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 Post subject: Using our key
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There is a common thread of thought on these Forums. How do we know the Urantia Book is really what it says it is? How can we know? How much do I believe the Urantia Book? How much of the Urantia Book do I even understand? How much of it can I understand?

Trying to comprehend this book either in part or in whole has been my goal for over 50 years now. Truly, there is not much in my life that was not in some way affected by my trying to find a way to discover its dimensions of purpose and intent as intended by its authors and authorizers. My hope is that one day I will truly “get it”.

As far as I have been able to appreciate in reading and discussing it with others, nearly everyone sees their attempts as incomplete. I know, at times, I have pontificated to a degree. I apologize for those attempts. I don’t let that stop me though. I and many others keep on truckin'! I do notice that some try for a while then put the book down, some keep it at a controllable distance, and some laugh it off as lunacy when they can’t easily conquer it. Most people I talk with won’t even look at it in the first place. But nobody has climbed up to the top of the proverbial mountain of human sourced knowledge, celestial perspective and pure revelation we call the Urantia Book and definitively and powerfully said, “HEY WORLD! HERE IT IS! IN THIS IS THE ANSWER TO THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS! LETS USE THIS AS OUR NEW STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE!” Why haven’t we? The Urantia Book is our new KEY to the Eternal Kingdom. This is a great challenge for us. There is no other book in the history of man that is so challenging to fully appreciate. But a key is a tool used to unlock a lock. So, I ask, if the book is a key, what is the lock we are to unlock?

In Papers 195 and 196 we are told to expect a time to come when through us, “spirit-born mortals”, this revelation becomes the biggest issue in the world.

In the beginning I found myself trying to fit what I was able to understand of the Urantia Book into my philosophical life, my religion, my personal belief system, whatever that was and is. Since I had not grown up with a particular belief system, but was merely starting out on a self-defined spiritual journey, I thought I would not have a great deal to address, but I was wrong. I found that the adoption of religious and moral reality and moreover, authority, was facilitated by a process of honest self-discovery (of finding my need), accepting my inadequacy in filling that need (repenting, which opens me to receiving spirit input), accepting and embracing God's guidance, and finally, choosing to allow this guided discovery to become the real me. In this I discovered that fitting new wine into old wine skin is less about the wine and more about the skin. I believe this is why it doesn’t matter what we believe anywhere nearly as much as that we practice being honest with God. The wineskin becomes the source of my personal objections, faults, confusions, fears, misunderstandings, and all other issues. Wineskins are a metaphor for my personal philosophy of life. The failings of my wineskin must be discovered by me in detail in order to accept new wine (Urantia revelation).

As a human, I am accustomed to the practice of adding or accumulating factual reality to my personal philosophy of life as I discover it. I do this by assigning meaning to my discoveries. But with the Urantia Book it seems I can never quite get it to fit. If I allow myself the honesty of my personal openness and my deepest self-reflection, I find I am able to choose to discover something in the process of interacting with it that I am unaccustomed to. I find I am being guided to enter a different framework of reality than I am experientially conscious of. Please do not take this statement lightly. The book claims itself to be presented to us by celestial beings whose mission is to reveal to us this very thing; a new and greatly expanded view of our framework of reality. Human methodology has a practice of analyzing reality by the process of comprehension leading to acceptance. But that leaves me in charge of me and my growth. Revelation works differently. Genuine spiritual revelation requires my acceptance before I understand it. It requires my submission before I fully discover the meaning. That is because it comes from a dimension I do not relate to; at least not yet.

Think for a moment what that reveals. The book is written in human language, but it is not sourced in human thought or human experience. Consequently, there are different realms of thinking and personal experience trying to meld into one. It is kind of like trying to plug a 440-volt plug into a 110-volt socket. Every time I discover a self-reflective truth as I read the book, I am faced with the monumental increase in the reality presence it offers. And I am faced with a new choice. Often, I become overwhelmed and lose focus so reading lengthy segments is difficult for me. There is too much to address all at once. Because I am not sufficiently skilled in the method of experiencing spiritual reality as detailed in the revelation, I am unable to receive the revelation in real time, so to speak. Consequently, I am at a distinct disadvantage when I try to understand the book on my own terms.

So, what am I to do? The Midwayers offer great insight into this issue when they say, 196:3.10-15 “The human mind does not create real values; human experience does not yield universe insight. Concerning insight, the recognition of moral values and the discernment of spiritual meanings, all that the human mind can do is to discover, recognize, interpret, and choose.

The moral values of the universe become intellectual possessions by the exercise of the three basic judgments, or choices, of the mortal mind:
1. Self-judgment — moral choice.
2. Social-judgment — ethical choice.
3. God-judgment — religious choice.
Thus it appears that all human progress is effected by a technique of conjoint revelational evolution.”

Also, a Universal Censor from Uversa exhorts me as follows. 16:7.6 & 7 “Virtue is righteousness — conformity with the cosmos. To name virtues is not to define them, but to live them is to know them. Virtue is not mere knowledge nor yet wisdom but rather the reality of progressive experience in the attainment of ascending levels of cosmic achievement. In the day-by-day life of mortal man, virtue is realized by the consistent choosing of good rather than evil, and such choosing ability is evidence of the possession of a moral nature.

Man’s choosing between good and evil is influenced, not only by the keenness of his moral nature, but also by such influences as ignorance, immaturity, and delusion. A sense of proportion is also concerned in the exercise of virtue because evil may be perpetrated when the lesser is chosen in the place of the greater as a result of distortion or deception. The art of relative estimation or comparative measurement enters into the practice of the virtues of the moral realm.” I equate this to being real about my limitations, i.e., self-conscious of my wineskin.

Apparently, the answer is simple, or so we are told. Open our minds and hearts to the infill of the revelation but do so relative to our own and very deeply personal power of choice. In other words, move forward in this at our own speed of moral decision, not the speed of our ability to intellectually understand the revelation. Be willing to discover the reality of God’s guidance and pace. Be deliberate at developing a personal moral philosophy of Urantia. Experience the reality of attainment and be a witness to it.

This is no small challenge. But our world is begging us to do it.


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