who seem most gifted, are usually the most limited by their material focus and attachments. They see themselves as smarter, and of greater importance, and may tend to be more complacent and less introspective than those who look for spiritual answers instead.

Would it not be the ultimate in unfairness, if finding God was based on how smart, or how rich we are? Thankfully, the playing field is level, and God has made sure we each have our own unique path back to our Source. So, let’s walk that path, and join hands with our Divine Partner to get us over or around the obstacles while maintaining our balance.

Which circle are you on? I submit it matters less than you plan to move to the next one.

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Mr. Dave :
Nor sure if your even still on this site, But I'm a new reader of the UB and all I can say is Wow... what a book. I find that it seems to make so much sense. and your posting on this subject really seemed to make some things clear to me. I'm sure I'll find alot of stumbling blocks to work around. to adjust my way of thinking. Thank you for your input on this.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brother dave:

I am fairly new to this forum and to Urantia. I have now read through the Urantia Book 4 times in 4 years and studied several sections in detail to satisfy myself as completely as I could at the time of the veracity of the content. I have a unique tool set to do such things besides the special leading of my personal God team of Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth and Holy Spirit circuits. I dug deep and wide and all has verified to my great delight. I have a deep inner peace about UB.

I am hooked, to say the least! I have written and submitted one paper here in this forum but have others for the specific purpose of introductions of UB to newbies, seeker or not. I have read your article on the 7 psychic circles and was moved by not only what you wrote and how you wrote it but by your heart. You are an experienced soul with much of our Fathers love in you. God bless you richly and I pray you will find the right job or business to provide for your needs and desires.

You asked about how to reach out to people to present the amazing truths of God in UB. This is indeed our great challenge. One I have pondered for a few years now but I have a fair bit of experience in from my past as a Christian and leader in that realm for decades. My biggest life challenge now is custom presentation of some UB truth(s) to my family, extended family and friends/associates as they are all deeply entrenched in traditional Christiandom and think I have lost my way terribly. We have several pastors in my family and circle of friends and associates of which I was one for some time even.

I have re-evaluated traditional approaches but not thrown all the babies out with the bath water, so to speak. History can be a good teacher and with the amazing truths found within UB we have such a breadth and depth of content to use as "fish hooks" as we "fishers of men" look for others who might be open or can be opened by such thruths. As a couple other young men here have posted of their recent successes, we can all be led of our internal Spirit teams to know what to do in each situation, with each individual who happens across our paths. If they are open and are seekers then all the easier but I have had successes of recent times with people like athiests and satanists even. The right UB content throws them right off their usual stances. I love it! It is so fun to see their reactions. They want to read and know more in just a few minutes of talking. Knowing UB content well is helpful for sure but they will discover it well enough on their own once they start digging through UB themselves. The searchable and hyperlinked titled sections of the pdf from the foundation website is a great tool.

I have segregated several sections for presentation to people from various walks of life. I have written a short introduction to a few of them but then give them the exact UB content for that subject within the same document. Take traditional Christians for instance, traditional Baptist or Pentecostal or several other of similar stripe. I find for this type of person, paper 93 on Machiventa Melchizedek draws an excellent response. The immediate objective who we present to is to get them reading UB themselves. Being in tune with our internal "Spirit team" is key as they lead us to know what will unlock each unique soul. As we are led we can get a witness of internal peace that comes over us when our thoughts match Gods from within. When you sense this peace, you know you have the combination to unlock and reach the heart of the one you are reaching out to. Sure this takes time to develop but is well worth all your effort. Ask God for help and as you simply talk to people and find out about them, our internal Spirit team will guide your thoughts and words.

God bless you Dave. You are a treasured soul to our Father. I thank you once again for your input. I look forward to more.

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