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Addiction Prayers

Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:33 am +0000

Hi All,

I am in need of prayer for my addiction to tobacco. I had quit for almost two years when I started up again for no good reason. I am ashamed of my lack of self control, and I have three young sons who I try to hide it from, but do a very poor job of hiding my habit. I want to be able to confess my sin to my sons to show them that it is wrong and they should not ever try cigarettes or dip or any type of tobacco. All of it is addicting, and a very depressing addiction.

I have looked at the 12 step program, and it seems like a good thing to use. I would appreciate prayer for self control and the ability through God's grace to tackle this addiction once and for all as well as the courage to tell my sons of my sins.

All prayers are much appreciated.

In His Love,


Re: Addiction Prayers

Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:23 pm +0000

My prayers are with you John.

Re: Addiction Prayers

Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:58 am +0000

Like all other drug addictions it takes pulling others in to your life in order to over come some thing that canges the chemical make up of your brain, so don't do it alone.

you have my support.

Re: Addiction Prayers

Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:26 pm +0000

You can do it without relying on prayer. Just kick yourself in the but. You don't need some divine power to give you strength to overcome this. You just need to wake up and grow up. Try going to the hospital and meeting someone with cancer related from tobacco and hopefully that will give your head a shake.

Re: Addiction Prayers

Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:00 pm +0000

Smoking or addiction to cigarette is not a sin but it is a bad habit because it does damage to our body. It does not damage our soul but it does hamper spiritual growth. A healthy body is more conducive to spiritual growth. But if you think it is a sin, that should even inspire you more in your attempt to get rid of it. You just have to give more effort. If there is will, there's a way. Praying helps also by believing it helps. I pray for your success.

Re: Addiction Prayers

Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:31 pm +0000

I am addicting to the feeling that I have done a good deed. I go out of my way to put down other persons, in order to feel the success of being better. I am addicted to choosing familiar patterns that soothe me. I prefer the color sky blue, and I am superstitious about other colors. I have been conditioned by these trends, and I was not able to make wise human decisions in the midst of my addictions. I am addicted to the approval of others. I use the approval of others to perpetuate other addictions. I am sometimes drawn to the base-run syndicated rehearsals in order to perpetuate an innate comfort level. I have the need to hear gossip. I am addicted to phrases that can be associated with my fantasies of attaining success, of winning a game.

My addiction is a pattern of behaviour and when this pattern is active, I am not capable of making wise human decisions. I am not capable of expressing human individuality within the pattern/expression of the addiction that I have. I have overloaded the sensations of the cosmic mind, but deprived my soul in the process. I am numbed to Spirit, and I think that people like me need sympathy and support in order to reach towards the gentle presence of the Eternal.
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