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Swami Nanak

Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:16 pm +0000

My Prayer Request is Will someone explain this:
Who are the Sikhs?
Who is Nanak?

How did Nanak Worship?

What was required of the one who is called His Brother? (What does it mean to be called the Brother of Nanak?)
What is his teaching.

I know a lot about "the fifteenth century after Christ", about Jan Hus and Martin Luther, and Joan of Arc who clearly differentiated "the Church Militant" and the Church Divine. This is the century that the MichaeL memorial has been established. It's like I know so much about the history of this century from the Occident, but I do not know about the wonderous concepts of the Orient.

Re: Swami Nanak

Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:34 pm +0000

This is all that The Urantia Book has to say about Nanak...

92:5.8 There have been hundreds upon hundreds of religious leaders in the million-year human history of Urantia from Onagar to Guru Nanak. During this time there have been many ebbs and flows of the tide of religious truth and spiritual faith, and each renaissance of Urantian religion has, in the past, been identified with the life and teachings of some religious leader. In considering the teachers of recent times, it may prove helpful to group them into the seven major religious epochs of post-Adamic Urantia:

92:5.15 7. The fifteenth century after Christ. This period witnessed two religious movements: the disruption of the unity of Christianity in the Occident and the synthesis of a new religion in the Orient. In Europe institutionalized Christianity had attained that degree of inelasticity which rendered further growth incompatible with unity. In the Orient the combined teachings of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism were synthesized by Nanak and his followers into Sikhism, one of the most advanced religions of Asia.

Re: Swami Nanak

Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:08 am +0000

http://www.searchgurbani.com/guru_grant ... anak%20Dev
Swami Nanak: Author of 976 haikus. Granth Sahib: Sikh 's Bible

"Sardar Dr. Sant Singh KHALSA, MD His English translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the most commonly used on the internet and computers as it is freely available and uses contemporary language that is well suited for the western audience. His translation, in fact, has become a standard for the Internet. Dr. Khalsa's years of hard work and proficient literary ability has done wonders in providing more people access to Sri Guru Granth Sahib. His English translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been used on SriGranth.org since its very inception and continues to be used as the default English translation."

Ayurveda-Garden from the Seventh Guru

Re: Swami Nanak

Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:24 pm +0000

I did some researching this last week about who Nanak is, and it has been a refreshing experience to read the Bible called the Guru Granth Sahib. I felt grace as my mind journeyed into a deeper wonder about the majesty of our Creator and the nature of the "True Guru".

Although many Sikhs call Nanak the Guru, in the pages of the Granth, Nanak is referred to as "jan Nanak" (Servant). This is a righteous sentiment because we share the ideaL that "whomever should be master of all, let him serve".

I have learned that Nanak was a father of earthly children. The "Khalsa", or body of the congregation definetly looks upon each other as brother and sister. I have a similar idea, which is that my brothers and sisters are part of Christ's Body. Learning about the nine Gurus has been a pleasure. The ninth Guru declared that the writings of the Granth Sahib would become Guru for whomever reads it. My interpretation of this is that "the True Guru" (which is the voice in my head, reciting the words as I read), might representation of Thought Adjuster. There is definetly guidance in these pages.

I am sorry if I am making the mistake of "mental equivocation", which the Urantia Papers have warned me about.

If I could say one good thing about the Sikhs, it is that they have a religion that believes in the fatherhood of God, and if I can recommend one Paper in the Urantia Book that would be a good introduction for this congregation, it would be paper 71 "Development of the State", because Amritsar and other Sikh cities really do have citizens who aspire to "the social achievement of the brotherhood of man and the personal status of God consciousness".

Re: Swami Nanak

Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:39 pm +0000

Though hailing from India, I never had any contact with the Sikhs or hardly knew about the Sikh religion for several years. Later in my life I developed good friendship with a few Punjabi Sikhs and that continues even now.

In reality it was the Urantia Book that gave me some insight in to the Sikh religion and its teachings. Guru Nanak is revered by the Sikhs as the founder of the Sikh religion. Nanak combined the concepts of best spiritual thoughts from both Hinduism and Islam. His concepts accepted the concept of the Universal Father God and rejected idol worship.

Sikhs also rejected many ills of Islam as well. Most importantly its degradation of women. In the Sikh community women enjoy equal status in all aspects of religious faith and worship. Following the first Guru, Nanak, Sikhs had another ten Gurus, the last being Guru Govind Singh. It was Guru Gobind Singh who transformed the Sikhs to a community of warriors to fight against the ill deeds of the Islamic fanatic ruler of Mughal India, Emperor Aurangaseb. The attire of the Sikhs - their long hair, the turban, the comb and the Kirpan (ceremonial sword)- are on the instructions of the Guru Gobind Singh. They are also restrained from using tobacco and other intoxicants. All these are for maintaining their strength to fight the evil forces of the society.

It reminds me of the nazirite vow that was applicable to Samson ( Numbers Ch 6: 2-8)

All the instructions and writings of the Gurus are compiled in the form of the holy scripture for the Sikhs, called the Guru Grandh Saheb ( the revered book teacher) and the Sikhs are warned of not having any further Gurus (religious teachers). All they have to do is to rever and read the scriptures.

But in reality, in the later days, the Book has become an object of worship for the Sikhs. They consider is as the most holy and ceremoniously do all the readings from it.

As with all religions, most Sikhs are not spiritually inclined in accordance with their teachings. Even many of them have pretty no idea of the real teachings of their religion. Combined with that are the thousands of superstitions that plague India as a whole. Sikhs as of now are no exceptions from that.

What the Urantia Book says is true. Sikhism is an advanced religion which encompasses many good things from the religious concepts of the past. It supports universal fatherhood of God, brotherhood of men and service to humanity.

But humans beings have limitations. A pint cannot hold a quart!

Re: Swami Nanak

Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:34 am +0000

I really want you all to pray for me and to ask the Father for an opportunity at a company that suits me the best and that it will be a company that looks after me and my interests (as far as they can) as I look after them. I have already prayed myself and asked the Father but the more the merrier.
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