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Safety on trip

Tue May 24, 2005 5:22 am +0000

Hi all.

Nothing major here, just if you get a chance pray for a safe vacation for me and my family. We leave saturday, and for some reason i am just freaking out. I keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

My husband brought up a 'ferry trip\" to go see something, and the next thing i knew, all the \"ferry disasters\" were going through my mind.

I don't know. We've just been planning this for a whole year, and we've saved for it, and I dont' want my fears to get in the way.

I know God will watch over me, and i don't know why i'm so worried. But i am. So just remember me -- just pray i'll chill out about it all, and actually enjoy it.
Love angel


Tue May 24, 2005 9:02 pm +0000

Angel, have a wonderful trip, and leave all the worry in Father's hands. As they say, just let go, and let God! :wink:

Take care,
Your Bro,

Tue May 24, 2005 10:29 pm +0000

Move from fear to faith and have a ball! I'll keep you and yours in my prayers...Aloha!
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