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The Recreation of Edentia

Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:14 am +0000

I as Homo Sapiens-Adamus am on a mission to bring forth the cascading descionary pattern of Paradise onto my sphere Urantia. The best discernible pattern was on Edentia, and my father Adam has spent his efforts successfully to re-create the splendor of Edentia on his homeworld, Jerusem.

I am a firm believer that though architectural spheres may come with built-in fertility to grow many varieties of lifeform and support the abundance even beyond the worlds of Light and Life, there is something special about the cultivation of the land on a once-desolate planetary sphere. There can be no greater rewards of wealth than the increasing fertility mixture of Carbon and Phosphorous, Sodium and Chlorine, except for having blessed seeds to scatter upon it.

There can eventually become morontial forms exposed with the artificial horticulture of man. We can breed angio-sperms to create superior varieties, and sometimes we see purple-leaved structures. I believe that this differentiation is evidence of the potential that a man's soul has imparted relationship with that new variety of plant. On the higher-tuned spheres, we see always and everwhere, that the material-plant variety is expressed in its inverted form, say yellow-leaved, while the morontial-plant variety is expressed in the opposite, say blue-leaved. This type of horticultural evolution is artificial because it uses man as a selective-pollinator, not as a genetic manipulator.

The best way of establishing the rule of Eden, through the Most High is for every family to have a self-sustaining garden, which will have created harmony & peace for each one. Let us work hard to carry forward these endeavors, but let us also use the best knowledge of Chemistry when "we seek to re-create in this place, what our spirits have found in Paradise".
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