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Morontia Tempel Dedication Ceremony

Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:26 am +0000

Glorious Source who is our Father and Mother in one Being,
Give strength to the stones we use to build your Castle-Impenetrable.
We exist as morontia form within the pattern of homo sapien-luminario,
Give to us the Second-Set of Life Now, while we are alive and breathing.
Share with us the Vision of Our Greatest Potentials,
and Illuminate the Opportunities for Maturation.

Let us acknowledge the Presence within our Brethren,
Just as we acknowledge your Presence within our own Minds.
Help us to be patient with your Helpers, who are sent from on High.

Let me attain the perfect balance of crystal equilibrium,
That I may be poised to offer my services unto all.
Let the foundation stone of the Last Tempel
Come into my body and attain its Morontia Form within my heart and spirit.
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