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Superstar - Killing God

Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:05 pm +0000

I'm watching the movie "Superstar" which is the Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice musical "Rock Opera".

One major theme seems to be the killing of God, or rather the human Jesus. The human Jesus comes to grips with the reality of essentially being murdered as the price for fully living and teaching the will of God. Of course, God cannot be killed, but his efforts to reach out to us mortals and the plans that derive from that effort can be killed. Maybe too many people in this day and age do kill those efforts to a large extent.

Lyricist Tim Rice goes a long way to probe the feelings and intentions of the human Jesus. The film and music bring home the reality that Michael did experience human difficulties, disappointments, pain and tragedies to the fullest.

Re: Superstar - Killing God

Tue May 07, 2019 6:06 am +0000

Do you really think that the efforts that God puts forth into the heart of the human individual, by providing mutifarious opportunities to experience life, in all of its forms, and indeed as a part of His Life, can be killed, or defeated?
Those efforts, through the calling of life itself in your community, are final in the sense if they can be heard, heeded by your mind. You may embrace that, and as you gain discernment, realise that your faith is something that God cultivated inside of your human form, all along. Such experience belongs to the Supreme Being, whether you continuance as a spiritual entity or no.

Re: Superstar - Killing God

Tue May 07, 2019 6:59 am +0000

We are not talking about my own understanding of the inevitability of God's plans or anyone who contemplates the material within UTB. That should have been obvious. The musical and movie does deal with the so often inability of the people of those times to recognize the plans of God or the desire to cooperate with those plans, even to the extent of killing the human Jesus.

Now I wonder, the issue of attempting to kill the plans of God bears directly on the adjudication of the instigators of the Lucifer Rebellion. Separating the primary instigators from the resident Planetary Princes and interring those primary instigators while allowing the Planetary Princes to still be resident on their planets surely has some important meaning and repercussion in the preparation and outworking of the trial, when it occurs. It's likely that some major difference in their attitude toward the handling of The Creator Son will be evident.
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