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Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:25 pm +0000

What is it you want from her? Faith? Trust? Or is it patience? Does it really make any difference? Only know that my mother is no longer there, is full of fear, and has no memory of the previous moment. She doesn't remember her trust in you, her faith, or her patience. She doesn't remember how much she has done for you, how much you tested her trust, how much her faith grew over the years. So if, for whatever reason, she must linger in between life and death...then please, just ease her suffering. Give her your peace and ease her suffering. We can give her moments of comfort but she quickly forgets. Only you can give her lasting peace of mind and heart. Just hold her in your intimacy and take away her fear.

I don't understand why you will not ease her suffering. If it is for all her children't sake, if we're supposed to learn something from this, then the least you can do is hold her while we're stumbling along.

God...please take away her fear.

I feel that I'm doing nothing more than talking to myself. All of her children...talking to ourselves. I don't know if prayers will help or even what's appropriate. I just need to know that this Jesus that my mother has served for all her life is really there for her now.

Re: Why?

Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:57 pm +0000

My brother,

Jesus is certainly mindful of your dear mother. "In all your afflictions I am also afflicted".
After this short storm, a season of seemingly senseless pain, there is relief, a great release from all the pains of this world.

Your mother is greatly loved and is tenderly cared for by the angels and the divine Spirit of God.

When she finally leaves her pain behind she will be reminded of your compassion, your own suffering, your great love for her.

Stay strong my brother, your mother is counting on you to do so.

Remember the times when she prayed with and for you, and now continue to pray for her.

She knows you love her, as I do also.

Re: Why?

Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:57 am +0000

This morning was better for her. As I warmed her up with blankets she began to cry. Asked her if she could tell me why she was crying, and braced myself for the usual response. I was surprised and relieved to hear her say, "I want to go home to Jesus". Finally...acceptance. I have no way of knowing how long she will remember this but I spent the next hour allowing her to talk, and as she talked she calmed down. And...became hungry! That happens so seldom that I left immediately for a nearby fast food joint; got a child's size burger, along with a thick chocolate shake. She ate almost every bite, was listening to music and nodding off when I left.

Such a small thing.
Such a gift.
Thank you, Jesus.

And thank you, Majestone, for your response. I really needed to pour it out yesterday.

Re: Why?

Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:59 am +0000

your welcome jak.
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