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Science videos relating to The Urantia Book.
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Astronomical "holy cow" event

Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:12 am +0000

Hi All,

Given my speculation last year about the formation and explosion of dark islands (v2, 2017), I'm wondering if that astronomical "holy cow" event of June 16 this year will require a UB perspective? Do "cooling and contracting" dead stars really have a "limiting and critical explosion point" (41:3.6) ?

From [wikipedia]: AT2018cow

From [pop. sci]: "I've never seen anything like this" (Washington Post).

From [peer review]: arxiv.org 1808.00969,
"[...] In either case, AT 2018cow suggests that the population of fast luminous transients represents a new class of astrophysical event. Intensive follow-up of this event in its late phases, and of any future events found at comparable distance, will be essential to better constrain their origins."

From UB 41:3.6:
"This process of cooling and contraction may continue to the limiting and critical explosion point of ultimatonic condensation." (458.6, 41:3.6)

PS: Next and final video in the series (cosmology, part 4D) shaping up well!

warm regards and love to all,

Re: Astronomical "holy cow" event

Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:23 am +0000

Nigel, your videos are excellent, thank you for the clear concise narration and for your team's productions. The physics is beyond my understanding but the way everything comes together in the video makes it possible for me to comprehend and "faintly glimpse" the UB's description of events and its cosmology.

Excellent teaching tools, thanks so much!

Re: Astronomical "holy cow" event

Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:15 am +0000

It is reasonable, given that the Urantia Papers indicates nothing (41:3.6) more than a critical mass point of gravitational density, which causes the dispersal of 42:3.12 "10. Collapsed matter—the relatively stationary matter found in the interior of the cold or dead suns. This form of matter is not really stationary; there is still some ultimatonic even electronic activity, but these units are in very close proximity," and eschewing the diaspora of matherial in its jurisdiction. This is my interpretation. The "ultimatonic condensation" would be from the atoms themselves, the ultimatons which comprise atoms themselves contracting. (My interpretation) out of this comes the bizarre friction at the ultimatonic level, which resists the "absolute zero" frequency, resists the actual "black hole" probability, and as these forces approach the "absolute density" "absolute condensation point", there is some type of implosion. The force of gravity brings the ultimatons so near that the covalance of ultimatonic activity (my theory) acts at such a great population, and at such a small distance, that the force of gravity, for one instance, becomes hyperbolically smaller than the covalence force of ultimatons within the approach of singularity, hence this critical mass point.

The condensation of atoms due to gravity creates the approach to singularity, in the frequency and (nuclear spacing) of atomic nuclei. It causes matter to approach the theoretical singularity, which even the ionic forces cannot resist. However, this theoretical singularity creates even ultimatonic friction as gravity forces overcome ionic forces, and the faces of the ultimatons start to become meshed and distorted, literally pressing into each other. As the black hole accumulates mass, we could tally the total propulsional effect of its eventual "collapse" as if we were measuring gun powder being packed, endlessly, into a bullet.

What would happen if this were not true, then the ultimatons, a theoretically impeccable unit of matter, would degeneration into the primordial force prepattern of materiality inside of a black hole. We consider "42:3.7 5. Shattered atoms - found in the cooling suns and throughout space." But since the ultimaton does not shatter, or I do not know one ultimaton to have shattered, then I think of its identity, its unitary existence in the seven universes, as a theoretical reproach to the possibility of the actuality of singularity, in term "singularity"'s identity as Stephen Hawking has denoted. The theoretical singularity, as the axial core of gravitational condensation, is mathematically significant. However scientists are marvelling at this "new" force, which is revealed in the retaliatory reaction against singularity. The new force is somehow the ultimaton's reality: its demand for space, frequency.

When the #5 Shattered atoms fold into the #10 Collapsed matter, there is a "primordialising effect", in that the atoms and even ionic expressions are denaturising, but this effect probably cannot deteriorate passed the ultimatonic level, or stage of existences.

Re: Astronomical "holy cow" event

Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:49 pm +0000

SEla_Kelly wrote: "[...]. The force of gravity brings the ultimatons so near that the covalance of ultimatonic activity (my theory) acts at such a great population, and at such a small distance, that the force of gravity, for one instance, becomes hyperbolically smaller than the covalence force of ultimatons within the approach of singularity, hence this critical mass point."

Dear SEla_Kelly... precisely!

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about all this, especially that "... bizarre friction at the ultimatonic level, which resists..."

with thanks - Nigel

Re: Astronomical "holy cow" event

Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:46 am +0000

Well, the impression, is that these astronomical observations are forcing scientists into the realm of consideration, where the ultimaton demands to be recognised. But this is in terms of the unconsciousness, in an almost poetic prayer to know what is beyond the subatomic level of material componentry. In other words, they long to know the basicmost unit.

