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 Post subject: UrantiaBookFilms
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I came across the UrantiaBookFilms YouTube videos and they claim that the UB was authored by an advanced civilization, a neighbor to earth? That they will be back when we have read it. Is this is true, I thought TUB was a revelation from God?

The Long, Long Journey

The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father.

The Urantia Book, (1:0.3)

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 Post subject: Re: UrantiaBookFilms

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Hi Oceans333,

Welcome back! As I mentioned in another thread, I personally have some reservations about these videos' presentation of the concepts and contents of The Urantia Book. Nevertheless there is enough truth within the message that I feel its spirit is oriented in the right direction.

Long story short: Is The Urantia Book authored by an advanced civilization? Technically, no. The Urantia Book is a publication of the The Urantia Papers. There is backstory on the copyright, but the gist is that no human being claims authorship. Sorry to split hairs but I think it's important.

Now, according to their contents, the Urantia Papers were indeed authored by non-human beings, many of whom had origin on some other planet. But they all attest allegiance to the "true" civilization in which all life belongs, the kingdom of God.

Within the scheme of things, and given our perspective and understanding of what a civilization is, one might argue that since each local universe, constellation, and system also have their unique cultures they probably could be considered separate civilizations in their own right.. Ultimately, though, all life in the entire cosmos constitutes a single spiritual civilization. So the answer to your first question is both yes and no.

At any rate, there is no reason for them to come back because they are already here and are staying for the long haul!

Are they our neighbors? Yes and no. They reside on physical spheres like we do. They work on this earth. It's better to think of them as our guardians and we are their wards (edited 5/5/2015). We are in a spiritual nursery and they are our caretakers. We are literally in their custody. This is really their planet. The entire lifespan of an individual mortal is a fraction of small slice of the time they have been stationed here.

But that's not to say we don't have other civilizations as neighbors. We are told there is a nonbreather mortal race nearby!

The Urantia Papers are a revelation which was given to us. Those who authored them are not deity, though. They are creatures. But, along with the approval of the Ancients of Days, they no doubt acted under mandate given to them by our local Master Son, Christ Michael, who is the sovereign of this universe, and basically our maximum concept of God.

So, while I personally think it is entirely accurate to say that The Urantia Book is [a gift] from God, it's important to understand it was not authored by God. God does not do what others can do for him.

- quil

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