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Seeking advice/prayers

Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:41 am +0000

Hi all,
I have a friend that I used to work with in a showband. We were business partners and the main characters in the performance of that band. The band was very successful, and we were on the road for about 7 years full time. The years finally caught up with the act and we all went our separate ways. The final performance was in 1990. That was a while back! I recently located my former business partner and was saddened to find out that he has MS. His name is Jim and he seems to be sort of hopelessly resigned to finish his life in a sort of resigned state of depression. He also doesn't seem to be too keen on any visits from me. I think that he really needs to know what we Urantia Book readers know about who we really are!
He always was interested in all thing cosmic so there might be opportunity there to get him to move along the path to enlightenment. I seek your prayers for Jim and any advice that you might have on how to deal with him. :cry: :? 8)

Re: Seeking advice/prayers

Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:05 am +0000

8) Greetings from another "slide" man. I offer prayers and hope that your friend may be blessed in the spirit by your affection and care. It is strange how many of us are eager to help others and yet are reluctant to accept such in our own time of need - we resist, even resent any acknowledgement of our weaknesses or vulnurabilities and may even shun any who profer empathy or help. Jim may be such a one too?

I'm going to recommend a ninja or stealth approach here. Call it the "drip" method. If you are willing to take on such a process? I would download and print individual papers on critical issues like personal religion and prayer and soul and ascension and finaliters and God's relation to the individual...pick 12. For the next year, once a month, send a paper (attributed or maybe better, unattributed) a month printed in a nice font on good paper with a personal note hand written top or bottom and send this with music you know he would love. After several months, send a Book with websites....but keep sending the monthly "care" package. Wait for Jim to reach out to you.....but persist no matter what response you may get, for Jim's reaction may very well change over time.

Just keep showing you care but without angst or agenda either one. Hope Jim does well in finding his spirit and his way on this side but have comfort knowing how brief we are here before sojourning on, together, in the adventure. The Kingdom is here and now, do what you can to help him see it and feel it. All the best....and hoping for other's ideas to come. Peace....and keep blowing that horn!


Re: Seeking advice/prayers

Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:43 pm +0000

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