They require the theory of the black hole, in its approach to the mathematical infinity (division by 0 - distance). Why because this is where exposure of ultimatoni occurs. Only during a theoretical instant of singularity/implosion. This is because the energy of the ultimaton, though small, as a force is leveraged by a divisor of 0 distance when the mass has condensed into the theoretical moment of singularity. This implies a robust degeneration of subatomic spacefolding, where the material gravity collapses, and the relationship between the Paradise gravity, and the orbitals of all/every ultimatoni, inside this instant of singularity, would have to "unwind" the fabric from this core, somehow with the calculable loss in gravitational mass, because "evaporation" of subatomic particles into a "cloud" or "layered sheething" of ultimatons, which ripple from the exit, and rapidly rejoining other ultimatoni in the 1 billion year breath cycles of Paridise-ultimatoni orbit, whereas all of the "shattered" matter would still be factored by normal material gravity.

Why because in the relationship between Paradise and ultimaton, the ratio between mass inside of an approaching singularity and the "mass" of Paradise, is 0. How do we observe this relationship, we observe through the dispersion effect, in those behaviours which cannot be explained by gravity. "Loosely bound" and highly ionized, the shattered atoms which have shed ultimatoni, will display a "mixed" set of behaviours, interacting with both the ultimatonic force propensity and gravitational force propensity and ionic force propensity. And as this dispersal, the eventual separation betweenst what has broken into the rarified ultimaton, and that which remains as the material forces. This is where Astronomers should be precise in their observations, to account for those behaviours of such condensate-disperation, which cannot be accounted for purely by gravitational law or quantum physics.

Re: Astronomical "holy cow" event

Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:38 pm +0000

Hypothetically, it is possible that these torn & shattered atoms will possess three interactive forces:
In essence, we may be dealing with a 2-5% "exposure" of ultimatons, which would seek to rejoin its brothers in the freeflowing paradise orbit. The original mass possesses these "shattered atoms", rendered and torn, bearing some qualities Ionic, Mass, and pure ultimatons. As the exploded mass expands, it rejoins regular gravitational bodies/forces, but on the ionic level, there is another pattern shaping the currents and alignments of bodies. If the interaction between ionic activities and gravitational masses can be observed, how do we account, also, for the interaction between ionic bodies and freeing ultimatons, this "pseudoevaporation" where it is liberated from local gravity. Ultimatons are imperceptible, but as they are released in such reaction we may glean some of its actual qualities when they are separating from the ionic/subatomic forces.

Supposing that there is a simple 200 ultimaton yield for every electron, then as in the "area of interest" you have proposed (leptons quarks and other minuti) would be exposed in the unfolding of space process, in order to liberate ultimatons. Like "the great wine press", as it were, the black holes are squeezing out the extracts of electrons, as if the electron were a grape. This is where those who read the Urantia Papers cannot force progress. After all, the qualities of the ultimaton are, though reasonable, purely hypothetical. We know that there are several types of ultimaton structures, which would vary in vibrational pattern. What is necessary is the translation of satellite data into discernible variables and relationship, and the pattern of the hole's collapsed merely is deduced blindly from the pattern-relationships within the data arrays sent back to Urantia. That is how the theory is developing, and what we will perhaps gain, is the ability to observe the superionic patterns of subatomic particles, as they escape from the hypothetical singularity-collapse of matter into space.

I am suggesting the "third compass", meaning that one set of forces will force material objects to rejoin local gravity, a second set of forces will align these cohering bodies into the magnetic pattern of its galaxy, and the third set of forces is the glimpse of the ultimatons as they rejoin the "Grand Cycle", in other words to return probablistically to nether Paradise, indirectly indicating the direction of Paradise, as they "vanish" into a parallel course with the other liberated ultimatons of space. It may be too sublime of observation by any technological instrumentation-current.

However, we are told things, in the Urantia Papers, such as the variance of ultimatonic forms, and we do not know the compositional variance of subatomic particles. In other words, the scientific community should like to know "what to expect", the variance of appearance when ultimatons should suddenly become liberated in the dispersal pattern. There is very little information, in the Urantia Papers, to indicate the tendency of the ultimaton, only its origin, its Power Status, and the promptness of its unitary factuality, abroad in the universe. But what is shared with the scientific community, in common with Urantia Papers, is to identify the basicest (basicmost?) units of matter.

I think these are very safe speculations. Even If I am wrong about the pattern, what I am indicating could be valuable in the eventual established conception of the "true chemistry of the universe", which is a scientific field whose calculus could only begin with the ultimaton. This detruncation of logical possibility of ultimaton, into its actual qualities and statuses, is, to me, the proverbial "warp drive" of science fiction, that scientific breakthrough which propels civilization into a new self-maintenance. Of course, there is probably more information inside the single ultimaton than is inside the entire amalgamated Urantian biological human codex.

If the scientific community can use technological instruments to record the dispersion event of a black hole/singularity, then they can differentiate the forces gravitational and ionic, that return its mass into the orbits of the universe. But philosophers of the Urantia Papers should be interested in the the possibility, of the great quantity of "liberated" ultimitons from this event, as would tear against the ionic activities of shattered atoms, interacting with them until they have escaped "their ionic atmosphere"'s.
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